What is the difference between Gen. Paul Malong Awan and Lt. Gen. Buay Rolyang

By Adhar Ajak Chol


Maj. Gen. Buay Rolnyang (File photo)
Maj. Gen. Buay Rolnyang (File photo)

June 5th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – Any kins observer of South Sudan conflict and its tribal politics in the person of Salva and his self-claimed  of Jieng Council of Elders, would be contented for  both Gen. Malong and Lt.Gen. Buay Rolyang to be described as the only two Generals who had defended regime to the best of their abilities and perhaps they were so instrumental for regime to be what it is today. Bloody oath! However seeing Lt. Gen. Buay Rolyang alighting from a plane at Juba Airport chained tightly to no chance, only for him to resemble a slave of Atlantic Trade, shall not provide any chances to the same observers to dismiss any assertions of  indisputable  differences between the two Generals. These differences among others, constitute the tribal policies of Salva regime.

As an individual who is in complete rejection of Salva Kiir tribal regime, i have came to know both Malong and Buay were extremely supporters and defenders of Kiir Tribal regime to no slightest differences, accept Malong belong to Dinka, where as  Buay belong to Nuer and this tribal differences define their treatment when they faced treason accusations.

On May 29, Lt. Gen Buay Rolyang left Wau to Mayom accompanied by seven bodyguards  after he felt insecure to remain in the location of his military deployment. Hours after his arrival in Mayom, he received strong worded orders from Juba to “immediately report to Juba,” alarmed by the wording of orders, he has no choice but to reject reporting to Juba.

In no time to spare in a move to construct other possible alternatives, Juba was so quick to come to a conclusion of “Lt. Gen Buay Rolyang has rebelled to join Malong” hence ordering his long time rival  militia commander Puljang to capture him alive or dead and bring him to Juba. This move of ordering Nuer general to capture another Nuer general is seen by many observers as a success of Jieng Council of Elders bizarre  policy of “Nuer against Nuer”

Aware of this move, Lt. Gen Buay Rolyang decided to relocate from Mayom to anywhere his security could be assured only to be ambushed and outnumbered by Gen. Puljang militiamen, remained to him were no chances of resisting, therein he did what any military General could do when faced with limited choices, he call in for a peaceful resolution of any suspected problems.

Unlike government propaganda of a heavy fighting in Mayom between forces of Puljang and Lt. Gen Buay Rolyang; Mayom residents reported calmness atmospheres on the day of Lt. Gen Buay Rolyang was captured.

Less is known about the fate or whereabouts of his seven bodyguards, but unconfirmed reports had it that they were murdered in a cold blooded way.

Report inside Juba; confirmed that Lt. Gen Buay Rolyang is going through extreme torturing; his torturing has gone as far as electric shock. Pretty different to Malong Awan  event, is it? Simply; what constitute different treatment between two Generals is: one is Dinka and the other is a Nuer; the former qualified for public reception when he rebelled, while the later qualified for a torturing for unconfirmed rebellion. This is the true state of South Sudan under Salva Kiir, where citizens are defined by their tribal marks instead of their deeds and accomplishments.

The author is the SPLM-IO Lol State Governor 

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