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Nhial Deng Nhial and team on expedition to Nigeria and Damazin to seek underworld powers!

By Cde: Nicolas Chan

Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial, South Sudan Minister of Presidential Affairs speak to media in the past(Photo credit: file)
Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial, South Sudan Minister of Presidential Affairs speak to media in the past(Photo credit: file)

Juba, South Sudan – Nhial and team are scanning the whole world of any stronger black magical powers to return him to the government in the forthcoming cabinet reshuffling.  ‘Everything has an end’ mantra had never clicked in Nhial’s mind from the word go. His continued use of ‘black magic’ to retain various government appointments had convinced him to relegate the power and significance of people in the political dispensation. 

A week after his relief, Nhial set down with his team of relentless fund mobilisers to solicit funds from well-wishers, philanthropists, strategic allies and friends for what they termed as the ‘grand come-back mission’s crusade’. The fund mobilization campaign did so well according to the latest information we had, thanks to his team of dedicated men and women of faith. 

The mobilization for the fund campaign generously acquired around 2.7million USD. This money was split into (4). There were (4) groups designated to different locations with the feared magical powers. A handful of young men were given a portion(money) from the collection to do an online campaign by attacking and targeting the presumed people who would stop Nhial’s return to J1 or the government: the fourth group. 

1. Team Damazin: Nhial gave part of the 2.7 million USD to them and the team was subsequently dispatched last week. It landed in Khartoum on transit to Damazin headed by Nhial’s top hitman; one notorious conman in the person of Emmanuel Akok Malek Akuien, who is a Major in External Security Bureau, a scammer, fake politician, troublemaker, sex-pest and a serial rapist. Their mission is lethal: Whoever replaces their master at J1 will be made to die as that shall prepare the ground for a return of Abraham Nhial to his position. Hon.Barnabas Marial needs to watch out with his supporters. The devil is a liar, in the name of Jesus, you will overcome their secret attempts to finish your innocent soul through black magic for nothing. 

2. TEAM Spear-masters. This team is (2) days old on the ground across Bhar-el-Ghazal in all homes and villages of feared spear-masters to work for Nhial’s returns to the ministry of presidential affairs. It is headed by a 3rd grade, South Sudan ambassador to Uganda, Clement Deng AKech. Deng Akech, after reaching Cueibet town of Lakes state three days ago, using a private car, alighted the car and embarked on a wild search for all feared spear-masters in Gok community as he was advised from Tonj East by his uncle’s son. We immediately received a call from one of our members in Cueibet town, soon as he was spotted struggling to pick his eyes on who to meet first among the spear-masters on the list he had. We could not zip our mouths in chaos, notwithstanding, we advised the young man to go after him secretly. While Deng Akech was at one of the most feared Spear-master’s homes in Yinh-Akuong, some 38Kms away from Cueibet town, Deng all of a sudden changed tune and advised the spear-master to work on the president so that Nhial takes over power in a ‘bloodless’ coup. The spear-master asked him who was that president, whom he admitted was Salva Kiir Mayardit. The spear-master told him to go away, saying, him and all other spear-masters were doing one thing to keep Kiir Mayardit in power and to help him spiritually to achieve peace and bring development to Bhar-el-Ghazal. Deng Akech went away angered, confused, deprived and hopelessly demoralized. Up to now, we don’t know whether he had come back to Juba, after that humiliating defeat or still lingering in villages after a mission which will not see the light of day. 

3. Team Facebook: This team has no specific leader and clear objectives. Everyone seems to be running his own show. All we know are names of the young men whom Nhial assigned to write short and all articles of sort on a daily basis. The prominent among them is Dip.Ustaz Morris Mabior Awikjok and the general coordinator who oversees online activities is Yel Mayardit(Majon). They were given 10,000 USD each two weeks ago: to sustain a smear campaign against the government and Nhial’s presumed enemies. That money was equally meant to cater for the needs of their families, since the date of return of Nhial to the government was uncertain. They were directed by Nhial to be attacking J1 press releases and functions. They were too; advised to advertise Nhial to South Sudanese so as consensus could build on the streets and online that might threaten the government to bring Nhial back to the government on the basis that he was the people’s choice and the government could not be run without him in the cabinet. 

4. Team Madam Gai Deng Nhial: This is the senior team composed of Nhial Deng Nhial and his blood sister Gai who is a legislator to the East African parliament.


1. Madam Gai is very annoyed with the Nigerian witch doctor whom she gave 300,000 USD, which was the last money left in her savings; to ensure her brother was not removed from J1. Unfortunately, she lost all the two, which left her devastated in a state of permanent confusion and an embittered fellow to date.

2. Nhial did not attend to Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburg’s burial in London. He took a private plane from Juba to Nairobi, then Nigeria on a separate plane not London as speculated by his secret working group. Immediately after the president went to South Africa, Nhial took a private jet, landed in Nairobi where he boarded Rwandair destined for Abuja. He met with his sister Gai at Abuja and made it to their usual African black magic men and women in shanty villages. Who is Nhial after all to the UK to attend the Prince’s funeral? If other regional presidents, leaders and celebrities were not invited to attend, who in his/her right thinking mind would assume that such a little known man like Nhial could have received an invitation from the Royalty in the UK? In addition to coronavirus lockdown measures as one thing hindering gathering and unusual travels worldover today. 

3. Nhial, Pagan and Malong converge in Nairobi on Nhial’s way to Nigeria and have finally agreed to work together as a team. After realizing that the previous formula where Nhial had tried to negotiate them to the government to come and work from within failed to yield fruits. 

4. Their meeting resolved to give Nhial a ticket of the collision to contest against President Kiir- the SPLM flag-bearer for the SPLM primaries with Pagan Amum and Dr. Cirino Iteng as his run mates. Gen. Malong will be appointed a senior presidential Advisor on security affairs with sweeping powers once they conquer the presidency at elections. 

5. Nhial, while in Nigeria emphasized to the men of black magical powers; the need to have him installed president at all cost. He expressed his disappointment at lack of accuracy with their predictions, that all they worked to see happening failed to materialize in time. He hinted to them not to waste extra energy on his going back to the ministry but presidency. That they should concentrate all their energies to installing him president and had agreed to pay them all they want. He knew behind the back of his brain that his boys were busy behind ministerial assignments in Damazin and Bhar-el-Ghazal. So there was no need to divide focus of the Nigerian to two things at a time. 

Now Ladies and gentlemen, that is the man some of you are dying to see become your president. He will remain a president in dreams!!!

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