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GEYL: Equatoria Region Must Rise Up For Federalism

GEYL Leadership,

The Greater Equatoria governors, L to R- E. Eq governor Louis Lobong, w.Eq. Governor Joseph Bakosoro, and C. Eq. Clement Wani (Photo: Nyamilepedia version)
The Greater Equatoria governors, L to R- E. Eq governor Louis Lobong, w.Eq. Governor Joseph Bakosoro, and C. Eq. Clement Wani (Photo: Nyamilepedia version)

Nov 16, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The future of Equatoria Region entirely depends on institution of federal system as a core factor to ensure protection of cultural heritages, fair institutional representation, and equitable resource distribution to avoid the concentrated power on the hands of specified ethnic group under current unitary system.

Its totally illogical for the people of Equatoria Region to desire a system of governance from someone who is rigidly opposed to federalism on several occasions. It’s politically advisable for equatorians to stand and defend what the citizens of region were denied a system under which they must be governed.

Therefore, the GEYL is urgently calling for immediate military supplies from its political and military command leaderships to speed up much needed support in order to defend and reform and federal system that will bring final liberty for all the citizens of South Sudan.

Kiir and his foreign alliance forces have predominantly planed the war, and decided to exterminate the very citizens this country, in order to consolidate their greed for power and personal interests.

GEYL is now of the view that, Equatoria Citizens must foresee, and avoid acting in contradiction to their own interests and political future by supporting a system that goes against their will.

In that regards GEYL will not stand neutral, but to stand up for both political and military to defend, protect and advocate for the rights of the citizens of South Sudan, and Equatoria Region.

Today, we are making it clear and loud to all our leaderships, and friends on the question of legitimacy of Kiir must be a known fact that it’s not the votes of citizens that makes Kiir and his coup circles elected representatives of the Government to rule over this country.

However, it’s the purpose, duties and the mandates to which they are supposedly elected that make them legitimate rule as per entrustment of the electorates, unfortunately the entrusted and delegated powers for purpose of the voters have been violated by the very elected turning against the rights of the electors.

Since Kiir and his elite circles decided to abused, destroy and surrender the sovereignty of this country to foreign interests in violation of electorates mandate, we considered that Kiir has become illegitimate, and ruling the country unconstitutionally due to fact that he has totally dictatorial tendency to deny the citizens of South Sudan from freedom they need, and development all expect to see in South Sudan.

The citizens of Equatoria region have to acknowledge the fact that federal system, and comprehensive reform programmes that remains the only path to reflect the will of all nationalities in South Sudan, will not come without ultimate sacrifice under the current regime, robbing citizens of their own resources, to consolidate their personal agenda, and empower their tribal communities to keep loot more.

Its our message, to those Equatoria armies in Nasir, Upper Nile, Bentiue and Bor, there is a need for you to understand and defined the actual cause for which you must stand to defend. However we are alerting you that, you are defending the very system and individual elements who have denied, and continue to deny your children from better education, decent life, and accessible health service they need.

Contrary, these elements now you are protecting, are sending their children to better education, health services abroad, and living dignified life in foreign countries.We want to make its more appropriate to equatorial citizens that, its unfair to keep, protect and defend a system that aims to marginalize, and work against your very existence.

The GEYL is stressing to SPLM/SPLA In Opposition leadership that Kiir and his Ugandan alliance forces are not interested to negotiate peace in good faith, in order to restore stability to the suffering citizens of this country. The people of Equatoria must stand up to say no to Kiir and circles, killing of own citizens must be stopped, because its most worthy Uganda protecting South Sudan.

You can reach the GEYL leadership through sebitgey@gmail.com

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