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Salva Kiir, Barnaba Marial, Paul Malong, Makuei Lueth, Malaak Ayuen, Kuol Manyang Must Be Handed Over To Competent Tribunal For South Sudan Genocide of December, 2013

By Ter Manyang Gatwech

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir (R) addresses a news conference at the Presidential Palace in capital Juba December 16, 2013.
South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir (R) addresses a news conference at the Presidential Palace in capital Juba December 16, 2013.

May 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia)  —– It began on the evening of Sunday, 15 December 2013, at the meeting of the National Liberation Council at Nyakuron, when opposition leaders Dr. Riek Machar ,Pagan Amum and Rebecca Nyandeng voted to boycott the meeting.[32] President Salva Kiir ordered the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Major General Marial Ciennoung, commander of the Presidential Guard (The Tiger Battalion) to leave the meeting venue and return to the barracks to disarm the troops. After disarming all ethnicities within the guard, Marial allegedly ordered that the Dinka members be re-armed.[32] His deputy, from the Nuer ethnicity, began to question this order and a fight ensued when surrounding officers saw the commotion. The Nuer soldiers also re-armed themselves.[32] Fighting erupted between the Dinka elements of the Presidential Guard and the Nuer elements, lasting from Sunday night until Monday afternoon. Civilian casualties began when the Dinka elements of the SPLM began targeting Nuer civilians in the capital city of Juba.[32]

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The guns are now silent and the former protagonists are together in a unity government. Is that the best case scenario for South Sudan in your opinion?
I want to say that anything that was designed to bring the suffering of the South Sudan people to an end by silencing the guns is a welcome development. Therefore, the formation of a Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU) is, and should be a step in the right direction. The TGoNN was formed late due to above persons and therefore, the unity government supposed formed in November, 2015.

The Killings of IPDs on 17th April, 2014.

The group of armed men from Dinka Bor came to UN base in Bor Jongile, with the knowledge of Hon: Michael Makuei Lueth, who is the new Minister of Information, Communication Technology and Postal Services in the TGoNU. 55 Nuer People were killed according to UN report and more people wounded at the UN base in Bor. The sorceress say youth from Dinka Bor went to the UNMISS base to deliver memo of protest demanding IDPs be relocated from the area after they were angered by celebrations inside the compound on Wednesday of Bentiu’s re-capture by Dr. Riek Machar’s forces . It is good news for the people of South Sudan Television has been change into South Sudan Broadcasting Cooperation (SSBC) because Brig. Gen. Maluak Ayuen was against all the Nuer community in the world due to his hated speeches on SSTV. Ayuen should go to school and learned about social media ethnic.

Those men deserve ICC because they are the one, who started the crisis of South Sudan on 15th December, 2013 and therefore, every citizen of South Sudan knows. South Sudan will never have a lasting peace unless the above men have been taken away from South Sudan. They own South Sudan like their properly.

Rewarded with power?

You know they hold power and it’s difficult to cede it. How can somebody who is in the system be trail?

I use the word ‘rewarded’ because these politicians literally took South Sudan hostage and it seems they demanded a ransom, which was their return to power. The ransom, the power that they killed and destroyed the country for, has been given back to them. That has a lot of implications for peace and stability in Juba, South Sudan. The victims they need social justice in order for the reconciliation to go on. My concerns are the very people who killed citizens of South Sudan in 2013 are now rewarded with power. International Community, AU, UN, UNSC, IGAD are not serious about the South Sudan crisis and its people to have lasting peace in their own country. I agreed with one my brother, who call me from United States of America (USA) he say the Obama’s administration is very useless due to his slow action on South Sudan crisis in 2013 up date. But he who has power makes the rules most of the time.

The international system operates on the basis of minimum moral standards and those standards are codified in the international human rights treaty and the treaty dealing with international crimes. Even within the African Union and the region, we have the basic minimum standards that stipulate what happens to whoever is alleged to have committed crime of international nature.

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How do you reconcile stability and accountability in this case?
Peace and justice are interrelated and interdependent. To have peace, you need justice and to have genuine justice, you need peace. What, unfortunately, has been used by people who say you need peace in South Sudan is the presumption that you can have peace without justice. Our history has proved that it is impossible. The only reason why any peace talks in South Sudan resulted into just a “commercial break,” like you say in the media, is that each of those peace discussions and accords lacked effective, efficient and meaningful accountability mechanisms.So, the very people who committed war crimes in the 1980s were the same who were rewarded with government and power in 2005. And they are the same individuals who went into the habit when they lost power in 2013.

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And trust me, because the government we have now cannot accommodate everybody, those who lost out in the government of national unity will go back and commit the same atrocities and destabilise and for the sake of stopping instability, we will reward them. It becomes a vicious cycle of criminality, appeasement, insufficient appeasement and more criminality. To break that cycle, you need to ensure that you cannot kill and be alleged to have committed crime and be allowed to be closer to power until your name has been cleared. It is simple.

By Ter Manyang  Gatwech, former chairman of Gawaar-Nuer Community and current Executive Director of International Youth for Africa(IYA). His main interests include; the nature of the study Public Administration, Public Values, Human Rights, Rule of Law, Federal system, Women’s Rights, Girl’s Rights and the Globalization in Public Administration.  Reachable via: termanyang24@gmail.com . Twitter;@TerManyag1 and Skype Ter Manyang

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