South Sudan ban of all foreign workers; is this the beginning of a new era?

By Onyi Itara, SOUTH SUDAN,


Cropped by Radio Tamazuj.
Cropped by Radio Tamazuj.

Sept 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The author has not for a long while put a pen on paper. If one asks, why? The cheap answer is that no news has caught him the way the above did, full stop.

The government communiqué that came as a-surprise-not was let out of the bag on Tuesday this week by a government official [as reported by one, social media]. It went, “all non-governmental organizations, private companies, banks, insurance companies, telecommunications companies, [oil] petroleum companies, hotel and lodges working in South Sudan are directed to notify all the aliens working with them in all the positions to cease working as from 15th October .“

Only one wonders why at this time when from the beginning of time the Salvatore Kiir led-government has been underestimating the effect of hosting troops of foreign workers on the country’s development. Her job-thirsty citizens [with good education] roam in-and-out the streets of Juba looking for jobs only to be told that their education, skills & experience is equal to toying with A,B,C,D without [it] keying in an eagle eye only to surface at this very painful time in the history of South Sudan. Must the author say shame or kudos to the government? He thinks both ways!

The author shouts shame to the government for having to allow the foreigners to work [in big numbers] in the country in the first place & without check. This is an abomination of the highest order, and having to remain tight-lipped until Tuesday 16th September from 2005 says it all. Need an explanation here, our government!

On the other hand, the author would love to shout “Kudos!” to the same government of South Sudan headed by HE Salvatore Kiir for taking this painful but fruitful decision that will see her citizens get jobs everywhere and be able to contribute to the country’s development in different ways. It has been long overdue. South Sudanese job-hunters are abused by these foreign workers in ways the author cannot write here. It is difficult to imagine.

Let them pack and go [otherwise impose high taxes on them & restrict their visas] work where they came from with their untested education/skills and experience. Why did they come here if their education/skills & experience are sky-high? Are not they needed in their economically-bog-down-countries? Here they come pretending that they work for the peoples of South Sudan when in actual sense they do not. All the good things they [thieves & robbers etc] get in the country are repatriated back! What a pressing issue!

Though you [the government] seemed to have rescinded the ban, let us hope you continue pressing this thieves hard in ways available. The level of reactions [-] we have seen from the fellow East Africans [on the different social media] shows the level of their parasitic-nature in the country. They have used our country as a job-getting-ground, a dumping ground for school-drop-outs who bought/buy papers from streets in Uganda, Nairobi, UK etc. To build this fact, President Kaguta Museveni at one point advised Ugandans to have a reason to be happy. As ‘in the Independence of South Sudan has helped Uganda rid themselves of thieves [jobless] all over the country [also refer to Arua Park]. That all [who used to glitter there] have gone to the South Sudan. Look at this really my fellow citizens! These countries do not want South Sudan to develop and get hold of her-self. It is absurd.

We have got to change and make bold decisions otherwise! That is why some of us have written a thousand times that TOTAL PEACE will return to South Sudan if we internally sit and find the right solutions. Otherwise hanging on IGAD neck will do & bring nothing to us. In fact someone could not be wronged to have to speculate that the Dec 15th 2013 Crisis in the country must have been instigated by these East African & European countries so that they continue to loot the country off its coffers!

Summon all the non-governmental organizations and the companies etc to register afresh [as per the working-conditions] with the Labor Ministry, together with their workers [national and internationals], their positions together with the qualifications, Nationality Cards better known as jinsia, and Birth Certificates verified/vetted by a trusted-panel without much-ado. This time round, they have to kneel before you. Amen, enough is enough!

This ban has to begin to live beyond October 15th 2014, credit be given when is due. Our Kiir-led Government deserves a round of applause, the rescission albeit! Citizens have always been waiting for this bold undertaking. IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA? Give it the POWER of TIME.

The author lives in South Sudan. Kick him hard at onyi.itara@gmail.com

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Charles Brister September 21, 2014 at 9:06 am

Economics is the key. The more Southerners spend money with Southerners the more successful businesses and jobs for Southerners. This is known as the multiplier effect.


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