Peace With Kiir in Power is Laughable

By Yien Lam,


President Salva Kiir and his former Deputy Dr Machar during Referendum 2011 (file photo)
President Salva Kiir and his former Deputy Dr Machar during Referendum 2011 (file photo)

Sept 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Kiir has to go in my view. Anyone who is talking peace while kiir still in power is laughable. It is so, because how would that be possible for the country to forgive and forget the past while the perpetrator still on? Would a sincere person rather than insane thinks as such? To me, I totally disagree with anyone who may be yearning for such a thing to happen out of blue without good reasoning.

In this regard, I could only appreciate people whose reasoning are being impaired in some sort because kiir had done enough for the last nine months to the nation we all love. Not only to the Nuer as his concerns initially were. This is the fact and only those who are goofy enough to follow him blindly may have uncertainty about this point. If you still out there brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers doubting kiir’s failure, Takes your mirror and watch yourself and your country’s feature. This country is belong to you and your family. It is not belong to kiir and his likes. For that reason, you have a right to say enough is enough and you can do everything to save this great nation of ours. Believing not in yourself is a big problem to the future of Country.

As the situation of our country still dragging on, how anyone among us believes in peace for certain while the very person who initiated the problem still as the head of the state and refuses anything concerning peace  that comes to his table?  Should that be possible for the peace to survive, while the elephant still running the shows? Many will doubt myself included if not most. The reason for this matter is simple. It should not be so because the killer still the boss of all. If that is so, as we all know, what do you think would happen to the people who took arm when their mothers, children, brothers and sisters were killed by regime? Do you think the regime who killed unarm civilians can forgive armed ones? Be the judge and calculate the intention of the regime when this conflict started.  In this regard believe it or  not, opposition will not be deceived by anyone to sign a document that does not bring lasting peace ever. This won’t happen. Anyone who thinks unwisely as such must withdraw his/her own thoughts about that for real.

In addition, IGAD of M7 and kiir does not act like the mediator rather than negotiator. I say this because kiir does not and will never listen to the voice of peace unless M7 and his money are out. He will constantly continues to refuse Uganda withdrawal from the country that was initially demanded by the opposition and still so. If he does not accept that, what peace are we talking about? Do we think withdrawal of Uganda troops cannot bring peace?

In my view it can, because that will give a room for dialogue between South Sudanese about their country’s feature that is being dictated by the outsider. I know some of you are pessimistic due to their inhuman behavior that may be manufactured for  unknown reason in South Sudan.

Not only that, Kiir  also refuses to step down and gives others a chance to be the leader of the Country as suggested by one sided Organization called IGAD. Would that not bring enduring peace in the country? In my view, it would because kiir failed miserably to be the leader of all South Sudan rather than his own village. If he does step down, Country will be in  peace to itself. This is a real option for our country to be in lasting peace again. If kiir still assisting to remain in power as he always does, my friend, forget it. Peace will never be in South Sudan, and he will soon run out of options. This is the only chance for him. In months if not days to come, his life and dream of being president will dash away. Take my words for certain. Some may see this as a joke. But will soon materialize. It is a matter of time. Kiir and his likes days are numbered.

Finally, in order for our country to be in lasting peace, kiir has to listen to someone other than IGAD and Uganda. Heeding to their advice and insisting to remain in power as he usually likes, will never yield fruits of peace.

The author can be reached at lam981@hotmail.com

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Nyaloah Son September 29, 2014 at 6:58 am

Kiir Understand the Language of Bullets. the blood of innocent Nuer whom he Killed willfully in Juba has created superiority mental complex to him. juba is the ideal place for us to keep him alive but the lesson will be completely better than what Islamists did to Ghadafi of Libya when he was captured alive


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