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By Nicholas Osobi,

Army chief, Paul Malong, who dropped out of grade 3 more than 50 years ago receives a fake PhD awards in Crown Hotel(Photo: trending)
Army chief, Paul Malong, who dropped out of grade 3 more than 50 years ago receives a fake PhD awards in Crown Hotel(Photo: trending)

Jan 10, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— The Uganda National Council of Higher Education (NCHE), has taken swift measure and revoked license of Busoga University over academic misconducts involving awarding of fake degrees to over 1000 South Sudanese students from president Salva Kiir’s dinka tribe, in a period of just 60 days. Most of the graduands are government officials and generals in Salva Kiir’s tribal army, who are in need of emergency academic papers to fill-in the gaps created by genuine intellectuals who joined the opposition forces; and/or fled the country after president’s incompetence in running state’s affairs plunged the country into an all-out war,

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At the heart of the deal is monetary return to the university while for the students, the prospect of academic papers that would keep them in those accidental positions in Salva Kiir’s outlaw government, thus making it a symbiotic venture for both parties.

In the unprecedented deal, the university officials would supposedly remove from the graduation booklets, names of some students who were genuinely slated to graduate and then replaced them with Salva Kiir’s crews, yet most of them have been on the program for just less than two months.

Per report, from this lucrative deal, Busoga University has already pocketed over $1 million within 60 days in tuitions as each south Sudanese student paid over $ 1000 in tuitions fees, way far, far higher than the average of $300 per semester for most programs in Ugandan Universities.

The said students were transferred from Star University College in Juba in July, 2016; but by the end of September, the same year, they had allegedly completed their 3 years and 4 years’ programs and were on the list of graduands to be awarded their respective academic qualifications. It is believed that students of Star university, which obtained its temporary approval for operation in July, 21st 2016 couldn’t have completed even one semester prior to their transfer to Busoga University. And even if its students were the brightest on the planet earth, history hasn’t recorded any student who has ever completed a degree course in just 60 days. So the basis on which those students were awarded their degrees remains unjustifiable by all known standards.

Perhaps, in the history of South Sudan, it is only the bearded alcoholic (Salva Kiir) who has been awarded bachelor degree by a Kenyan university without attending any tutorial or lectures at the university as a result he is still taking an additional English lessons from his private Ugandan tutor/concubine called Nancy. Information Minister Makuei also faked his law degree without attending any law units/subjects in his life but he is a bit smart. He reads dictionary every day to perfect his command of Queen’s language. And as long as South Sudan’s politics remains under the rulership of the faceless kraal” intellectuals” aka Jiengs Council of Elders (JCE), Michael Makuei will continue to be a minister regardless of his obvious flaws.

The issue of fake degrees has been almost 1.5 decades long practice in making, but hasn’t been brought to attention. After the signing of the peace agreement, both high schools and tertiary school drop-outs from both Ugandan and South Sudanese nationals resorted to fake academic papers to secure some jobs in the brand new country. Wandedeya, a small town in Kampala, located next to Makerere University is where the fake academic papers are being sold. Between 2005 to 2007, a fake university transcript would cost as low as 450 $.

Previously, the “most forged” academic papers were for Makerere University and Kampala International University but as of now the dealers can fake academic papers of any university of individuals’ preference. This explains why nowadays it is common to find custom officials in Nimule border town, who cannot spell their very own names.

There was a fake doctor who dropped out of school at senior four (year 10) from Bombo Secondary School in Uganda, but he practised his fake career (as doctor) for over six years in South Sudan. Thankfully his luck ran out one day when an emergency situation required him to offer service in the theatre, he had no option but to abandoned his career forever.

Another second year nursing student from president salva kirr’s family circle came from Melbourne- Australia, for a holiday and she secured a job in Juba hospital as a surgeon. This is not different from a bus driver trying to fly an aeroplane but in South Sudan it is not a strange thing.

South Africa, which has zero tolerance for Dinka system refused to train flight students from president’s tribes, who never met the minimum requirement for admission into the program. It is alleged that most of those students were picked freshly from the kraal and they don’t know what alphabets are. For south Africa to train them as pilots they have to first enrol in primary schools for start but this wasn’t on the plan.

Much as every sort of reforms are needed to resuscitate the country, with Salva Kiir’s crew now obtaining university degrees just in 60 days, the chances of right persons taking the right job will continue to elude the troubled country till doomsday.

The author is a Revolutionary Columnist, he can be reached at nicholas.osobi@columnist.com

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Mac Gar January 14, 2017 at 11:20 am

Your article makes sense on the ground of acquiring fake degrees from the Ugandan universities for he purpose of sheeting the public. But what doesn’t make sense is the misuse of Jieng;s Council of Elders in condemning President Kiir;s regime. Likewise, Michael Makuei Lueth is a well known graduate of law school in Sudan. Pease, condemn individuals for their wrongful acts but not tribes, and communities on their ethnic and racial lines. We know who did good or bad in the history of the nation.



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