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GEYL: Congratulates 47 Equatoria MPs For Stiff Resistance

Equatorians MPs and Intellectuals debating federal system of governance in past (Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)
Equatoria MPs and Intellectuals debating federal system of governance in past (Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

Nov 16, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Greater Equatoria Youth Leaderships In Support of SPLM/SPLA In Opposition would like to express its congratulatory support to all the 47 Equatoria members of Parliament from Eastern, Central and Western Equatoria States for their strong resistance in rejecting, and sending clear a message to dictatorial regime leader Salva Kiir on any possibility of ascending the National Security Bill into law.

GEYL, congratulates you, particularly the 47 MPs, for demonstrating the kind of leadership we must collectively foster, and live by at the critical junctures where, we must stand up and say no to wrong doings against policies that affect the very existences our own citizens whom we represent them.

The GEYL has once advice the entire Equatoria representatives in National Legislative Assembly to resign or joint ranks with SPLM In Opposition because the political agenda and programmes of the opposition are consistently and objectively clear with political views and interest of Equatoria citizens.

The GEYL repeatedly argued to some food lovers in parliament, civil commissions, and Executives of drowning regime, there is no future under the leadership of Kiir tribal supremacy tendency in South Sudan

The political objectivity of GEYL, is very clear to support, and stand with SPLM in Opposition to defend what is absolutely right that can benefit the citizens of South Sudan, as well as Equatoria people, under especial arrangement of federal system, that we perceived as the only path towards establishment of a lasting peace and stability in the Country.

The Equatoria members of Parliament who declined to sign the memo to Kiir, GEYL considered them as the first traitors and self-group the citizens of Equatoria Region must never forget and forgive them. Traitors have robbed the votes of the citizens, and now they have exposed their intentions and activities against the will of equatorial citizens.

The GEYL, strongly advice the 47 MPs to continue demonstrate leadership, and offer stiff resistance on National Security Bill, not to come into law. However, if Kiir adamantly failed to perceived this reality of 47 Equatoria MPs, and unilaterally decided to imposed ascending of this discontented National Security Bill into law, these MPs and all equatorial citizens must immediately withdraw their confidence from Kiir, and resign.

Kiir remains with minimum choice, to ascend the bill into law or not, any contrary decision that compromise the will and rights of citizens, its application, and implementation must be denounced, and frustrated because the bill will subject the citizens to arbitrary acts of which, the representatives of equatoria regions have not consented and fully participated in its amendments.

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