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“We the wiling, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing”,  by Konstantin Josef Jirecek.

By Elbow Chuol,


Government troops ambushed 4 times in a single day by the armed opposition, dominated by the undermined white army. Generals and their body guards were instantly killed in these ambushes(Photo: Vice Videos)
Government troops ambushed 4 times in a single day by the armed opposition, dominated by the undermined white army. Generals and their body guards were instantly killed in these ambushes(Photo: Vice Videos)

June 20, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Think about that quote from Czech historian, slavist and a writer. A man who dedicated his entire life to improves the social system and political road map of the republic Czech. Yet in the midst f all the citizens of Czech did, the ungrateful still led the nation without recognizing the hard work of the devote citizens of this great country.

Combating with brushwood and an AK47s against glowing trained haulage missiles of UPDF and meticulously outfitted SPLA with modern automatic rifles. White Army made an implausible documented battle of existing century tougher than the WW II fought over a detachment kilometers using the newly adopted technological armaments of the late typing epoch.

Approaching amid military tanks against stripped footed youth whose intent is to tumble a regime which killed her populace is the factor of our instance and for future generations. That is what precisely has happened. The worse ever fought combat of 21st century was the betrothed battle of white army and SPLA with her mercenaries (UPDF, Tarboro, Splm-north and few rudiments of Congolese rebels the so called m23) and yet in the hub of all these military encroachment, they evacuated the capitol of Jonglie, Bor within 24hrs Dec this year.

The mythical White army is branded of nothing but reprisal and retaliation whenever anything obligatory is tantalizing fighting for.  Days and nights in Jonglie became nightmares to already frightened troops and coward government armed forces who trail behind the implicit well trained UPDF whose guns were not properly operational for the first time they affianced the distinguished noisily known Nuer youth in the outskirt of Bor town.

General Gatwech Joak who commanded the forces that promised to incarcerate the leader of White army bungled to checked into his vowed since he was busy running  for his dear life in circumstances.  Many saw him in YouTube video predominantly fugitive into the bush with nonentity behind his back.  All his bodyguards where at an aloofness gunned down by sharp shooters White army who missed you by half an inches. All the bullets proof V8s that accompanied him appallingly failed to maneuver. It was ill-fated event in the history of south Sudan.


There was over seventieth ambushes in between the city of Bor and Juba from the month of December 2013 to February 2014, the victim where government troops and her allies. The bad thing about an ambush is the retracted nature of it upshot. White army can ambushed you during the broad day light and to make that matter even an eye-catching they can do that in the desert where trees are shorter than a human being.

The colloquium coached to government soldiers by the battle lover of Nuer militia was profoundly supported by the verity media documentation and other news outlet.  South Sudanese where fighting against something bigger than their valor and so it was a self defense mechanism industrial to errand the wide assortment of south Sudanese citizens for the next generation to come.  This is how the Nuer defeated the invader of their land for the last 187 years against Turkish, British, Anglo-Egypt and Arabs north of Sudan.  They were never colonized.

Nuer are classified as the best fighters in Africa and this claim is gaining credence due to the authenticity predictable scuffle

Nuer young men fought against the modern arsenal with zilch but an AK47 in one’s hand. If you recently saw in the YouTube one man chasing an Egyptian military tank with an AK47 nobody lied to you. That is what exactly has happened in Bor town when the powerful general and military strategies fighter, General Peter Gatdet engaged his mixed soldiers and white army beating up the collective forces of government troops and her cronies in less than 35 minutes in Dec 31th 2013.

Almost every battle fought last only less than an hour.

Things began to deteriorate early in the morning on 17th Dec 2013 when the defected forces of General Peter Gatdet Yaka seized the Jonglie military based division 8 of Panpandear and Maluala Choat bringing the entire half of Jonglie beneath his power. The encounter which last in 25 minutes took effect when his entire forces began crusade to assault the town of Bor the next morning. The scuffle of Dec 18 which brings Bor to plummet into his hand three days after the Juba massacred remarked the first exchange of the stratagem town of Bor under his hand in less than a week.

Prior to captured of Panpandear, General Gatdet formerly declared himself as an anti-government angered by the death of thousands of south Sudanese innocents civilians exterminated on their ethnicity by the failed soon to crumple regime of Salva Kiir government. Outside Bor town, the anxious government troops waited in disgust as the strategist military experienced General Gatdet premeditated a target on an already frightened overwhelming government soldiers.  He first sent around Bor town few soldiers just to start the kick off. General Gatdet constantly informs his adversary before you meet in the front line.  He is not a man to yarn with.

As they march in an excitement to overtaken the seating effigy of Jonglie to clear the alleyway to Juba fundamentally to capture president Kiir alive, at around 4:20 pm Dec 18th, the police forces in the city of Bor broke down and took the fight into their hands. Guns were heard around UNMISS and lastly the entire town falls into the hand of revolutionary. The battle last only three hours and Bor was captured in less than 24 hours by General Gatdet’s force and the entire Jonglie was under anti-government forces, the mighty White army in the first 50 hours of south Sudan civil war.

On 5th January we lost a historical General Abraham Jongroor to the hardnosed White army who demanded everyone to speak to their art of war. It was at 3pm when government troops sarcastically sung war songs of old spla perhaps to sacred away the jungle boys and marched without seeing the nearby bushes. Accompanied by heavy military equipment included Uganda military tanks with rudimentary countless missiles, one thing escaped their minds, the art of war. It’s not about number or the big stick that terrified away an elephant but how you deal with it when you saw it far and set up for the worse. It takes courage to chime the fixture into exhibition.

The roundabout insanely turned out to be messy and dust was all over the place. The camera men who escorted the General first vanished and the entire forces with almost 21 military tectures came down scrambling running into bushes in hysteria. They strained their guns into separate direction for combat but it was too late, the Jungle boys picked them on their heads each at a time and the powerful man was left with only five men stranded wondering the next step. They failed to surrender to what they termed as “nyagatee” making the matter sound familiar enough to stimulate the already existed anger. Then the story ended there.

It was the same that brought Bor town into destruction in 1991 accompanied by the revenged for Dr. Gai Tut, a historical icon among Lou Nuer who was killed by Dr. John Garang in early 1986 in eastern Jikany. The event never escaped their mind and the problem with Nuer is the fact that, they forgive but never forget to revenged the wrong you did to them in time. Indeed Dr. Machar has nothing to do with the what happened in Bor early 1991 but it was a coincidental that White army used as an advantage to retaliates the long time kin between them and the people of Garang.

Looking around in the combat turf grasses became naught than an emblem of extinction. None of the above mentioned SPLA equipments made it back to Juba and the survivors erudite their lesson never against to return and face the whistles blower of war, the mythical white armed.  That was the third ambushes among other myriad recorded in the account of mankind by charitable Journalists having an opportunity to record a live encounter in south Sudan. This was Sudan safari in broad day light. There was no government distinct soldier who fired a gun all stranded in loophole of disgust epoxy resin for escape.

On 8th February, the presumed intelligent force of the president, National Security fallen into an ambush at Guot makur near Jameth. The 5, 000 over years trained with their new black gims made from Russia collectively in less than 10 minutes at 4pm could not be tell how the five hundreds returned back to Juba. Some of the Nuer who fought alongside government went to UNMISS the next day. Peter Dak narrated the story on how at different occasion white army “shoot you on head while other are busy identifying the said guns among themselves” it was a terrible experienced. My cousin came back to Juba four days later on foot claiming that “I don’t think there was survivor” thinking fighting against white army is a simple walks to a park.

During the battle of waterloo, Napoleon Bonaparte cried out loudly, “oh lord almighty this is too much” and his vision of united Europe came to an end that very day. Napoleon thought he was military genius of his time. One thing was particularly missing from that day battle. Not every battle is worthy wining. And so he found himself giving up the vision of uniting the entire vast territory of east and central Europe. It was unfortunate event of a man whose life has been dedicated entirely to change the combat of military in that century.

If that battle was engaged in south Sudan, no doubt even the most successfully military genius of that time could evacuated on very site that day. How white army organized themselves to retaliate is unpredictable imagination that can only be fulfilling through their way of life and practices.

On 17th January White army bombed UPDF tanks killing more than 500 soldiers on process near Mathaing. The total UPDF killed in south Sudan reach over 9,000 including one of their general killed in Duk. People of Uganda are not even aware of such a scenario and I wonder when they will know the truth for truth to set them free. The battle on the outskirt of Mangala didn’t go well with them either.

They used cluster bombs; in fact UPDF dropped more than 17 clusters bombs in between the town of Mangala and Gadiang. They are  responsible for this mess nobody else. And then, what has happened in outskirt of Mangala? The combined force of UPDF, Tarboro and other mercenaries engaged in the last battle against white army.

The first 6,000 government finished only few escaped early that evening. When they realized things are deeply going tough on their side. Unknown force outside south Sudan advised perhaps the Uganda air defense to drops their last hope to managed melt away the steep advancement of the rebels and so it was. At around 4pm on 24th January they bombed the engaged forces killing over 400 rebels on spot and the wind blew back the other drops on government side killing over 1,300 with immediate.

Elbow chuol is back to to the news room with historical events of our time. He is currently in Addis Ababa and you can reach over him on elbow.chuol@gmail.com

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