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The Jagey Community Association Diaspora’s Position on displacement of civilians in Koch County, Unity State.


His Excellency President Salva Kiir;

His Excellency Vice President Dr. Riek Machar;

Your Excellency, President Salva

Members of Jagei Community in Cairo, Egypt, opening a fundraising event by singing the national anthem(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
Members of Jagei Community in Cairo, Egypt, opening a fundraising event by singing the national anthem(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

May 11, 2021 — The Jagey Community in Diaspora takes this opportunity to commend and congratulate you and Dr. Riek Machar for the effort shown to form a coalition government. The Jagey Community in Diaspora would like to acknowledge your commitment to the people of South Sudan.

As South Sudanese in the diaspora, we deeply appreciate your efforts to bring lasting peace to our country. On behalf of the Jagey Community in Diaspora, we would like to thank you for your decision to revert to the ten states. We acknowledge that the decision to revert to ten states is an act of courage and desire to promote peace and security. The time has come to help unify people and give loyalty to the country rather than to a tribe.

 Your Excellency, President Salva, it is common knowledge that tens of thousands of innocent South Sudanese have been killed and over seven million are displaced, with more than 100,000 IDPs living in dire conditions in UNMISS camps in Juba and around the country due to tribal and tribalism strife. So, it is time to free the people of South Sudan. But we cannot do that if the security needed is not implemented.  

Koch county civilians, with no exception among them, are affected the most by the criminal activities taking place around the country. Civilian attacks have increased tremendously from neighboring counties, and no one in local governments is taking appropriate action to protect the civilians the way they should, as it’s the civil duty of the government.  

In May 2020, the youth group of Mayom County attacked Boam Payam killing 5 civilians and also raided a large number of cattle. A month later, in June 2020, there were attacks on Lablabni and Tongadol villages by a youth militia from Rubona killing many civilians as well. A similar attack was reported in the village of Dajul ChieBol where civilians were killed, their belongings looted, including cattle, and their local residences burned (Huts). In December 2020, there were several more attacks around Boaw Town and its surrounding villages of Mar and Jaja where many innocent civilians were indiscriminately murdered by a youth group from Rubkona county. 

Such attacks, killing of civilians, and looting of their properties without government intervention is outrageous. And, in fact, the last attack was executed by local government forces (SSAF) under a new appointed commissioner. Local resident eye witnesses attest to the incident. They believe those who burn their village further the displacement of civilians, leaving children and elders at risk of starvation, thirst, wild animals and more dangerous things that happen to them as a result of displacement. It is the government’s  job to serve and protect them instead of terrorizing them. 

The Jagey community in diaspora condemns these attacks in strongest terms, and believe government intervention is the best solution to stop all of the criminal activities among civilians between the counties. Not taking sides  and making swift actions is necessary in order to stop cattle raiding to save civilian lives and to bring lasting peace for our beloved nation. 

We have seen that there is no ultimate end to civilians losing lives on a daily basis. Therefore, we call upon all the international community to stand up for the people of South Sudan. In general and Koch County civilian in particular, we call upon all international signatories: Troika countries (i.e. United Kingdom and Norway), and the African Union with support from the IGAD countries and the United Nations to pressure the government of South Sudan to ensure the formation of the transitional national unity government on time. We call on the United States to take a decisive leadership role in ensuring an end to the civil war in South Sudan.



Jagey Community in Diaspora-USA and Australia,

Contact: tgatyiel@gmail.com


  • United States President, Joseph Biden Jr. 
  • U.S. Congress
  • U.N. Secretary General, António Guterres
  • U.N. Security Council

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