Cutting The Hands That Feed You (Kiir)



Pres Salva Kiir Mayardiit(photo: via Kayira Etienne)
Pres Salva Kiir Mayardiit(photo: via Kayira Etienne)

June 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I am here by presenting the case that make it ugly for you Salva Kiir and what I am seeing now since you made a coup attempt to yourself but dragging others that they did against you is not true and there is a consequence for that action you did, so there is a saying that “what goes around will come around” and you are not out of that mess and frankly speaking you are the center of it. first of all the struggle for South Sudanese since before independent of Sudan is not only for one tribe, everyone did their best to be free when Anyanya one had been formed that was/is the contribution of all Southerners for freedom.

  • All the South Sudanese did contribution in different movements such as Anyany one, Anyanya two, SPLA/M while we doing so, our dream was to have our own government free from being second citizen, share power, wealth, equality no nepotism, corruption ,majority, minority ,embezzlement ,dictatorial, decree, picking and the like.

Coming to what happening in Juba, South Sudan and is counted as a coup attempt against yourself by many people or assassination attempt to Dr. Machar since you already prepared to overthrown your own regime. Why? you just did this while in the process of demarcation, implementation, referendum and independent for South Sudan you and the like seem suspicious about certain ethnics group in your government that they are threat to you in the politicians ,military may be aware, and but not the civil Society of whom finally you had massacred and how evil you are, in a manner of killing only one ethnic community to wipe them out of the map of South Sudan with something you could have been done politically and meanwhile you failing to do so, you mess up with them in the politics and even you tried hard to terrify the terrible Nuer community and on this earth being feared near and far by you and others come across to that region.

By the way how can this be coup attempt when those it is started with dialogue beginning with constitutions, party activities, government strategic planning, and more

In your coup attempt speech you mean something and said really, and mentioned about 1991 and indicating that you are sure targeting Dr .Machar and the Nuer community as whole, so saying that and the “1991 was because of correction of ideas that just to have our self government as South Sudanese instead of changing the whole Sudan and meanwhile that happened Dr. Garang said it was a coup and he went and ordered William Nyuon Bany to target now the two counties Leer and Mayandit of Dok Nuer homestead of Dr.Machar for four days before SPLA had been driven back by freedom fighters commanded by R.I.P Paulino Matip Nhial in Western Nuerland. So then that is why 1991 happened and 1991 is not only killed Dinka but also many uncounted Nuer were killed and we the Nuer don’t need to cry out for help from outsiders,that was why starting 1984,85,86 there was too much mess to say few rape,killing,consfisication and even food the most of easter Nuer done by Dinka elements in the government toward Nuerland in the Eastern Nuer of Maiwut, Longechuk, Akobo,Uror,Nyirol, and Nasir, Ulang and nobody complained about what happened. You Kiir mentioned that your political party in which no other party evolved did a coup attempt for you for something that could be resolved politically and went to kill and arrested them and here what I could say about coup is someone or a group of people will prepared themselves wisely politically, militarily and diplomatically and if there was a coup you release those politicians and nobody died, so you Kiir and the like Dinka did a very great mess in the Nuerland with no happiness till now,while the whole Nuer community enduring the pain for the sack of self-determination as long as the freedom ring for all South Sudanese in which also most of us were longing for that so far. And in those three areas I mention from eastern Nuerland were the escorting, reception, save haven for all the South Sudanese who had come to join the movement, asylum,and feel home the movements functioning there and not them you all the remote areas of south Sudanese could had been lost in wild on the way to Ethipia and nobody appreciated that and I mean thank you for the job you done

And then till two Drs. Had been pressured by international community to be at peace and the Torit faction and Nasir faction emerged agreed on mostly what Dr.Machar had purposed for self Determination in which you are now a president of that country and but also agreed that Dr.Garang should take lead for the moment .Dr.Machar did not hesitate to lead but give it up for Dr.Garang.so far before the CAP of 2005 you Mr.Kiir got ugly with Dr.Garang complaining for the mess you want to do, such greater Barhl gazal position in the united two factions government and Dr.Garang don’t want you to come back when you did not listen to him and Dr.Machar went to persuade Dr.Garang to give you amnesty which is now you did not follow as Dr.Garang did to you and for that reason you were welcomed back to SPLA/M by the two Drs. and also your arrangement in Spla/m of chain in command Dr.Garang said that the second in will be Dr.Machar and you have another complain that you are from different state and Dr.Machar give up his position to you and took it no other said anything about that two Dinkas following each other in the government. Meanwhile Dr.Garang went to Abusha,Nigeria for peace talk the war erupted in Bentiu Unity State in the 2005 and you were supposed to ordered the command so that the military action should take place, but no word from you Kiir until Dr.Machar reach out to Dr.John Garang on what to do since there is advanced invasion from Sudanese Armies and to due chain in command could not order the armies to go for war and Dr.John Garang later told Dr.Machar to see what he can do since you Kiir not ready to ordered the army of south Sudan the spla, then

no question about that Dr.Machar was volunteer himself as third in command and defeated the enemies.

Another thing is when the peace of 2005 started you are given a chance to meet face to face Sudan government in peace talk while Dr.John Garang and Dr.Machar took the back seat and later others members followed to do their peace process till the comprehensive peace Agreement signed by Dr.John Garang which paved the way and road map peace in Sudan and other issues. By then Dr.Garang introduced most of the commanders in the fields to be states of South Sudan caretakers including Dr.Machar and also while you lead the South Sudan as a country you repeated the same thing, when bringing down the defense minister South Sudan Army John Kong Nyuon without a cause or wrong doing,to the level of governorship to be caretaker in state of Jonglei and promoted the Jonglei state governor the war monger killer Kuol Manyang Juuk to level of minister of defense while his state is at war with each other after the signing of CPA in 2005 no peace there, where was he? Afraid, excited, or not knowing what to do? Also you want it happened intentionally and if not why don’t you guys at the top of the government minimized it and before it exploded into chaos, I think killer Kiir is not caring for the nation your belly is important ,you don’t care if they perished if they are not Dinka community members.

You Mr. killer Kiir using decrees to select or remove anyone in the government of South Sudan state in which you a president elected democratically by almost all South Sudanese you acted in dictatorial way and you became dictator,you did the bad things to intimidated the other parties members, such as SPLM-DC leader Dr.Lam Akol Ajawin when was running for presidency and you did not win because of being democratic but people brought you democratically due to of being self-determined or rule.

Notice:to all of you SPLA/M is not needed to be South Sudanese Army or Party,why “S” stand for Sudan and “M” stand for movement andwe are not in the movement now and yes people, Army are good because the people are the ones got self-rule and the army are the one that defend the state and we are independent legitimate state inclusively like other states around the world, if you all embraced the bushes thing we still at war with either us or others states, Mr.Killer you means youwere democratically elected president think again due to mess you did to your own country members they elected you for all their hearts but you treat them all in hate way so then before they catch you alive or hang yourself like what Uganda president Museveni mentioned that if this South Sudan is his country and envolved in the chaotic way should hanged himself it is really truly speaking.

Amnesty is good when you treated the way it should be such as forgiveness and has to be absolutely direct not distorting like you Mr.Kiir did to most people specially the Nuer who were overjoyed to have state they dreamed but not knowing when it could happen and who should be the leader or what kind of the governing is going to be but you used amnesty like fishing hooks or nets and you Mr.Kiir killed some generals and imprisoned others and disarrays their troops to their limitations of getting their rights such as integrations and salaries and while you are not trustworthy on distributing their salaries on time even those of whom you think they are national army .you calling the people who came back from north Sudan to their land unconfirmed and denied them their share of wealth, you Mr.Kiir did all these before independent of South Sudan, and at the referendum period so many harassments, Intimidations. While we all enjoyed the interim period not because of what we gain but just having our own state and we were in comma why? This is why we were in comma, we all expected you as president to act or do something such as development and distributed what world donors gave you will be in the right direction and for not embezzlement for the elite, there should be a development from towns to villages, I think Dr.Garang was right and when he mentioned few thing such as agriculture, education, Health, and etc. it was right that there are so many ministerial posts in the govern to function in the right direction ,but unfortunately your government caught up in nepotism,corruption,unconstitutional,tribal,undemocratic,undecentralized and unfederalism, You Kiir started bribing, intimidation, unconcentrated ,decrees ,killing, imprisonment and the like. we all do know that there was someone who make this government shifted up to this level to be considered state as it is now so when state is given that means you are told to function well and operate by the world and that is Dr. Machar who worked day and night and receiving most diplomats from other countries for good relationship cemented due to fact that we will be viable like other survived as state into their peaks of developments around the world. And you Mr.Kiir just only receive corruption money, imposed decrees, nepotism, and so on. your government does not like the people in diasporas when they come to the motherland South Sudan weather from any tribe among Southerners and most of your agents talk to them in naïve way by saying to anyone who’s landed in Juba and say hey you why you come here, you run away from war” and when you see that there is peace you come back, so who do you know?”ngichnga”? Not what do you know to do some work. diasporas people some of them have much more knowledge in which they can applying to work in South Sudan and that is why they can be requested to provide the documents for qualification and We the whole community of South Sudanese in diasporas were also working day and night talking about our sufferings, and and other more to our friends abroad to help them out of suffering. And we were sharing the same thing even if we were away from the motherland

Your government is not for the Nuer who is not threat but you imagine as a threat and want to isolate this ethnic group

A coup attempt ,that you expressed in your press conference putting your military dress like you fight a nation but tribe and their politicians what ashamed on you Kiir?,I know this happens when your state is being invaded by another state such as Uganda, Sudan, Chad, DRC, Kenya, Ethiopia and more. and You Kiir went to Ethiopia, Kenya to get help to fight the Nuer and you were turned down, so finally you went to Uganda and Egypt and were given upper hands even though they contributed differently you got what you want that is someone who will fight the Nuer on your behalf, we thought that if that was a case between Dinka and Nuer should be handled face-to-face or either in our land since we all come from the same background and population wise we are equal, why looking for foreign forces to fight for you why not as president of Dinka or Dinka community facing the Nuer Community and Dr.Machar and other Nuer politicians where doing all thing politically but that pace is too high for you Mr.Kiir and again you created yourself a gangster of presidential guards you trained them in your state of Warrap mostly knowing Dinka language, is this a coup attempt by others or you are on your own? And this is what happened ,when trying to disarm Dr.Machar bodyguards you started it in your presidential guards to disarm the ransoms of the Nuer inside your presidential guards and the reaction was outrageous intensively the cowards of your community men ran for their lives and rest were dead bodies.

Sacking the whole government

This should be done by someone else wisely, but you happened to sacked the whole government ministers and cabinets in one day and you spent even three weeks to bring new face that was at the edge of collapse and you were lucky nobody want to go war again with one another and most of your ministers corrupted quickly to embezzlement including you, remember when you said somebody stole money in your presidential table drawer and who would be there if this is not you Kiir or nepotism is the way out and some guards near you should be searched for that scandal. Don’t you know everyone has a guardian angel? To this issue when this thing sacking all the government nobody did anything wrong yet some sensitive members of the land South Sudan knew you were hunting for one man that is Dr.Machar even though he did do anything wrong to you, you and your community members are agitated by his present simply due to his untireless work to build this nation and should it be a individual haters or community wise it is unquestionable to me both are working in your side toward Dr.Machar his community the Nuer.So Dr.Machar have no intention of going to war toward each other in the state of South Sudan he like the most like no other.Dr.Machar were more in good faith to you than you think, remember when you defected from Dr.John Garang and he doesn’t want you to come back but Dr,Macahr persuaded him to welcome you back so to have a peace as brothers again and that is the fruits of that peace you got privilege to run the country as president and at that time if you did not die or you could be still be in bushes fighting Dr.Garang weather you like it or not.

Assassination Attempt

Assassination Attempt: this could be called assassination attempt by you to Dr.Machar you engaged politically inside the ruling party SPLM,so when you Kiir fail to handled this politically you went and want to disarm and disarm and kill Dr.Machar and so he ran away for his life due to your being serious e to end the life of the man feed you Salva Kiir Mayardit and it is like someone whose hands had been cut and is hard for her/him to feed himself/herself. Dr.Machar sent by you to raise the South Sudan flag at the United Nations in New York city USA due to your white phobia, he also went to delegate many times to Sudan because different issues and did all those on your behave, you have done many messes such as nepotism, corruption ,centered constitution, parliamentary oriented which is not working by itself without your decrees, party is your seat that nobody take it is not democratic and so on.

Juba Massacre

The massacre of the Nuer is the most gigantic question you never answered and will never answered, so why unarms Nuer men, women and children were at risk in Juba, what is the connection with the assassination attempt to Dr. Machar? So I have 500 questions I don’t know if you may have answers for all them ,then you ordered presidential guards kill the Nuer they voted for you to be president such as butcher, mass graves, burn, gang raped, cutting their heads, and so on. the most vulnerable people the world society are children and women and why are they being targeted even if you know some elements in the Nuer don’t see you as president you should do it in governmental way, included in that massacre in Juba, gang raping woman and take out the child from their mother womb and kill that child also your presidential guards have been raped women and burn with their children and also who seem they don’t even know anything else, and even the language her mother speaks except feeding mother milk, you don’t their angels did report their incident from higher to highest body of this universe be watchful because the people you whom you massacred are now calling to join them and It may be too soon.

And I wonder what will be the consequence of your action first of all you cut the hands that feed you that were the people for mixed and misunderstand in formations in daily bases you send out to everyone in the media around you and around the world due to the fact you are no more legitimates president of South Sudan at the eyes of every South Sudanese of what you intended to do and mostly to the Nuer Community as whole. There was no coup attempted by anyone else in the government you’re your made yourself a coup attempt and something which could be solved by political means you happened to go and trained presidential guards your state mostly your kinds also looked further for foreign help militarily and then due to the fact that you arrested your party politicians and released all of them without death sentence that is good they are alive but what killed the unarmed Nuer people. Here is another one for unknown reason you started sacked the whole government ministers and cabinets alike at the same time, and that led the government shutdown because nobody works except you the few and it’s considered the collapse government and also you ran away from Juba the seat of the government, why? And I think that was because you knew you made a coup attempt to yourself and there was no government for three weeks. When the massacre occurred in Juba it is your fault you ordered the presidential guards to disarm those Nuer among them in your residential area and disarm Dr. Machar bodyguards to be kill so your men did not resist the Nuer and they were better run away, so then the haters to Nuer went on to their hunt house by house killing Nuer people and don’t you think you already done being president of South Sudan while leaving reality behind such as politicians, military who should be the target and even you said in your statement on hard talk interview that “those Nuer who are in UN Compounds in Juba are lucky “what? And are you a president at war with one tribe in the country? Ok you Mr.Kiir is the one who is lucky because South Sudanese are tired of wars now almost 60 to 70 years you should have been tackled out and hung when we were at interim, referendum and independent periods. Occasionally your actions made you guilty of anything that you trying that may be a curse, bad advised, don’t know, afraid for well done, confused and/or accidentally you reach the peak with no skills to get there, so why you were told to go and assassinated Dr.Machar who disagreed politically with you and the rest of politicians on how you run the government and for me this is called “assassination attempt” instead of “coup attempt” and/or you did yourself a coup attempt period. And whatever you doing and you did is ugly first at the eyes of the whole Nuer Community, other South Sudanese, East Africa, Africa continent and the rest of the world due to the fact that you already hugging bad boys behind you who are driving you to your last destination unknowns you and my advice is simple the South Sudanese alone and come to ICC in Hague and frankly speaking I have no doubt you were in the midst- of –mess you must and clear yourself and inspiration of South Sudanese will come back and so individual will be looking needs and wants peacefully and I am concerned South Sudanese.

Kuoth Deng Bayak, State of Tennessee USA, Can be reach bkuothdeng@yahoo.com

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