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Leave the Naath Community with those who have stood by them through and through

By Bumkuoth Jon,


Nuer Chiefs, Sudan. Postcard published by G N Morhig, Publisher, The English Pharmacy, Khartoum, Sudan. Number 408 Accession Number: KO1972/45
Nuer Chiefs, Sudan.
Postcard published by G N Morhig, Publisher, The English Pharmacy, Khartoum, Sudan. Number 408
Accession Number: KO1972/45

Aug 31st, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — As has been negatively portrayed by those who want the community to feel bad for trusting those who swiftly heeded to their screech, the Naath community is not anyone’s personal ‘goods and chattels’. The people just felt safe in the protection of their staunch sons and daughters. At their lowest point of dehumanisation by the regime, the event of the infamous ethnic based targeting, those who stood with them and remained by them to date deserve the honour of their company and leading. Only dictators or slave masters would demand the comfort and service of their oppressed or slaves.

The Naath have been the victims thus far. The survivors have been either contained in POCs for years, jailed with no trials, kidnapped to unknown sites, suffocating in containers or propelled to refugee camps more than any other tribe in the country.

As a case from our forefathers, our unity as Naath is built from bottom up, not the other way around. The innocent people pushed to the swamps and forced to live on wild fruits are the foundation of our unity. One cannot push them to that terrible condition and turns around to be speaking of their representative so to score political goals. We are bound by our values and norms.

If the ‘Judas Iscariots’ who refused to acknowledge the undisputed genocide, in exchange for titles and phoney, want to push the community into isolation by making them to not believe or have hope in any organization but stand as a reckless community that doesn’t care who dies when and by whose blade; the Naath community should really be very smart and stay vigilant against such tries. Because, the community was never affiliated to any political group when it was targeted among all the 64 tribes in 2013. Their hopelessness relied on the hope subsequently and persisted.

To be fair with the unfair; if anyone among those carnage politicians wants the unity of Naath to be in place, they should start with those in the POCs of Juba, Bentiu, Malakal, innocently imprisoned, and the hundreds of thousands in the refugee camps. In that way, the notion of “being at community service and wishing  for unity in the community” would find a better grounds of forgiveness. But opting for those who sought refuge in other countries and don’t need much help like the ones who get rapped, tortured or killed as they try to fend for survival in Juba and other states is a big-time-mockery. They should do themselves a favour by going direct to the helpless and support them, if they are not just being hypocrites.

To the ‘Judas Iscariots’ who have felt the shiver and emptiness of having money and titles minus your community, you should come to your community and comingle for warms and a sense of belonging while you keep your mouths shut. You should be grateful for having a community so loving and caring that it easily sympathises with how tiny your eyes have grown in search of a pity and not how big your insincere hearts have become in search of treachery.

For the incautious comrades who think politicians would not talk politics in community gatherings, “with a hope to unite your community and place it beyond the current war”; you are witching, deluding and displaying your community as a mocking and deadly hunting space. You should spend your precious time consolidating the victims.

You can’t expect a drunkard to not stagger in public roads. You can’t expect a dog to not wave a tail when it sees a bone, void of a threat, on the ground. Whoever you invite in a community gathering or celebration will always read you some chapters from the phoney book of ‘the dictators’. They will always sing to you the wicked hymns of ‘the sell outs’. They will always give you a pat in the back of the JCEs in the name and hypocrisy of “one people one nation” that only serves and  benefits few who consider themselves aristocrats as they plan to stab your kindness, forgiveness and quick forgetfulness.

Beside; why would you honour someone who couldn’t freely get the honour of visiting the village where his/her umbilical code was buried or where he/she grew up? Why would you honour someone who couldn’t visit or attend weddings and funerals of loved ones in his/her birth place? Remember:

A mind that forgets easily would never see it come again.

He/she who accepts a rooster as a room mate must not expect the best sleeping hours of early morning but a noisy-annoying crow.

Like the saying goes: “fool me ones, you are the fool, fool me twice I would be the fool.” You will eventually mourn alone and:

To mourn over your own negligent is a description of a fool.

To the ‘ubiquitous comrades of sham’; be reminded that thousands of skeletons of your sons and daughters are still lingering in the skirmish of Juba & the forest of South Sudan. People are still dying in the hands of those you invite, receive and embellish. Collaborate with the accomplices being aware of the haunting consequences.

An honest son or a daughter of Naath, who believe that this community has been hurt, humiliated and left to rot, should not have the sloppy guts to invite ‘Simonpeters’ even if their dimes are in the form of gold and diamonds.

Otherwise; googles are on, if you look like a sheep, but giggle & laugh like a hyena, walk like a hyena, behave and hunt like a hyena; you are a hyena.

When the rainy season comes (peace) and the last ‘year and this year’s water merge’ in the river and lakes, I would not mind how the water handle its coexistence. But until there is rain, mixing the water in the dry season is a ‘cock and bull story’.

Bumkuoth Jon is a concerned Naath’s Son. He can be reached bumkuothjon@yahoo.com

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