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Statement by SPLM/A-IO Youth League in Canada on the 2nd Anniversary of the Juba Nuer Genocide and the continued suffering of the South Sudanese

Gatluak Kayier Bichoik.

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Dec 16, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — There is a saying that “generations come and go but the land remains the same”. Nuer have the same saying, mun ce naath thuuk, mun la doothe ba dap gaat“. Therefore, as a concern citizen of South Sudan, also as an individual who represents the SPLM-IO/Youth wing in Canada, I have come to realize that the elites in Juba have no sense of nationalism, integrity and patriotism as they claimed.

President Kiir, during his parliamentary address stated that “the years he spent in the bushes were better than his current expired tenure as the ROSS’s President”. President Kiir, and his brethren in Juba need to familiarize themselves with ongoing trends of advocacy in the social media by the current South Sudanese generation. It is time for President Salva Kiir to acknowledge the fact that the new generation embraces diversity regardless of ethnicity of their tribes. This new generation is aiming for a prosper & sustainable South Sudan as Dr. Machar envisioned.

As we are marking the 2nd Anniversary of The Nuer Massacre, we, the South Sudanese SPLM/A Youth League in Canada under the leadership of the Vice President designate, Chairman of SPLM/A Dr. Machar will continue our campaign to bring about lasting peace for the suffering of South Sudanese women, children and elderly people restrained in the UN Camps, dying day and night of various diseases; ongoing starvation and millions hiding in swamps inside the country fearing of their lives, let alone the millions who fled to the neighboring countries for safety.

We, the SPLMYL chapter in Canada are calling upon the IGAD countries, the TROIKA, USA and China to put pressure on the Juba regime to stop focusing on continuing the war and start working on the peace implementation process. The South Sudanese are eager for a lasting peace. Dr. Riek Machar, as a victim and a survivor of the genocide Salva Kiir committed has been and still continues working tirelessly for the implementation of the IGAD-Plus mediated talks. In contrary President Salva Kiir, still continuing his arm campaigns against his own countrymen and women. It is known world-wide, even the deaf that there was no coup in Juba; thus it is time for President Kiir to face the reality and stops preaching the language of coup de’ tat as a pretext to the crime he has committed against the Nuer Ethnic Group, and Equotarians. The truth has been exposed as per the recent Report by the African Union Commission of Inquiry in South Sudan. The IGAD Plus ( CPA2) President Kiir is refusing to implement is only ticket that would eventually assist him in being granted a bit of revitalization considering the pain, sorrow and agony he has inflicted. To President Salva Kiir, your advisory board, the Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), is not working for the benefits of the nation, their aim is to deliberately drag you and the country into abyss and possibly disarray in which they successfully succeeded in doing. The country is in disarray, and now driven & falls under ethnically semblance.

Mr. Kiir, as per your parliamentary address, you admitted that you are incapable and fail to run South Sudan, so why is it difficult for you to step aside and let other(s) who are capable in running the country take over and move the country in a better direction? Dr. Machar has brought the Self – Determination to the people of South Sudan, he was the one who raised South Sudanese flag at the United Nation, he reached to the places that you will never set foot in, inside South Sudan simply because he wanted South Sudanese to embrace diversity and coexistence in a more peaceful way. Comrade President, Dr. Machar has shown and demonstrated his vision, his capacity and skill set to the world-body, the African Leaders, and most importantly to us, the current South Sudanese generation. He, Dr. Machar, is simply a statesman, a man of our Nation with in the nation. He fully understands the full of the “land and its people being and will remain the same”. Mr. President, eventually one day your time to join your ancestors will come and you will recall this saying. Do not be deceived by the bank accounts as they are temporary materials; hence think about the nation and the crying of the millions of

South Sudanese yearning for peace. It has been 2 years already since the massacre happened under your supervision but yet you keep ignoring the cry of the innocence civilians being affected by this senseless war you brought upon them.

Mr. President, it is time to open your eyes, your heart and your mind and start thinking about the end-road. It is time to put the land and its people first. It is time to start working on the decimation of this peace agreement. It is time to let go of your ego and realize that the future is now not tomorrow.

Gatluak Kayier Bichoik is Chairman of SPLM/A-IO Youth League in Canada: He can be reached at gatluak16@gmail.com

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