Response To An Article Written By US Peace Advocacies That Appeared On Imatong Mountain Post Communicator On 15. 01. 2016

By James Yiel Yoak Nhial,

Dove, a symbol of peace (Photo: extracted).

Jan 25, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- US Peace Advocacies urged Dr Riek Machar to return to Juba quickly, this unfortunate development on the side of the rebels is a setback to the peace agreement process.

The above statement by the so called US Peace Advocacies urging SPLM-IO leader Dr.Riek Machar to return to Juba is very unfortunate and should not pass without being challenged; we, as a people’s movement, are moved by the suffering of South Sudanese masses because of this imposed war which is why we are here despite all the odds meant to delay or derail the peace implementation process.

Such instigated statements by the regime’s friends are not new to us; they simply intend to blackmail and divert public opinion.

The formation of Transitional Government of National Unity as stipulated in the peace agreement was to take place after the amendment of the Transitional Interim Constitution where the compromise “Peace Agreement” is incorporated into law and it becomes a binding document to both parties. How do you form the government when this process is not completed?

The coming of Dr Riek Machar to Juba to consult with president Kiir on the formation of government of national unity should come as a result of security arrangement which includes demilitarization of Juba town and deployment of joint military and police personnel. How do you then expect Dr Riek Machar to come to Juba when people are still being killed in Juba town by unknown gunmen up to date?

Dr Riek Machar will not come to Juba unless and until security arrangement is put in place. Interim constitutional amendment is to be first completed so that it gives the way for “Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan” to be incorporated into law. Where do we go wrong now?

Salva Kiir’s Establishment Order 36/2015 that increased 10 states to 28 states was a tribal and cattle camp policy designed by Jieng Council of Elders to kill peace; Kiir now used 28 states as a machinery to win people’s votes for the coming elections. The creation of 28 states has already caused dear lives among communities and will continue to cause more lives than the previous Sudan civil war between Government of Sudan and the SPLM/A.

The redivision and redrawing of communities borders is purely tribal because it has annexed other tribal lands or territories to Dinka territories.

For instance, the Nuer Territory of Fangak County is annexed to Piji County and worse still, Piji County is taken across River Sobat to Malakal to form what has now become the Eastern Nile State (Apadang State}. The so called Apadang state has annexed Shilluk (Collo) and Nuer of Nasir territories. Also, part of Lou Nuer and Bul Nuer in Bentiu territories have been altogether annexed to Dinka territories.

The so-called US Peace Advocacies needs to acquaint itself with the simple facts from the ground, it shouldn’t be in rush to push Riek Machar to Juba for the sake of forming the TGoNU when the environment for peace is hostile. The masses of South Sudan will never allow the ongoing Dinka expansion orchestrated by Kiir and his JCE head chiefs because if not stopped, it would mean creation of communal wars in South Sudan for centuries to come and the statehood of South Sudan will be thrown into abyss. Therefore, it would be wise for US Peace Advocacies to clear out Kiir’s road blocks to peace specifically Kiir’s idea of tribal states so that a peaceful coexistence of our communities should return.

The only viable and plausible idea of creating more states would be the policy that is aligned with the old colonial districts, only to upgrade old sub districts to counties. The old colonial districts borders map, as used by the SPLM-IO’s 21 federal states, grabs nobody’s land because it has clear demarcation of boundaries, it worked for decades in Sudan and it can still be a peaceful method of creating more states in South Sudan. Although this policy is viable, it can only be discussed after the full implementation of peace process, not now.

In my own opinion, creation of more states needs presentation of scientific and administrative analysis, not just on the views of disgruntled head chiefs in President’s home states. The scientific and administrative analysis may lead us into consensus which will be more reasonable than drawing redlines.

The writing on the wall is very clear; South Sudanese people, as things stand, are given two choices, a choice between JCE 28 states (permanent conflicts and hostilities) or peaceful coexistence of communities (10 states).

I would like to conclude by telling US Peace Advocacies that SPLM-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon will not come to Juba before all arrangements are in place, for we have learned so many lessons on blackmailing, plots and conspiracies that have been the practice of the regime, or else the US Peace Advocacies call is the cog in the regime’s wheels. South Sudanese people are stronger together and we can effect positive changes in our societies by disregarding the creation of 28 states. Long live unity of South Sudan masses, Forward ever, Backward never

Hon. James Yiel Yoak Nhial is a concern South Sudanese, he can be reached through panjak2013@gmail.com or Tel: 0915302323/0954538203

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1 comment

alier-kon January 26, 2016 at 4:38 am

Dear James Yeil,
let me tell you these the creation of 28 state is not reconciled with formation of transitional Government so let us treated them case by case. the rebel created 21 states and Government added 7 states to be 28 so here who is wrong now? if you knew that creations of more states will affects the agreement why did you proposed it and yet you don’t have parliament to amend the constitutions?
if you rejected the 28 states in south Sudan then is up to you and we shall see who is going to win that war of state?


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