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The Dinka Council of Elders Is Ludicrous to Advocates for Continuing War in South Sudan.

By Mak Banguot Gok
Nuer Leadership Council
Nuer Chief, Isaac Magok, of Leer and Dinka Chief, Madut Aguer, of Tonj in Leer town before the conflict(Photo: via Tripod)
Nuer Chief, Isaac Magok, of Leer and Dinka Chief, Madut Aguer, of Tonj in Leer town before the conflict(Photo: via Tripod)

Nov 15, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In response to what had been strewn on media as a Dinka Council of Elders’ position on the ongoing peace talks in Addis Ababa Ethiopia; we the Nuer community Leadership Council in Juba would like to say at smallest amount on the top of the constituent part which is cited in the Dinka Council of Elders press release. Meanwhile, the so-called Dinka Council of Elders in their public statement published on Juba Monitor Newspapers on Monday the 10th of Nov, 2014, they stated much contravention to what people of South Sudan opting for today. In their paper, it indicated that, Dinka elites in Juba have yet to learn from their slip-up and all the clutter they fetched to this nation. All people of South Sudan and others are talking of peace to return to South Sudan after nearly one year bloodiest conflict. The voices are accordant with collective calls for the dictator who brought the nation to its knee to quite the power and gives chance for restructuring of the country. No hope in South Sudan with Salva Kiir still ruling the nation which he miserably failed to deliver.

Giving all these concerns to redeems South Sudan from collapses, they are (Dinka) still thoughtful to be conserving Salva Kiir in power by force. Which mean, UPDF and others mercenaries are still giving hope to them so that, they maintains faltered regime in Juba which is unfortunate for government to rely on foreign power to keep it on seat in expense to its citizens demands. They (Dinka Council of Elders)in their statement to IGAD has in lengthen equated the Nuer-lead revolution against the Dinka-led genocidal government in Juba as ‘’ Terrorists movement’’ and the whole Nuer community as terrorists. That was an abusive language generally stint which including the very few Nuer who blindly stagnant with Dinka and being pays of their own kins bloods by the Dinka government in Juba.

According to that statement, they asserted that, Dinka will never give up to the Nuer lead movement’ demand for the removal of their (Dinka) incompetence son, Salva Kiir Mayardit from the leadership of the nation which he (Salva) despondently miscarried. Coming up to this stage, South Sudanese have read the press release in one way or another and, panicky of how individuals within the Dinka community still on tenterhooks for Salva Kiir to lead this country after all the fiasco. Nuer community is not to listens to the Dinka claims of possession Salva Kiir on clout after killing Nuer in an accomplice of foreign allies.

The so-called Dinka Council of Elders has two agendas to implement when it is established during the CPA. One, it was a business organization proven under the National Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning to catering for Dinka’ systematized crimes of looting the nation’ resources on by awarding amongst themselves the indecent government projects. Meanwhile, the Dinka Council of Looters was the corporate that won the scandalous Dura project from ministry of Finance. The project awarded to that groups and, donated amongst them and divided about $4billions of Dura money amongst the 700 briefcase company owned by individual purported Dinka business personalities. It is the council which promoted corruption and nepotism in the country.  Second objective of the Dinka Council of Elders is, to work in upholding the very Dinka kingdom which they (Dinka) always thoughtful of its encroachment in to the history of South Sudan. There is no doubt that, the groups which said to be representing Dinka community views are including the very politicians heading the tribal government of Juba. Nuer community in this matter disregard the calls and, still contemplate their assertion as that has no different to the crimes which Dinka have committed against the Nuer in the name of the so-called elected government for so many years. Nuer Leadership Council has received that collective voice of the Dinka community and has to response it this way.

Nevertheless, we the Nuer Community Leadership Council would like to reassure the fellows’ citizens and, the Dinka brothers and sisters that, all an attempts to maintain the leadership of this nation in the hands of the Dinka have come to an end on the day they accomplished the carnage of acquitted Nuer civilians at the start of the conflict. You wouldn’t think of what you decreeing to be leadership cuddled into your hand and, you better seeks for reasonable and safe exit. Salva Kiir will go and the Dinka Kingdom will end whereby, people of South Sudan adopt federalism as mean of future governing system. This is what we reject genocidal government of Dinka for and, you will compulsory accept.

Well, on behalf of the whole Nuer community which the subject matter was circulated in their name, we, the Nuer Leadership Council took this restraint to clearly edify the fellow country communities and particularly, the Dinka community members who’s their notion slayed this country into the proportion which it is in today. Nuer community does not wish for war but, solution as Salva Kiir the president cannot work whatsoever. What you have started in South Sudan will end up where we all are spectators. This nation agitated to this stage due to the imprudent cunning of the national affairs which you (Dinka) associated to the resources larcenies, South Sudan could not be as we are seeing it today. Your culture of everyone wants to eat make you enable to lead the nation and, your time over. To talk few about the Dinka Council of Elders, we would like to educates uninformed of the true nature of that council.

We know the Dinka Council of Elders has been an architect of the genocide in Juba. They were the one gave impression to their Juba elites that, there should be no democratic power transfer between Nuer and the Dinka in this subject matter. This is a council manipulated by Daniel Awed Akot, Makuey Lueth, Stephen Dhiew Daw, Malong Awan, and others Dinka antagonists.

To us the Nuer Leadership Council and the entire Nuer community, after the ranged of the conflict, it seem as they ( the Dinka elite) learned through their mistake because, the very plans which they executed on to the Nuer community had brought instead,  a shame on Salva Kiir’ government and the entire Dinka community. The reason to massacred thousands of unarmed civilians in Juba is yet to be answer by the Dinka government.  The war is only to one year and, the Dinka government has so far disorganized and relying on foreign mercenaries to fights their war in exchange with oil money. In this entire situation, it remains unchanging fact that, Nuer-lead revolution against the Dinka-led government cannot be comprehending cheaply by bringing in foreign combatants. As we says there should be changes in how to managing the country affairs. Beside the presence of the Ugandan Army Force alongside the Dinka government and, the proxy war being fights by JEM, SPLM/A/N   Gave them (Dinka) a hope to conserve the faltered regime so that, they continues looting country resources for their own personal use.

To us, we avows that, Dinka have lost the direction if their power of encountering Nuer-lead rebellion is that of Ugandan Army and not what they produced in their home states. In the history of every dictator, it used to be their own force that protects their power not relying on buying foreigners to fights for them. They should learn from others countries’ past dictators. People of South Sudan and the world yearning for immediate peace because they don’t want to see revenge on you the Dinka and, to avoid that, there are needs of peace and forgiveness with Salva Kiir not the president since he is the one who brought all these mess to the nation due to incompetency to stands on his own words as a leader.

It was really melancholy to hear Dinka elders coveting for this current bloodiest conflict to protract further when reiterated their tribalized supports to their son (Salva Kiir) who killed over twenty (20) thousands innocent Nuer civilians. People of South Sudan during this time have been impugning and not pointing at one else but to Yuri Museveni and his government which make an effort to maintain a futile government of Salva Kiir by supporting it militarily when it is to be toppled earlier by the resistance moment. Without an abrupt military intervention of Uganda three days after the start of massacre in Juba, Salva Kiir or the Dinka community would not have been up to this time talks of what left to be accomplished in their leadership or Salva Kiir being elected whilst massacred the very people who he (Salva) claimed to be elected him to power. This is real and not imagination that, Juba and the whole genocidal government of Dinka would have been dismantled since the beginning of the year despite millions of the national resources wasted on weapons and mercenaries. Now, included all those in preparation, we will still bringing your government down and people of South Sudan decide how to lead their nation.

We, the Nuer Leadership Council have also treating the proposal with little hope and best known to us is that, dictator is toppling only through war. IGAD or any player which advocates for Salva Kiir to continues leading the nation is instead playing double standard because there is no reason for government which massacred over twenty thousands of its own citizen on tribal bases to stay in power.  In what situation it may be, the best way to return South Sudan to normalcy is when Salva Kiir and the very primitive sorts of the Dinka elites in Juba removed and try for their roles in killing innocent Nuer civilians in Juba and other part of the country.

The issue of military solution to the current conflict is the best because, mercenaries from UPDF, JEM, SPLM/A/N and tribal militias are almost to be deal with by others well-wishers who want to see South Sudan reorganizes. Nuer will deal away with the Dinka government with its militias from others sixty four (64) ethnics communities.

Dinka and Nuer never been fought each other in pretext of one in the government and other one in resistance. History of ideological friction between Nuer and the Dinka is what just repeated itself during the start of the current conflict. After massacre in Juba by Dinka government soldiers, we, Nuer choose to response and,  we will continues responding until you accept the reality at the end.

Nuer community is proud of the 1991 incident and, we accepted all the consequences because, the split was to reform the principle of liberation and, specifically fights for South Sudan independency through Self-Determination,  whilst, Dinka elite was wasting times advocating for united Sudan of par reached secular setting. In what appeared to be a Nuer-lead internal reformation of the SPLM/A stance for struggle in 1991, struggle change it’s focused and the direction that led to independency of the Republic of South Sudan.  Dinka-lead ideology of New Sudan instead of South Sudan independency has been dumped into a permanent dust bine and no one will bring it back to the living history of this country.

The consequence of the 1991 split if, the Dinka Council of Elders been living through that period, it would have been of course their reference to thinks very carefully of how it is to be when they imposed this dirty war onto the Mighty Nuer in this very wrong time that we would have only planning of how to start up our nation after centuries of suffering. we, the Nuer Leadership Council have learned that,  Dinka Council of Elders have  mentioned in their statement that, what took place in Juba on 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th December when thousands of innocent Nuer civilians massacred by Dinka army is a revenge to what they say 1991 Bor fighting. All in all, innocents Nuer civilians have been massacred in Juba by the Dinka privates’ army unsubstantiated in the name of presidential guards unite. It is a massacre which had never been ensued in the Nuer living from historical time of Turkish, Britons and the Arab which artificially took part in the history of South Sudan. It is out of question that, we are all prepared to response to the killing of our innocent civilians in Juba and, we bounded to fights who is perpetrator and the aids. It is fact which, Dinka as a tribe should understand that, what transcended in Juba will never reaches an archive without sweats drops in fronts of you who planned to kills Nuer in the name of government and for no reason.

The question why we took up arm against the Dinka genocidal government in Juba is because, its strategies was not only for political purposes, but also deliberate sorts of killing Nuer simply because Dr. Machar is a Nuer by tribe. Yes, Dinka massacred thousands of innocent women and children, youth and elders, both educated and others professionals of different disciplines and, there is no doubt the world watched the carnage in Juba and, whatever the magnitude is might be count as vengeance

What so many read in that press release were much of them are laughable to the point that, Dinka as a tribe has nothing to say as price of this current war that would be courageous to their tribal ambition. In the statement, they were trying to educate people with falsity that, the whole liberation of this nation is being accomplished by the Dinka. Negative assertion because, South Sudan has a history which is not just started on 15th, December, 2013 after the intrusion of Yoweri Museveni’s opportunistic government into the affairs of the people of South Sudan. More than one hundred and fifty years of struggle for this national identity has shown to the people of South Sudan as well as the world that, who have done what during which time of struggle for independence of the nation. Arab are the witnesses to testified who have fought the real war for liberation of South Sudan amongst the 64 ethnic communities. The world knows which ideology in the middle of Self-Determination and the New Sudan stance which was advocated by the Dinka elites in Torit have brought independence of South Sudan after decades of war.

To reach the author(s) at Nuer Leadership Council, direct your inquires to makjohnson2005@yahoo.co

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