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Opinion: R-TNLA should make differences in history

By John Sunday Martin,
Maj. Gen. John Sunday Martin of SPLA-IO attending peacebuilding training in Kigali, Rwanda(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
Maj. Gen. John Sunday Martin of SPLA-IO attending peacebuilding training in Kigali, Rwanda(Photo credit: courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
May 12, 2021 — In a situation where our nation is infiltrated with spirits of evilness that is causing bad things like corruptions, systematic abuses of powers, and the pathetic state of human rights; the R-TNLA should strive to protect and defends the wills and interests of their respective constituencies as well South Sudan at large, but not to turn the People’s House (Parliament) as a club for promoting, supporting and protecting their individual political parties as well party leaderships.I hope the new members of the R-TNLA will not forget to present problems facing their respective constituency, and south Sudanese at large, as well understand that, when people talk of Government, then they are referring to:-

(1)-  Good Governance and Rule of Law which is referred to:- first as a systematic process of decision making and process by which decision are implemented (or not implemented) and this is characterized in eight amalgamations such as (a) Participatory, (b) Consensus orientated, (c) Accountability, (d) Transparency, (e) Responsive, (f) Effective and efficient,  (g) Equitable and inclusive and, (h) That which follow / respects the law.

The second as the systematic principal of the administration in which all person, institution and entities, public and private including the State itself are accountable to the Law. This means that, good governance and rule of law is the science of the politics pertaining to the government of the human society; – which is expectable and is adhering to the principal of the supremacy of the law.

(2) –  the political representation – which is the deliberate representation of the society by individual in the governance system through legislative assemble (Parliament) where power to pass, amend and repeal the law for the interests, and will of the people are uphold.

Therefore, good governance and rule of law plus the parliament are deliberate acts of the government which is the science of politics of governing the human society, and the inspirations for the creation of the legislative wing of the Government which must be formulated by the political representatives (Members of Parliament) – to represent the people from different localities nationwide, are with aims and functions of: (a) Checking and monitoring the work of the executive and balance their power, (b) Formulating policies and legislation so as to safeguard the popular will and interests of the people in different corner of the Nation; (c) Representing the popular will, choice and interests of the people in decision making process in the Legislative House; (d) Ensuring that, the Government of the people is run free and fair for the benefits of the entire citizen; (e) Preventing the individual people in power positions (especial the executive) from imposing their individual political and economic interests on the Nation; and to refrain them (Executive) from abusing the State and Office.

The aims and functions of the Parliament made the Parliament to be the power house of Government, hence (a) there is no subject in the sphere of the internal Government on which the Parliament cannot legislate; (b) there is no existing law and policies that it cannot repeal; (c) there is no unwritten undertaking of the executives (Presidency and ministers) that it is compelled to honor; (d) and there is no court of law that can declare its’ decisions illegal. This is because parliament is the representative house that represents the popular wills, and interests of the citizens, and this gives powers to the Parliament to question and hold any person in power positions, including the President of the republic accountable; of course, not only that, but also with power to impeach the President and declare any decision of the President illegal.

In realization of the powers of the parliament, in comparison of the state of governance and rule law in south Sudan, as well as high level of corruptions and abuses of powers by the executives. I hope this R-TNLA will make a difference from the former by not only impeaching the moral corrupted leaders, but also hold the political leadership accountable, and strive for protections and the defend of the South Sudanese integrity by legislating laws that will protect the south Sudanese, special the local Business and Labour forces from foreigners.

I final would end by arguing the members of R-TNLA to put on patriotism, and strive to bring good governance and rule of law to enhance socio justices and social services deliverance, as well as eradication of mass poverty in our society.

The author, Maj. Gen. John Sunday Martin, is a senior member of SPLA-IO. He can be reached through email at john.sunday99@gmail.com

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