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OPINION: Dr. Riek Machar Is No Longer A Threat To The Jeing Government; Extension Of Pre-Interim Period Is A Mere Delaying Tactic.

By Nicholas Osobi,

Kiir, Machar meeting in J1 (Photo: /Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
Kiir, Machar meeting in J1 (Photo: /Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

Nov 12, 2019(Nyamilepedia) —In about 3 months period or 100 days effective from the 12th of November 2019, the Transitional Government of National Unity may be formed if the warring parties and the peace cartels (regional signatories), stick to their resolves. Even if they don’t, whatever will transpire at the end of three months extension will significantly affect and reshape the future of South Sudan’s politics forever.

Whilst it is everyone’s prayer that the two misleaders (President Kiir and Dr.Riek) would compromise for the good of their citizens, there is no guarantee that this will happen given the fact that Dr. Riek Machar is now a defeated bull and no longer a threat to the JCE government. He has lost the bargaining power after falling in a trap that he set himself.

Dr. Riek Machar’s movement started losing direction when he murdered two of his prominent officers; Gen. Martin Kenyi and Elias, in an apparent power consolidation move although there was no evidence to suggest the duo had leadership ambitions. Some of his officers who feared their “disaster clocks” were fast ticking eventually defected to Gen. Cirilo’s NAS, thereby leaving SPLA IO with limit field commanders. Kenyi Lo Buron is one of those to abandon IO camp after Riek ordered him to be killed. He was later joined by another high-ranking IO officer who used to command anyanya division.

The regime is also aware that the fall of Omar Al Bashir (Riek’s only ally in his political career) has crippled Dr. Riek and his senior officers financially since part of the money confiscated from Bashir’s residence belonged to Dr. Riek and some of his senior commanders. Late Gen. Peter Gatdet, who was unable to endure the frustration, died from heart attack days after their money was confiscated from Bashir’s house.

To JCE, Dr. Riek is what Jesus describes in the BIBLE as “salt that has lost its flavour” and no longer worth paying attention to except to be played around with and trampled upon. This explains why Makuei acted dumb and pretended to have confused the timeframe for the formation of TGNU saying it would be formed in 100 years, and then he changed to 100 months before finally figuring out the correct one. Non revolutionary analysts would think this was a slip of tongue or just as usual, he was drunk, but it is worth to note that the JCE regime has always been run while under the influence of alcohol, for over ten years. Therefore, make no mistake to assume that such utterances meant nothing.

What Makuei said, simply came directly from his subconscious mind and was a plain fact. In psychology, the “subconscious mind” is the part of the mind that is not currently in focal awareness and in most cases,  what comes from it is undoctored. Makuei’s 100 years extension is very consistent with the JCE agenda (refer to JCE MASTER PLAN 2015) of ruling the country forever but since this wasn’t meant to come out, Makuei had to pretend as if it was a joke or slip of tongue but it wasn’t.

Even if God speaks directly from heaven to both Kiir and Machar, commanding them to refrain from their Tom and Jerry style of fight they won’t listen because Dr. Riek thinks he has divine calling to be the president as per his ancestor Ngundeng’s prophecy. But unfortunately for him, the game is in favour of “Useful idiot” Salva Kiir who has full regional support plus a powerful prophet, TB Joshua of Nigeria to guide (actually misguide) him on important decisions. Should Dr. Riek Machar attempts to flex his fist once again, this time he would be engulfed by swam of Ugandan mercenaries who are being paid promptly with the oil money (dollars), putting the lives of his innocent followers at risk.

Nicholas Osobi,

Revolutionary Columnist,

Email: nicholas.osobi@columnist.com

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