South Sudan Ambassador to Uganda claims to be an ambassador yet, he does not have qualities.

By Ter Manyang, Kampala,


South Sudan Ambassador to Uganda addressing the press in South Sudan Embassy early this year 2014
South Sudan Ambassador to Uganda addressing the press in South Sudan Embassy early this year 2014

 August 16, 2014 (Nyamilepedia) — According to South Sudan’s ambassador to Uganda, Samuel Luate’s  comment on Sudan Tribune on Tuesday , has dismissed a coup claims  by the former vice president, Dr.Riek Machar Teny, division that Ugandan president  Yoweri  Museveni had  denied the contradiction was  trigged by a coup.

Samuel Luate, refer this as lies by Dr.Machar but, we the intellectuals we knew from the started point of conflict in Juba, South Sudan there is no coup at all in the country.  I cannot blamed him because, he just protect his’’ pose and chow’’. The bible says that tell the reality, than the truth will sent you free.

The question is; what is the cause of coup d’état?

The following are some causes of coup d’état in any country in the world;

  1. Dictatorship rule and abuse of human rights in South Sudan
  2. Military discontent in South Sudan
  3. Failure by the government in power to organized democratic elections in South Sudan
  4. Poor and weak administrative control in South Sudan
  5. Peer influence i.e. everybody else is embezzling state funds why not me?
  6. Tribalism, nepotism, protectionism and sectarianism in South Sudan
  7. Lack of public Accountability and Transparency in South Sudan

Ambassador Samuel, proved  himself his government in Juba, South Sudan have all above mentioned  and that is why he make ‘’an alarm’’ in public throughout the time. The International Community make pronouncements last time, there is no coup in South Sudan. May be those who knows Bari language, should tell him in simple way.  We the people of South Sudan, we shall continues to support Dr.Machar because of his qualities of leadership he has and fights for the rights of people in South Sudan. Please Ambassador Samuel Luate, stopped deceiving the general public about coup attempt.

God Bless South Sudan and Dr.Machar

Ter Manyang Gatwech a finalist student at Cavendish University Uganda, pursuing a bachelor degree in Public Administration and Management and can be reach through email address; termanyanggatwech@yahoo.com. +256715655663,+256774755763

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