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Tribal Domination and Dinkanization In The Making in South Sudan

By Nhial RuachSouth-Sudan-Climate-Precip500plusLost_2Nov 21, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — While Salva Kiir and his Dinka Council of Evils are in the process of destroying South Sudan in order to establish their Dinkanization policy, other tribes are along with them helping Kiir and Jieng Council of Elders (Evils) to achieve this objective.

Thus, many questions come to mind that, Are the rest of the South Sudanese become so blinded by greed for personal gains or are they just too afraid to stand up against the ongoing implementation of the Dinka domination.

Where in the world that you are helping an individual or a tribe to establish a kingdom over you without resisting it?

These could only happen when one does not know what is happening or when one is being defeated and forced to surrender. South Sudanese must not allow Salva Kiir and his Dinka of Evils to employ strategies used by many colonial masters to dominate others in the country shared by all. If domination is acceptable and it is good, why nations all over the world fought against colonization to liberate themselves from their colonial masters?

Similarly, if the domination is good, why South Sudanese fought against Khartoum regime if the domination and marginalization are acceptable systems?
Are Dinka asking for South Sudan to disintegrate into small nations along tribal lines, or what is that they are trying to do?

Do Dinkas think that they will continue to rule this nation for life under such domination?

The system of domination has been practiced by many leaders and tribe all over Africa, and the in Middle East but they all failed.

It was employed in old Sudan by Mahadi but eventually collapsed, it was employed by Mohamed Gaddafi in Libya, yet it came to vanish and accompanied by terrible consequences,

It was employed in Iraq by the Saddam Hussein but failed terribly.

It was also employed in Ethiopia but failed. (Just to mention a few) So, what make our brothers and sisters from Dinka to think that they will rule the country with Iron Fist and their Kingdom in the making will last forever?

Many people may rush to conclusion that Salva Kiir created 28 states in South Sudan as to violate the newly signed peace agreement; however, Salva Kiir and his Dinka Council of Evils have been actively designing many ways to expand and to maintain Dinka domination in South Sudan by all means.

One of the mean is to create more state in favor of Dinka communities in order to maintain the Dinka domination that suppose to last forever.

As one can see from what they have done, among the 28 States they created, 13 out of the 28 States are allocated to Dinkas, and only others fifteen are distributed among other 63 tribes. In the 13 States they have allocated to Dinkas, they have annexed lands from every tribe in South Sudan. They have annexed land rich of oil from Eastern Nuer (Jikaany Nuer) and gave it to Dinka in Upper Nile. They also annexed land rich of oil from Western Nuer and gave it to Dinka in Bargazel, (Similar strategies that were employed by the Sudan government when it annexed oil rich areas to the North).

Also, they have annexed lands from Central Nuer and gave it to Dinkas. Again they have annexed land from Shilluk, and gave it to Dinkas.

They also annexed land from non-Dinka tribes in Bahargezal, Equatoria and gave it to Dinkas.

Is Dinka population larger compare to the rest of all tribes in South Sudan so that they deserve to be award 13 States out of 28 States?

Where are the rest of South Sudanese, are you going to let Salva and his Dinka Elder of Evils annexed your land in a broad day light like that while it is taking place right at your finger tips?

For your information, this primitive Salva Kiir with his outdated tribal Dinka of Evils want to continue dominating the South Sudan by employing different kind of strategy as they imposed 28 states in favor of Dinka communities, they want to continue to dominate the parliament so that when there is voting in the parliament, it will always goes in their favor since they become majority as they have done it when they voted for the implementation of the 28 states.

What is wrong with this man and his outdated Dinka Council of Evils? Why all government institutions are being headed by Dinkas other than other tribes?
Are the rest of the tribes not educated and well qualified to be a head of the institutions.

Were Dinkas only one fougt for the liberation of the South from the North? These are some other question individual must ask him/herself before supporting this tribal domination and to fight for Dinkas’tribal interest?

Hence, domination comes through many forms, and the current structure in the new country portends oppression and marginalization of other tribes which may result in more conflicts if those who devise these evils will not reverse the course. We must be wise enough to question this current system and call for reform before it is too late. If we claim that we can help bring change for the betterment of our society, then, let us dig deep and prevent our Dinkas brothers and sisters from these divisive activities. Otherwise, South Sudan’s problem is far from over.

Therefore, resistance moment should not bother going to Juba because we need to solve most of our country’s problems now rather than later. Hence, there will never be a real peace because community will fight against one another due to their lands being annexed to Dinka communities in every corner all over the country.

Thus, all South Sudan should stand together against these evils elders because they are primitively running the country while devising primitive ways and ideas to lead our country.


The writer of this article is a veteran of the United States Military, he holds a BS in Electronic Engineering and a MS in Social Justice, Peace, and Environmental Justice (Social Responsibility). He is author of a Book “The Traumatic Past and Uncertain Future of South Sudan”. He can be reached at thiwat38@hotmail.com

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Beek November 22, 2015 at 2:06 pm

Wow wow,what a moron! Hot Temper’s Tomfooleries are out in force. LOL.

Gatdar.wich November 22, 2015 at 2:22 pm

Good article fellow !

Dinka are not really the main problem in South Sudan simply because they are the minority if you compare them with 60 plus tribes in South Sudan. So, the 60 plus tribes in South Sudan unknowingly licensed and permitted Jenge-Dinka to have dominion over them.

Dinka’s marginalization, grabbing of others’ lands, mass killing of non-tribe tribes, and terrorization of others can be halted in a heartbeat, if the majority(60 something tribes) collectively and unreservedly decides to revoke the Dinka’s dominion license

Khot Malieth November 22, 2015 at 5:15 pm

I hope our country will have more people who will have positive thinking about our country like the writer of this article because this guy has sense of nationalism for our country . Most of the topics this guy touches always arise in my thinking about what really the Dinka council of elders want for South Sudan ? I think this old evil elders were the agents of North Sudan acting covertly to destroy South Sudan and I don’t think these people were there during the hardship we all endured in bush for twenty one . Kiir fired the real heroes of this nation and replaced them with people who were laughing at us and mocked us when we were in the bushes of Southern Sudan . I have said these few words and I will repeat them again because these people will not deploy the backward and primitive outdated policies of our forefathers who had never learnt any thing and went to schools.

Jaam Thierbet November 23, 2015 at 1:39 am

I wish our country will live in peace and prosper then this hatred articles had no place in South Sudan without Dinka will have not talk about rather then hide from the Arabic domination. You guys have a wistful thinking without nationalism and patriotism. You always stabbed your country men behind their back during the north and south sudan. Please always talk of peace and tearing us apart as a nation.You were the same people talk about more states and now it turn out to be Dinka domination you are crazy.I hope you guys have a pure heart and not an evils thinking capacity.


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