Ruth to the Nuers!!!!

By Oryem Jesus, Uganda,


A Child in UN Protection base in Jonglei 2014
A Child in UN Protection base in Jonglei 2014

December 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I Oryem Jesus want to join the rest of the world in commemorating the 20,000 plus Nuer who innocently perished between December 15 & 19th 2013 in the hands of the Lord of Evil – Salva Kiir on the advice of Ateny Wek Ateny (calculate the correlation of his ascension into Press Secretary office and the subsequent Nuer genocide) house to house massacre, the worst I have ever witnessed. Who could have thought this man who claimed to have liberated all could do this?

The Lord of Evil, Salva Kiir, in the first scene appeared angelic. He joined the bushes with clean hands. Fought and fought the Arabs with all his heart. No wonder, he ascended into power to replace the heavyweight Dr John Garang despite being a P.3 dropout! With the help of the intelligent Dr. Riek Machar, Salva Kiir was time and again dragged into the right path until South Sudan got her independence on the night of July 9th 2011 – the independence everyone thought would bring the much needed prosperity for all. However, wapi!

Mass corruptions started to take full shape. Tribalism started where all Dink-ass are employed in all government sectors and embassies all over the world. The rule of iron fist started where any voice that goes against the Lord of Evil is killed {refer to Isaiah Abraham}. Land grabbing becomes the order of the day, Equatoria girls/women are raped in the open. Born to rule slogan is trumpeted everywhere, among other vices orchestrated by this Lord of Evil!

When Dr Riek Machar stood against these, he was sacked from the Vice Presidency. When the Dr. announced his contention plan in coming general elections & asking for internal reforms in the party {SPLM}, to make way for the general elections, this Lord of Evil cooked up a coup in order to quash him and his tribe-wo/men in genocide. So he did it right from the night of December 15 – 19th (house to house killings) in which 20,000 plus Nuers died. Women, men, children, elders and the sick, handicapped were brutally murdered, packed in lorries and ferried in our watch to unknown locations. It was horrible!

The Nuer blood has started the second war of liberation. However-much mouth-talking Salva Kiir government gives to cool down the situation; the final day will come where the Nuer and Equatoria people will unleash the rule of law, development and prosperity in the country. Now that Equatorians are asking for federalism to stop land grabbing, born to rule idiocy, broad-daylight women/girls raping, the two {Nuer & Equatoria} will join hands and totally smash the Dinka-led government known for born-to-rule, tribalism, mass corruptions, land grabbing, raping.

To the Nuer we are with you during this painful period, and we will be with you forever and ever. God did not create you for no-purpose. He created you with a purpose in this world. Nobody will erase you all from this planet Earth. You resisted many evils – nothing happen to you. Your brothers Equatoria are watching the pace and are behind you; it is a matter of time and then you will see where these enemies of peace will go {Idi Amin needed 9 years to quit}.

The blood of the innocent Nuer and other is behind us; we will prosper in the inevitable Democratic and Federal Republic of South Sudan under his Greatness Dr. Riek Machar Teny! May God rest the souls of the innocent Nuer people in eternal peace!!!

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