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Declaration of SPLM members and leaders in Canada (SPLM Chapters) to join SPLM-In-Opposition


Revolutionary Greetings

Dear Comrades,

June 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — We salute you in the name of our beloved sovereign nation, the Republic of South Sudan and in the name of our political party, the SPLM Party. You might have already been thoroughly briefed on the political nature of the aggression presently occurring in our country. You have learned and are aware about the unfolding situation and the genocide that has been deliberately carried out by the government of South Sudan under the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit. This war which was imposed on the people of South Sudan by the regime in Juba has not only devastated the whole country but brought shame and profound humiliation to the people of South Sudan in general, and particularly to the SPLM Party members. This is a war that has been preplanned for a long time within the inner circle of SPLM Party by few individuals whose aim is to impose their person ambition on the people of South Sudan.

On December 15, 2013, the secret strategic plan of targeting people from theNuer tribe was executed by privately trainedethnic base militias from Warrap and Northern Bhar El-Ghazal (Aweil) states with the help of South Sudan National Security Forces in Juba which has resulted in ethnic massacre and army division, which more than 17,000 people from the Nuer ethnic group alone were arbitrary targeted and murdered in cold blood. Despite numerous attempts made by some concerned citizens within and outside of the SPLM Party, the chairman of our political party and president of our country did not heed the call of the citizens and of the stakeholders in order to save the country from the imminent danger. The President and the regime opposed all attempts to bring democracy and good governance and instead, the regime and president decided to rule the country with iron fists. Ill advises from wrong advisors and wrong elements within the president’s inner circle; whose objective is to see the fulfilment of their selfish ambitions, have surpassed the wishes of the majority of the SPLM Party members and the people of South Sudan.

The level of crimes committed during our struggle against the successive regimes in Khartoum did not reach to the same level where the crimes committed by South Sudan Government against its people in Juba on December 15-19/2014 have reached. The regime does not even differentiate those who are its loyal supporters from those who are its staunch opponents. It doesn’t care, for as long as you are from a certain ethnic group perceived to be a threat to the government; your life is in danger. The following events expose the intentions of the government and clearly describe the real nature of what is taking place.

The murdering of more than 17,000 innocent Nuer people in Juba between December 15-19, 2014 in which government war tanks and heavy military vehicles were used to crash down alive Nuer innocent women and children simply because they were Nuer.

The massacre of about 145 Nuer IDPs in Bor town initiated and organised by the government of South Sudan and the plan was executed and put into action by Dinka Bor Youth, with direct help from the organised forces under the command of Lt. General Malual Ayom

Murdering of 220 Nuer trainees in Mapel, Western Bhar El-Ghazal State in which unarmed Nuer government soldiers who considered themselves part of the government and loyal supporters to the president and the regime were cold bloodily murdered by their trainers and the people who were supposed to protect their lives. This is a horrible event that sent out a strong signal to all those who considered themselves loyal supporters to the government that no matter how hard you try to please the government or the president, your life is at stake/risk as long as you are from an ethnic group perceived to be a threat to the regime.

The hiring of foreign troops (Mercenaries) whose primary interest is not only to help President Salva Kiir finishing off his fellow countrymen but to see that their own interest of wanting the people of South Sudan remain in status quo of being incapable of standing on their own economically and educationally. The real intention of some of the foreign troops fighting rebels in South Sudan is to kill everyone perceived to be an obstacle to their dirty project they have planned to implement in the near future in South Sudan. The use of internationally banned weapons such as “The Cluster Bomb” is a clear indication of ultimate goal of President Salva Kiir’s allies. The Cluster Bomb used by President Kiir’s allies (the Uganda) will have long lasting harmful impacts not only the people who were exposed to it during the confrontation but also to the residents of the local areas where the Bomb exploded.

The untold suffering of civilians residing at the IDPs camps across various states in South Sudan where 90% are people from the Nuer ethnic group. The life of these people is always at risk from government soldiers who openly attack them with guns and tanks.

With all the above-mentioned facts, we the SPLM members from various chapters across Canada are convinced that the current regime under the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit, the Chairperson of our political party (SPLM) is not for the common interest of our people and the SPLM Party members.

We the SPLM Canada Chapters members want to make it clear to the people of South Sudan and the International Community that we cannot tolerate or honor a dictatorship with all kinds of human rights abuses. Therefore, we voluntarily express our collective solidarity to join the Democratic Freedom Fighters (People’s Revolution), and we are calling for democratic reforms to restore peace, rule of law and unity among South Sudanese citizens at home and in Diasporas under the SPLM In-Opposition leads by Dr. Riek Machar Teny. We also urge the people of South Sudan, local leaders, friends and our allies to give us their solid supports, participations and their continuous contribution for freedom, democracy, and prosperity.

As you recall for our long historical struggle against the successive Islamic Regimes in the Old Sudan, we came out of it through the conduct of South Sudan Referendum of January 9, 2011, where the majority of our citizens overwhelmingly voted 98.8% for secession. On July 9, 2011, South Sudan became an independent nation with defined national borders and territorial sovereignty in Africa. We strongly felt our hard work of fifty years of struggle and the loss of 2.5 million lives had been paid off. Nevertheless, the oppression didn’t end with the independence as we thought. A new institutionalization of tribalism immediately emerged under the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit. Therefore, we strongly reject the institutionalization of tribalism, dictatorship, political censorship, injustice, violation of National Transitional Constitution, Human rights abuses and the like. Thus, we are determined to fight to achieve true democracy to transform South Sudan into a Free State through the rule of law, accountability, and transparency in the governance system, and the establishment of federalism base on decentralization system.

“Federalism (Federal) System”

What is federalism, and why is it considered to be good for the Republic of South Sudan? We convince with one of Canada’s foremost constitutional experts, Honourable Eugene A. Forsey who explained in 1904-91 that, “A federal state is one that brings together a number of different political communities with a common government for common purposes, and separate state or provincial…..governments for the particular purpose of each community”. For instance, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, [and Ethiopia] are all federal states. Federalism combines unity with diversity, it provides, as Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, said, “A general government and legislature for general purposes with local governments and legislatures for local purposes”(1867). South Sudan will not be a viable state without legitimate system or party, SPLM used to b but declined.

Political parties:

South Sudanese wanted to realize that government system could not work without political parties whether two or more. Federal parties were not created by any law, though they are recognized by the law. We the people created them as we did to create the SPLM Party in 1983. All political parties are voluntary associations for the people who hold broadly similar opinions on public questions. SPLM Party cannot bring public trust from members and citizens under the current regime in Juba unless we, the members transform it by all means and for all options”. We call upon those who still serve under a dying regime to quit and recall their freedoms from a dictator.

We wish all our brothers and sisters from the SPLM under President Kiir’s leadership good luck, and we thanks and appreciate those whom we served and those who served us for all this time.

Thank you all!

The Under Signed Names are the leaders from various SPLM Chapters (Party) across Canada:

  1. Samuel Hoth Dak – Chairperson, Provincial Secretariat, Saskatchewan
  2. John Jok Dawech – Deputy chairperson, Provincial Secretariat, Alberta, Canada
  3. Ruth Thomas Maluit – Secretary for Finance, Ontario Provincial Secretariat
  4. Kang Kok Thach – General Secretary, Provincial Secretariat, Alberta Canada
  5. Tor Gach Malou – Secretary for Youth League, Provincial Secretariat, Alberta Canada
  6. Yohana Jock Duop Wur – Chairperson, Greater Toronto, Ontario Canada
  7. John Chuol Bol –Chairperson, SPLM Chapter Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  8. Gattuor Loch Pakam – Chapter Leader, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  9. William Deng Loach – Chapter Leader, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  10. David Kim Mark – Chapter Secretary for Finance, Greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  11. Jack Koang Hoth – Chapter Secretary for Finance, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  12. Thomas Tut Kun – Former Chapter Leader, Greater Toronto, Ontario Canada
  13. Riek Both – Former Chairperson, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
  14. Simon Taidor Mach – Volunteer member, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
  15. Mayang Gattuor Kun – Volunteer member, Greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Ayuel (@wadinka) June 1, 2014 at 4:26 pm

Damn are you guys fool or something, where around North America did found A SPLM is all one tribe, common guys do not you guys make sense at all, what an ignorant.
Feel sorry for you brothers, you need to wake up and stop lying to yourselves .


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