IGAD mediate South Sudan transitional Government of national unity could be Imbalance

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By Angelo Akech Dengdit,


An extraordinary session of the IGAD heads of states meeting in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on 10 June 2014 (IGAD photo)
An extraordinary session of the IGAD heads of states meeting in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on 10 June 2014 (IGAD photo)

Sept 19, 2014( Nyamilepedia) — I just can not understand the political category in which IGAD put SPLM-IO interm of power sharing in TGNU,given the fact that SPLM-IO has gone so far in making suprise demand of 70% in power sharing.Apparently,SPLM-IO alliance FPD or G10+ has come out with their demand of 25% which is bigger than their number arethimatically. In 2005,when CPA was signed in Naivasha Kenya between Khartoum government and SPLM.there was no existing of selfishness and power struggle,both parties were concerning about how peace should come to the country.

The power sharing protocol or chapter 2 in brief read as follows;A government of national unity is to be formed,there shall be decentralize system of governance granting more powers to individual states.Positions in the state government are to be split 70%:30% in favor of NCP in northern states(20% for other northern political
parties and 10% for SPLM) and 70%:30% in favor of SPLM in southern states(15% for other northern political parties and 15% for NCP).

That agreement also suggested that abicameral national legislature will be established;Assembly will comprise of specific percentages(NCP 52%,SPLM 28%,other northern political parties 14% and other southern political parties 6%) when I compare that agreement(CPA) with current agreement,the issue of power sharing is very wild especially on the side of SPLM-IO which is separate political party from SPLM in term of power sharing and at the same time,they are lost members of SPLM who will return back to SPLM later.

In total,70% of SPLM-IO and 25% of FPD or G10+ will make the total of 95%,Leaving only 5% to the government which is compose of SPLM and 15+ political parties. I did not heard one day anyone questioning Riek Machar whether SPLM-IO will be separate political party from SPLM or not.If it will be separate political party,why and how do they want it to hold 70% of power in the country where there more than 20 political parties? Could that be the political reform that Riek talk about? Is that an absolute way in which our country will achieve everlasting peace?

If Riek believe that SPLM-IO is temporary organization which will later remain in Addis or bush and he will be back to SPLM since it is tradition of Riek in all his political organization that he forms,How can one party (SPLM which they believe they will regain their membership in it)hold 98% in the government where there are many political party? Will that tactic of power struggle not be imitated by other members of SPLM,by adding any English letters of their choice to SPLM,such as SPLM-DC,SPLM-IO,SPLM-FPD and name them?

>>To be continued….

The author is Angelo Akech Dengdit,concerned South Sudanese student currently living in Juba.He can be reach at Akechdengdit@gmail.com or call him live on +211924071556.

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