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Australia: SPLM/SPLA-Melbourne Chapter Gains Momentum As More Youth Defect to Opposition!

SPLM-SPLA Australia

Sept 26, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — According to SPLM Chapter of Australia, Aguer Rual, the representative to Australia has welcomed three members to the SPLM.

Among the youth, who declared their loyalty to SPLM-IO, in the last one week are Adhar Ajak, the Secretary General of SPLM in the old system, Deng Mading Deng, and Alier Ateny.

“We, the three members of the new nations from Australia have today declared our loyalty to South Sudan’s Opposition under the leadership of the former Vice  president , Dr. RiekMacharTeny.” Reads the report.

Alier Ateny, like many South Sudanese intellectuals has followed the politics back home and wrote many articles in the last few years with many recommendations on how this conflict, corruption and poor governance would have been averted.

In their declaration, the intellectuals have cited mismanagement; corruption of the governance, tribal incitement, among others, as the major factors in the current conflict.

“Mismanagement; corruption of the governance, tribal incitement, disruption of and public disturbance and lack of accountability has helps to fuelled the current political crisis in the new nation. It also create mores death, orphans and disables” read the summary of the declaration.

According to an assertion done by the SPLM-Melbourne chapter, the SPLM representative, Aguer Rual, confirms that the three members are well educated with qualifications ranging from bachelors’ degrees to masters.

“The declaring three members have achieved high level of education from different Australian universities, ranging from bachelors degree to masters level.” Aguer Rual confirms

Aguer reiterates that their joining is important to serve the people of South Sudan and also to pave ways for others to follow suit.

“They are happy to serve anywhere within the ranks and also in mobilizing people to join the Opposition. “ Aguer said.

“The SPLM representative to Australia has welcomed the three members, to the SPLM. Their joining the SPLM will make a different and they will contribute positively to peace and security in the country” Aguer stated.

Some of the three members confirmed that they served in the revolutionary Red Army with a rank of major, according to Mr. Aguer Rual.

The three members have assured that they will be working very hard to bring the peace in the new nation. They said they are standings with the rights of the marginalized people of South Sudan.

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