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That Nuer-Dinka sign in the UN camp in South Sudan, which The Washington Post debates here, is explained by the UN as was "told by community leaders that tensions between communities were high and they requested to the UN that community members from each of these two ethnic groups be allowed to gather in separate areas for security reasons.”
That Nuer-Dinka sign in the UN camp in South Sudan, which The Washington Post debates here, is explained by the UN as was “told by community leaders that tensions between communities were high and they requested to the UN that community members from each of these two ethnic groups be allowed to gather in separate areas for security reasons.”

June 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — These issues are relevant to what was disclosed by the Democratic Revolutionary Alliance Forces of South Sudan (DRA) about Gen. Paul Malong Awan (Dinka element) the current Commander of General Staff. Currently, this is absolutely a suitable moment to share the real stories behind this current conflict in South Sudan. I am urging the readers to read this press carefully. Especially, what is Dinka-nuer tribe? You will learn about it, on reading this issue.

S Sudan Region Regime

There is no previous issue of politic between Nuers and Dinkas, only the issue which is previously was cattle’s raiding which has ended during the colony regime. Abel Alier (Dinka element) had run South Sudan Region’s regime under Khartoum government. That regime is where the significant of racist (tribalism) starts operating between tribes of South Sudan. There is opportunity of Dinka taking position of first class citizen over other tribes of South Sudan by power of leadership, imposing Dinka language to be national language. There are more episodes of humiliation of Nuers and Equatorian’s tribes. As the result, the KOKORA (Tribalism) start to be in place Juba in 1970s. The Nuers on street were standing with Dinkas but the Nuers’ politicians e.g., DK Mathiou had learned the attitude of Dinka and had joined Equatorians for the demand of dividing South Sudan Region into three separate administrative which has positively ended that scenario in Juba. However, there was some life were lost in that change. There was many statements mainly “We Dinkas we born to rule and not to be ruled”. Looking now forward, the Federal system must be the next option of regime in S Sudan to end 15th December, 2013’s current fighting.

Anyanya 2 ’SSLM/A’ and SPLM/A

Anyanya 2 movement started since 1977 in Akoba. Early 1983 many joined. Nuers are majority and the Anyanya 1’s objectives of fighting are the ones expected to be in place. Dr. John Garang (Dinka element) joins rebellion in mid 1983 with a plan to take a leadership. He had done a coup and plan to kill Nuers’ leaders; Samuel Gai Tut and then Abdalla Chuol Deng (Nuers’ elements). Here, the differences in term of conflict between the two tribes had start to grow. This situation had been settled for a reason that, we are losing our main objective ‘Liberation of S Sudan’, and then the two parties came together in 1988 under Dr. J Garang leadership. Dinka were feeling that they are the loser of that battle concerning only about their members whom they lost, and don’t consider those who are lost by the other party ‘Anyanya 2’.


Dr. John Garang in his leadership had continued on hunting to assassinate anyone suspected playing a role to be his competitive. Dr Riek Machar, Dr Lam Akol and Arok Thon and others have discovered that they are in black list of Dr J Garang, as the same scenario of the 15 December, 2013 that the President Salva Kiir’s dictatorship has strongly grown to maximum. The reality about 15 December incident is not a coup, it’s an attempt to assassinate Dr Riek Machar because he is Nuer plus killing of his Nuer tribe’s members, and to continuing killing the Nuers if no resistance by Nuers to fight Dinkas, so that they will stay silence foreverAteny Wek Ateny said; the government will fight and defeat the rebel forever. The direct words: the Dinkas will fight and defeat Nuers forever” in South Sudan. The Dinkas have been believed that they will defeat the Nuers this time with more than 20 thousands pure Dinka forces plus the help of Uganda forces, Sudan’s rebels ‘Darfurs, Nubas, Blue Nile and NDA of East Sudan’ and others such as Egypt and Somalia’s refugees in South Sudan. Previously before 1991’s incident, Dr J Garang’s dictatorship had strongly grown to maximum during that period of time. Dr Riek Machar and the others above were forced to plot a coup in 1991, for opportunity to escape death. This second phase of fighting between Dinkas and Nuers was settled in year 2002 with no any reform standard among SPLM/A. Dr Riek Machar is positioned No. 3, the President Salva Kiir is No. 2 following Dr J Garang. In this fighting, the Dinkas claimed they had lost many people, therefore they are holding a maximum hated against Nuers that they has an opportunity in future to silence the Nuers. In fact, the Nuers were generally on serious humiliation and missing their members illegally in Juba since 2005 up to 15th December, 2013.

In 2005, the peace with Khartoum is reached and Dr J Garang is become the 1st Vice President of Sudan. Then, Dr J Garang died in few weeks in this position. After he died, things changed and Salva Kiir replaces the position. The President Kiir’s regime is alleged that is fulfilling Dr J Garang’s vision; No? HE IS NOT!! Dr J Garang’s vision is to contest election against the President Omer Albashir and there is maximum believe to win the election and become President of Sudan and NO SOUTH SUDAN TO SEPARATE from North Sudan. In case he loses the election, there is also no South Sudan to separate because Dr J Garang will absolutely prefer being the 1st Vice President of Sudan. This is what should be done by President Salva Kiir if he is really carried out the SPLM/A mission. The Salva Kiir’s body-languages had seen to be unfit to run the Presidency of the Sudan, and even recently become very clear to world on his HARDTalk interview in May, 2014 that he is extremely unfit to run the Presidency of South Sudan.

Kakuma Refgee Camp in Kenya

In mid 1990s, the South Sudanese tribes migrate to Kenya. Dinka tribe had seen that they are more than Nuers, and influence the UNHCR staff in the Camp that these are Nuers who are usually doing negative in SPLM/A and are killing Dinka of Dr J Garang, please allow us to in-terminate them. Then, they are granted approval. The Nuers have received information. The Nuers held a meeting, some cowards said we will able to fight Dinkas because their number is doubling us fourth, but some of decided to fight and let Dinkas finish us. They fight and casualties were at Dinka’s side and therefore they were allocated in separate compounds. Then, the life went forward in Kakuma. In 2003, the Dinka fight with the indigenous ‘Turkana of Kenya’ in Kakuma. The Dinka was chase and displaced, then they ran to Nuers’ Compound. Then, the Nuers’ community leaders were become mediators between Dinka and Turkana. The Turkana alleged that their people, their animals; cows, goats, sheep were disappearing in Dinka’s areas; their children on their way to market with fruit are robbed and beaten. The Turkana said that we don’t want to attack the Dinkas in your area you Nuers, we are friend, let the Dinka go out from your area. The Nuers told the Turkana that we can’t be able to chase away people ran for their safety. Then, the situation was settled. The Dinkas during their accommodation in Nuers area they said we Dinkas we very much hate you Nuers to maximum, if you are the ones who were displaced, and you ran to us, we would have to unite with your enemy and kill you all. That’s life in Kakuma.

Dinka-nuer tribe in Kakuma                                                                 

A new tribe appeared to exist in Kakuma known as Dinka-nuer tribe as a section within Dinka tribe. Recently, is become a real that they are Dinkas who share boarder with Nuers, others were Dinkas who came long time ago and are counted as Nuers and 3rd group and Nuers who born in Dinka land and have ground up in environment where negatives about Nuers are preaching and development hated.

I’ll provide example with two people; 1st person is the former Commander of General Staff Gen. J Hoth I knew his behaviour since 2001, he grown up in Nuer’s environment; usually he is saying that people calling him a person of ‘YES’ to businesses which are not in the interest of Nuers. In his life, he don’t feel safe or secure among Nuers and usually has no reaction to be happier or laughing among Nuers, he only feels comfortable among Dinkas.

The 2nd person is the current Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Benjamen B Marial; he had risen up in Dinka’s environment as the Dinka, he later made known that he is from Nuer when he starts exercising his political career among Dinkas. But, his association with more negatives of Nuers in Dinka’s environment during his childhood, he now cannot answer the question; ‘Are you Nuer?’ by freedom. The answer will come out after a silence-gap because there is an internal reaction with the past answer that he is Dinka, Because now, is compulsory to answer that I am Nuer which he don’t want it internally refer to his childhood. That’s what had happen in his interview in BBC about the destruction of Leer town, because those responsible were the government forces as the Roman Catholic Church missionaries reported it before his interview. The attitude of these two face individuals were Nuers by name and Dinkas in their interest: Why? The answer; I don’t know!! This is why the Nuer massacre occurs because these types of Nuers declared that their background was from Dinka. Therefore, they are called Dinka-nuer section of Dinka. This section was well known in Kakuma Refugee Camp (Kenya).

President Salva Kiir’s Last HARDTalk Interview

The President Salva Kiir admitted the fact during the HARDTalk interview which is absolutely measured his hated level against Nuers to the highest maximum, by saying that these IDPs “the Nuers in UNIMSS Camps in Juba” are even lucky!! , he is very concern about why the Gen. Peter Gadet (Nuer element) killed his Deputy (Dinka element). What the PresidentSalva Kiir means with this statement in interview, is that; “I Salva Kiir, I wish I knew that the Gen. Peter Gadet will kill his Deputy, I would made those Nuer IDPs without any survivors, allow them all killed’.


To conclude this issue, you can ask: Who is always holding hated and causing the problem? Is it the Nuers or Dinkas? In my opinion, the answer is Dinkas, because they are saying for themselves that they are smart in politics plus attitude to rule and not to be ruled ‘Dinka’s Kingdom’, and you Dinkas you are saying that Nuers do not know politics. The smart person in politics is a lier. The SPLM mission is lie after death of Dr J Garang, Dr J Garang must either wins election and become the President of Sudan or in case he lost the election, he must be the 1st Vice President of Sudan, to have a chance to solve problem of Darfur, Abiey, Nuba Mountains and Blue Nile, their problem is not to use them to kill a section of South Sudan society ‘Nuers’. Dr J Garang had murdered those who were liberating South Sudan claiming that the liberation of whole Sudan was the proper duty; those were Samuel Gai Tut, Lokurnyang, Abdalla Chuol Deng, Yusuf Kiir Tang, and many more. Now, to continue saying that the SPLM/A has liberated South Sudan is a great negative.

Dingnyang Lual, an Australian’s University Student, is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at dak_lual@yahoo.com.au

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