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Opinion: Who to blame for the deformed system in South Sudan and who to fix it

By Tito Anthony
South Sudan clerics praying at J1 one in presence of Kiir, Machar who are meeting to solve states issue (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
February 26th 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – Let my first give you my common sense understanding about the two term. To reform is to correct what has gone wrong and make it prefect, in short reform comes after when things are deformed.
As you read the R-ARCISS it all about reform, reform and reform. I asked myself a question, Who deformed what need to be reform now in our country?. This question takes me back years from now, to establishment of the first Government of South Sudan (GOSS), this is where the current deformed institution were created by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).
In this government (GoSS) we had SPLM as a rulling party in Southern Sudan region because it constitutes major in the said government. Get to the next question, Who are those holding constitutional post in this government? What have they done?. My answer is that current conflict parties or R-ARCISS partners who formed the R-TGONU with expectation of few who were with National Congress Party (NCP) and later joined SPLM after independent, by saying this I want to prove to you that all our leaders are part and partial of deformation of institution in our country.
Now we have R-ARCISS with it reforms agenda will be possible? And if yes who will carry it  out and if No what are we going to do? Waiting for election?. Waiting for election isn’t a solution but it’s faking reform that R-ARCISS talk about, should we wait for it than let be aware that there will be no reforms in our institutions. All this are not my worries, my worries is chapter five of R-ARCISS which give victims of tragic human rights violations thier rights and end up with prepatrators of war crime and human rights violations behind the bars or jial, as it’s written in chapter five (Transitional Justice), and here I mean hybrid Court of South Sudan.
Getting back to reform agenda of R-ARCISS, I at some point consider it possible or impossible at some point or let me say it 50/50 that is it’s possibility and impossibility. If this the situation our leaders put us in than there is a need for us to get our act together and confront, pressure, and ask them to produce to as a report on monthly basis on progress of R-ARCISS implementation and let not say that international community to intervene and pressure R-ARCISS parties.
What I wanted to tell you is that you have power, which is “Popular Uprising” to unseat them should they don’t implement the reform they signed in R-ARCIS, despite they fact that you are police, military, national security, wildlife and a civil servant we are all South Sudan see if we allow them to do what they want to do than the conflict will recycle itself.
I leave you with unanswered questions it upon you to anlysise and conculde, if reform is possible or not? Just reflect back to those days and see when they were together as SPLM.
Happy day!!!.
The author is a rights activist & formerly Executive Director of the Centre for Peace & Justice. He can be reached via: anthony.tito@tutanota.de

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