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Salva Kiir Should Not Forget That Peace With Dr. Machar Is Not an Option But a Requisite!

By: Mak Banguot Gok,


Pres Salva Kiir Mayardiit(photo: via Kayira Etienne)
Pres Salva Kiir Mayardiit(photo: via Kayira Etienne)

June 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Salva Kiir Mayardit should not be an inept to summon up that; the armistice solution to the South Sudanese bloodiest conflict on which, the whole world calls for its attainment, is not an option to him and the very few opportunists contiguous to his failed government in Juba.  It is a mandatory that, whether he and his groups are familiar with or not. No one supplicate him (Salva) to conform to the modalities of installing Transitional Government of National Unity in South Sudan. All in all, the end of the process is to see him (Salva) out and people of South Sudan with help of others international thespians disquiets in restoration of normalcy in the war torn nation will take over the lead toward rebuilding South Sudan.

Knowing that, his exit signaled in nasty time conceivable, he is trying anything, just anything to muddle the world by claiming that, he is an elected president.  Nothing decent for Salva Kiir in an up-to-date IGAD peace negotiation in Addis Ababa. This is because, as long as the pitch of his standing down still the top agenda in making for only putting it into practice, to bring to an end a bloodiest conflict in the young nation, he (Salva Kiir)   and his futile government in Juba have twitch puzzling as to what to do so that they evade the perdition in the offing.

So far thinking of oil dough as only mean of their treacherous foreign relation to the heads of the IGAD countries, Salva Kiir keep on immoral prediction that, billions of South Sudanese’ oil money which pilfered a head of conflict outburst may shushing the head of the IGAD countries to bury the true of the South Sudanese conflict genesis.  The matter of what let more than ten thousands dies in Juba and others States of the Country? What left in his mind to reconcile this country and bring back the Nuer after massacred to his government?  The days unfortunately leave him in run-of-the-mill of what to do after slip-up which brought him to this discontent.

I wish Salva Kiir should start reading the world history and thoroughly reflex on it in his current   state of affairs before venturing into the most costly business – authoritarianism. Dictatorship is no longer sellable in our today world. Basically, almost all countries nowadays are espousal to democracy as the only worthwhile and inexpensive way for people to get their democratic rights through ballet box and not use of weapons and terrorizations.

No utilitarian leader can perquisite to be democratically elected president while overlooking human rights violation, corruption, tribalism, nepotism, breach of constitution, contempt of institution’s ethics, encumbering collective participations of party members, bullying of suspected government opponents etc.

In others nations where democratic morals are well-thought-out as effective tools to govern their people democratically, whereas any of their leaders found enthusiastic in mishandlings of authority at any rate he or she automatically be inculpated and accounted for abuse of public office. South Sudan is not an island; we are part of global world in which our leaders should behave realistically and respect the rules of law without any exception.

In Juba, Salva Kiir and his government, as an ancillary for the new system to be installs, there is no sign for them preparing for save exit. They are (Dinka) still talking of Salva Kiir will foremost the proposed Transitional Government of the National Unity. A haughty that could not happens even if the negotiators in Addis Ababa are turned to be Mrs. Ayian Mayardit, Wani Iga, Makuey Lueth, and Museveni as you names them all the vultures who are only thinking of where one’s own bread should be buttered.

Trying everything to assure that, Salva Kiir confused the nation in this critical time as he did during 2005 when Dr. Garang died in air crush, they started hushing majority of Equatoria as you may have reads all the comment made by Kiir during his frustrated return to Juba from Addis Ababa where he alleged to be force to signs the recommitments or risks imprisonment under Ethiopian authority. A claim which, the Ethiopian government spokesperson categorically said to be underprivileged interaction ability by Salva Kiir in his capacity as a president and an African personality. There is no norm in that regard to be implied up on a president of either independent state by only one country. Even if flippantly the two counterparts bartered analogous words on what the later took into thoughtfulness, it could be simply, a ‘’ joke’’.

However, signifying his emotive qualms on IGAD proposal wouldn’t help him stays on power which he botched to deliver what people of South Sudan expected. He (Salva) shouldn’t be dumb abundantly to the extend which he is not  grapple that, what he signed on 9th of May, 2014 in Addis Ababa overlay him route to inferno. He and his tribesmen on the faltered government in Juba have to be acquainted with the logic that’ll shadow if stagnant on an endeavor to plays with people’ minds. Peace with Nuer rebel is not a choice to Salva and his government, but preference to curtail the proportion of innocent civilians’ suffering and the subsequent death of many if fighting continuous from June onward.

Mak Banguot Gok, Jonglei/South Sudan , is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached via makjohnson2005@yahoo.com

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