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Governor Aguer Panyang Should Resign.

By Alier Samuel Ateny,


Philip Aguer Panyang, Governor of Jonglei State created by Establishment Order (Photo: Twic East Community in USA)
Philip Aguer Panyang, Governor of Jonglei State created by Establishment Order (Photo: Twic East Community in USA)

Jan 10, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Governor Aguer start as a peace governor, but allowed himself to be coaxed into a war governor. The conference that took place in Baidit on the 7th and 8th of January 2017, under his auspices is a turning point from the image he has long portrayed as a peace governor in the region.

The conference was attended by senior military officials from the state, alongside national and state politicians. The agenda was a covert one, it was sugar coated and sandwiched in the security agendas of Jonglei state, ostensibly to ask the people of Jonglei State to defend themselves from the increasing attacks from cattle raiders, but really to mobilize the youths to go to war.

Chiefs and youth leaders tried their best to read in between the lines and discovered the deceit. They rejected the idea of military training suggested by some of the military officers who were sent from Juba.

The community rejected The idea citing the similar strategy in 2014, that led to the current Eagle Division against their wills. Chiefs and youth leaders claimed that they were approached in a similar way, and they refused to be deceived twice.

First day was a stalemate, but second day yielded some sorts of compromise.
It was agreed that every single Payam will contribute 500 young men towards community defends force.

Their armament was guaranteed by the army officers who were sent from Juba. Now, the following situations will definitely transpire from the tactical maneavour above….

One, the government will show its ugly motifs once they secured these young men and women, and it will be too late for chiefs and youth leaders to do anything to stop them. Two, whatever government do with these forces will badly backfire on our people of Jonglei.

Whether,  Lou Nuer or Murle are the targets, or taking governors Kok Rue and Bol Kong to their administrative areas is the motif of mobilising these forces.
Or is it what others are whispering.

The expedition to Equatoria, concocted by the regime in the name of bringing your people and cattle back home from Equatoria. All of these are but just ways of pushing our people deep into trouble with their neighbours and their fellow citizens by Juba.

We are in regular contact with some chiefs and youth leaders to explain these hidden agendas to them.

The whole trajectory of peaceful neighbourhood being pursued by governor Aguer Panyang has totally changed and governor Aguer should resign to safe his image of being peace governor as he tried to showed it.

You cannot be one thing today change to totally other tomorrow. Our people don’t want to go to with their neighbours simply in the name of ‘Dinkaism’.
Our people deserve to live peacefully with their neighbours whom they share regime’s oppression, suppression and marginalisation.

Why would you fight for a president who has no program for you?  No, security for you, your family and livestock ( livelihood).

  • No, education for your children.
  • No. Hospital to take your love ones for treatment.
  • No roads,
  • No employment,
  • No human rights,
  • No democracy,
  • No nothing, just killing and looting and power monopoly.

What are you really fighting for?

On August 17th 2015, all the South Sudanese people through their representatives signed the Compromise Peace agreement.

1. The SPLM-IO,
3. Other political parties
4. Women Bloc
5. Civil Societies
6. Faith-based group
7. Eminent personalities
8. Youth and
9. Elders represented by Gen. Joseph Lagu.

Accept president Salva who represents anti peace elements like himself. After being pressured to sign the agreement. He referred to the peace document as not being a Bible nor a Quran. Meaning. He can violate it anytime he wishes. And in just one month after appending his signature on the document. President Salva decreed 28 states against the 10 states incorporated in the peace agreement he signed. And finally the contravention on the peace agreement on July 10th 2016.  President Salva will never bring peace and he knows it.

The author, Alier Samuel, can be reached at atenthalier@gmail.com

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Son of Western Bahr el Gazal January 11, 2017 at 5:17 am

Mr Alier Samuel,
Thank you kindly my friend for your patriotic article.
South Sudan needs many people like Kuir Grang and yourself.
It is well articulated.


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