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Opinion: Akobo’s Inter clannish Conflict is a very simple cause but of a Noble Prize

By. Mak Banguot Gok (Makjohnson)
May 11, 2021 — No matter how small it has begun, any problem can easily burst into a flames with that very small origin when people don’t  strategically and efficiently responding to it. The case of rampant inner-clannish carnages in Akobo is  much disturbing. Generally, there is an existing fears among the Akobians which is coupling with the killing and others unlawful tricks by mostly the rural criminals’ gangsters.
Akobo town (File photo)

Revenge and counter-revenge assassination is alarmingly taking places in Akobo County. Such revenge killing usually happens in Akobo town that gave the entire nature of such practices an unusual format. The very reason behind the concentration of an organized crimes inside Akobo town is because of an unambiguous fact that, the long – established homesteads (villages settlement)  are deserted by almost 99% of the Akobo’s rural inhabitants. Most of the deserters are preferring to resettle in Akobo town with their families. Some who are not comfortable residing inside Akobo town  keeps wanderings without a genuine reasons between Western Ethiopia and Akobo.

Suchlike of an unplanned desertification of the traditional sources of livelihoods subsistence by the rural communities have caused a forceful bewilderment to both the rural communities and Akobo County’s local government.  An influxes of the new settlers in Akobo town make it very difficult for the county ‘local government to effectively and efficiently governing the County population. In controlling even a locally committed crimes in Akobo town, there is a  wide gaps between the local authority law enforcement apparatuses (police and organized forces), and the bulk of the rural gangsters ‘crimes rate.

Meanwhile, an infrequent urbanization opportunity for the former rural gangsters to Akobo town have gave odds to those uncontrollable delinquencies to continue with the settling of their scores in a new-fangled and widespread outward appearance. Due to the local government’s being not a proactive security enforcer, the criminals continued committing murders in Akobo town and runs to Western Ethiopia for sanctuary. To make everything of such lawlessness appalling, killing among the local civilians is not usually occurring far from the County ‘local government premises. The murderers always bump off and skirmishing inside the Akobo town where innocent civilians protection always remains in extreme jeopardy.  In a variety of occasions, Health Workers, Schools Teachers, Humanitarian Aid workers, Local Merchants, Local Government Officials, Casual Visitors and the likes softer targets are their primary victims.

Generally, this is how it is and, when Mr commissioner is eager and determine to stop such a criminal’s engagement from reoccurring in an urban centre like the Akobo town, there is urgently an imperative need for the County commissioner (Hon. Gatwech) to intervene in sequences. Mr. Commissioner is much expected  to first look into the general situation of an armed rural escapees who are resettling in Akobo town. Those of Chiengus who deserted their original villages, came to the town, and therefore causing havoc to the local citizens associated with Urban lives.

The commissioner first should asks similar simple questions such as,  ‘Is that type of an unplanned urbanization of rural communities to the town serves for a  peaceful coexistence or else, help breeding the crimes?” What are involving as possible outcomes if the Akobo County government use forceful expulsion of the local IDPs back to their villages, and the collaborative works between the local government and NGOs  only to extends services provisions to the rural communities whilst on their homestead?

Moreover, the true picture of the main concern is not as usually a normal routings of periodic skirmishes among the conflicting subclans. It is already changed and became somewhat exuberated by the deadliest feud recurring between Chien-bol and Chien-mankaot. This particular event is so critical and a sensitive security dilemma that may turn Akobo into the likes of Rumbek and Warap ‘styles if a proper remedies not uses.

The  most awful part of its particularity is that, these existing bloody feuds between Chienbol v Chienmankoat and vice versa, is  giving the whole scenario a brand new shape. This is because, whenever it happened to be of the two clans (Chienbol v Chienmankaot), it is easily riveting others sects to take side. Inter communal fightings that likely may involves others communities.

Supporters of the all sides differ on explanation.  Some in favour of one side are urging that, Chienbol and Chienmankoat as a two analogous community ‘sub-sections, are not that realistically fair to carrying on their own cross whilst others absconded. And, from the point of views in favour of the other side, Chienbol are unfair and can’t afford to faces Chien-biliew combined. Others are mobilizing that, at least it can makes senses for that conflict to takes the form Bol versus Biliw if it is necessary to go on with it.

Therefore,  in the most of its incidents, there are possibilities of dragging into the fighting a supporters from Chiennyak on one side and Chienyol on the other. So, it is a very sensitive in a sense that, if inappropriately manages, it may explode to an extend that we all don’t wants.Therefore, Mr. Commissioner is expected to takes immediate stroke by firstly identifying what has never been done in regard to the solving of such a bizarre situation. E.g.

Who is fighting who over any issue related to the identity and/or the shares  resources?

Who are the keys actors from both sides to the conflicts (personalities and detailed particularities) forming that group of gangsters?

Why those conflicts make different shapes to the others similar inter-clannish bloody feuds that have been there among the Akobians for years?

 How did the conflicts started between community (the two clans) including the steps that it has been through till today?

Who are at the bottom of the rivals clans from others communities, and for what reasons (who is supporting who from others communities?)

Where is it very common (locations) that, the revenge murdering and therefore mass retaliation occurs?

These and others brief entries questions are to easily provide the commissioner with comprehensive clues about the actual situation before embarking on confronting the actuality of such a sticky situation. If Mr Commissioner succeeded in   knowing the rights perpetrators and what motivates them to keep exercising violence, it is viable step toward the solution finding.

To mention only very few, the last few recorded inter-clannish fighting among the Akobo community has been somewhat bare minimum for many years. It was only when everything changed with the demographic alteration that, the magnitude of organized communal fightings deplorably increased inside Akobo town. This  is precisely because, the rural communities which have deserted their traditional homesteads and gathers in Akobo town are threatening people’s prosperity.

The nature of leaving empties the rural Settlement for Akobo town is changing from being literally a coincidences with hunt for humanitarians’ aid to the searches for safe heaven to executes crimes with chances to avert accountability. Whilst abandoned their pastoral lives and subsistent agricultural farming on their communal homesteads, those recently resettled rural community in the Akobo town became a constant cause of nightmare.

In the town, the armed criminals in pretext of no villages to go back to because of the insecurity caused by Murle refusing to go back. They are carrying their illegal weapons without being scrutinized. They are bringing their traditional crimes that used to be managed in their villages to Akobo town. With their large numbers, they commit hideous crimes. And when striving to  contain any of the insecurity incident which involving the gangsters and County government, the criminals outnumbered the ragtag security apparatus at the local government level.

Meanwhile, inside Akobo town, unless the commissioner administratively embarks on coercive relocation campaign of the rural communities back to their Payams, Bumas, and villages, otherwise, the internally displaced rural communities will continuous preferring to remains immovable because: Their children are benefiting from the urban facilities and services such as (education, healthcare, and sanitation) in the town

Their families are safely accessing ration provides by the humanitarian  NGOs in Akobo town,

They setup their traditional grouping inside the town (Chiengu Youth, Women and Community Associations) and, continuous executing their communal solidarities without interruption although much of their clannish alliances are against the local government ‘law enforcement policy.

Without intervention of the County government, the IDPs have established their own local courts with their Traditional Local Chiefs, Sub-Chiefs, Head-Chiefs and the Paramount Chiefs are granted an absolute freedom in Akobo town  to determine and extracting resources from their local dependents (accused). Their traditional authorities illegally accumulating wealth without reports reaching the local government authority.

Payams Administrations and the administrators have also deserted their original Payam headquarters and setup bases in Akobo town to illicit government businesses.

With all these significant opportunities in the town, yet their criminals activities are inconsistence with an orderly urban settlement even when the County ‘local authority eased pressures on the IDPs to relocates to their villages.

Now that, the above mentioned lives opportunities in the town have made it very difficult for the rural community to voluntarily relocates and resettles on their villages in Payams and Bumas. Therefore, the actions are needed and, the commissioner is immediately expected:

To immediately plans for a forcefully relocation of all the Payams administrations of the Akobo-east back to their original headquarters. A coercively enforced relocation campaign of the Payam Administrators, Chiefs and the traditional youth commands categories from dowelling and operating inside the town back to their original sites in Nyandit Payam, Dengjock payam, Geni and, the chiefs of various categories back to their bumas and villages.

Merging up all the existing parochial grouping (clans association) and forming only one inclusive youth, women and/or a Students Associations for all Akobians.

Just s beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The author is a concerned citizen who can be reached through email at  johnsonmak61@gmail.com

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