Another Corruption scandal emerged from the office of the President Salva Kiir.

By Justin Kuol Chol


South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardiit (File Photo)
South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardiit (File Photo)

August 6th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – News circulating on the streets and the bars of Juba indicate that Mrs. Acuil Harun Lual, the Executive Secretary in the Office of President has been transferred to the Ministry of foreign affairs over corrupt related issues. I contacted one of my friends who works in office of the president who confirmed to me that she has been transferred on 27th July 2018 but declined to provide the transfer letter telling me it is against the office ethics.

Early this week Mrs. Acuil was overheard telling her close friend that she was forcefully transferred to the Ministry of foreign affairs by the minister of the office of the president on allegation that she turned down advances from the president an account which could confirm the allegations that president Salva Kiir has been sleeping with his female subordinates. She also said that minister of the office of president, Mayik Ayii conspired with office manager of president Mrs. Rita Kiden to have her transferred to ministry of foreign when in actual sense she has been the one doing most of the job in office.

However, several sources within the Presidency have confirmed arrays of malpractices that had involved Mrs. Acuil and some of her associates. Individuals close to her and the family have confirmed that she has been impregnated by mysterious man rumored to be either the former Deputy Finance Minister, Mr. Athian Diing, Minister Moses Hassan of Ministry of Trade or Ambassador Garang Diing Akwong.

It is alleged that Acuil initially failed to confirm to close friends on who has really impregnated her among the three identified government officials, but it was later reported that she did inform her parents that Mr. Athian Diing is the owner of her unborn child. Sources close to her said she told them that she was recently given about $350,000 by the President to go and establish herself in Nairobi as she waits for her delivery and thus she doesn’t believe the same president can accept her transfer to foreign affairs.

With stories of pregnancy aside, the most damaging report which removed her from office of president was her corrupt deals between the office of the president and the Ministry of finance in which she uses her association with the office to extort money and gain financial favors from government officials and promise them political protection since she works closely with the president.

One account reported that Acuil threatened the Managing Director of Nile petroleum Dr Chol last year with possibility of being sacked from his position if he refused to pay her father’s hospital bill in Khartoum. such Threat coupled with the fact that he was new to the docket, forced him to succumb to Mrs Acuil’s crook demands and ultimately paid her a hefty sum of $175,000 to settle the inflated bill for her father.

Also Mr. Athian Diing who was reportedly sacked on the recommendation of the Minister of Finance on the accounts of insubordination and corruption became so close with Mrs. Acuil who allegedly promise him political protection in exchange for payment to businessmen for commission. Mr. Athian became so blind to the extent of disrespecting his boss which ultimately cause him his job. In one incident the sources in the ministry of finance said that Mr. Athian and Acuil swindled $400,000 from one of the businessmen who got a payment of close to $4 Million. This money is believed to have been laundered to the offshore account.

Mrs. Acuil currently owns a company, Jibak General Trading Company which operates mostly in oilfields in Paloch and Melut area of the Northern Upper Nile State. Acuil uses her political connections with presidency to threaten oil dealers to demand contract for her company at the expenses of fair bidding process.  Several accounts have confirmed that she threatened Dar Petroleum procurement manager with dismissal if he didn’t offer her company a contract that was being contested.  Her company, which owns seven big dump trucks including one Excavator with glaring incapacities has been forced on oil operators to be given contracts on unfair basis.

In the same connection, Mrs. Acuil has been known to possess such characters as one of my friends who worked with her in the office of the former minister of office of president told me he is not surprise by the transfer saying it could be because Acuil doesn’t keep any secret or her love for money at any cost has finally landed her in trouble.

He even told me how Acuil intimately courted minister Lowilla in those days and convinced him to approve for her $500,000, some of which he believed she used to construct her apartment in Jebel in addition to the mansion she purchased in Nairobi.

He also narrated to me how Acuil duped the former Minister of office of president Mr. Awan Guol Riak by sleeping with him to gain appointment as ambassador despite the fact that she did not merit to be appointed to ambassadorial level given her lack of experience at the top tier of the ministry.

The author is a concerned South Sudan citizen and can be reached via justinkuolchol@gmail.com

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