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Obama Lives Down From The Hype That He Had Been

By Deng Vanang,

 I appeal to the leaders of Barack Obama - South Sudan to pursue peace as a way to honor those who have died(Photo: QuickReview/Nyamilepedia)
I appeal to the leaders of Barack Obama – South Sudan to pursue peace as a way to honor those who have died(Photo: QuickReview/Nyamilepedia)

Nov 4, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- A child of the world, Obama is currently winning up stay in the coveted global office. Not as the hype he was internationally when entering, but like a normal outgoing American President with a soaring and unprecedented popularity rating of 54% at home.

In those heydays, at least outside America, everybody alive and kicking was clamoring for the Obama’s piece. Caucasus from whom his mother hailed tenaciously held him tight to their bosoms. Africa couldn’t let him slip through the fingers by hailing him a true son of the soil from which his Kenyan father was born. His colored descent became the confluence at which the two races, whites and blacks, cozily met and trod.

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Asia, through Indonesia to which his mother was married, offered him a rare sanctuary in his formative years when he fell abandoned by Kenyan father at a time he needed him most. And for the rivaling Abrahamic religious faiths of Islam and Christianity that heatedly contest him, Obama hasn’t yet convinced each of which he truly belongs.

His starring popularity at home is right placed. He debunked the global financial menace that once ate slowly, but surely into America’s pride, the world supremacy up on coming to office in January, 2009. Rolled back terror, which threatened it, to where it belonged, the Arab world. That is by creating a diversionary tactic through Arab springs that preside over violent regime change and unrelenting sectarian conflicts there.

Picked up from the gutter African-Americans to the relative social equilibrium with fellow White Americans courtesy of his landmark Obama healthcare. Although it is the house built on quick sands to be likely demolished if the de facto leader of white supremacists, Donald Trump manages to tackle his favorite, Hilary Clinton in the ongoing race to the White house.

While the blood of America’s sworn enemies in case of Osama Bin Laden among many others he killed favorably lubricated the wheels of his Presidential campaign machine to win a second consecutive four – year term in 2012.

And finally proved wrong former rival, Hilary Clinton’s prediction that he would be killed could he cruise into the prohibited White house white American supremacists viewed as white race’s preserve before he stained it black. Successfully getting through their daredevil dragnet home and dry, white extremists now perilously turn the heat on African-Americans in the open streets and dark alleys.

However, to the world outside America and especially Africa, Obama never pretended to be a globalist President in deeds other than in rhetoric many past American Presidents wanted to be seen as such, if not the fraud that never lived up to the hype with which he was associated back in 2008.

For he helped create confusion in the Arab world to make America safer. Tempered with war on maddening drugs in Asia under the pretext of protecting civil liberties to an extent of being called son of a whore by no nonsense Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte.

Stayed American usual favoritism towards Israel against Palestine. Couldn’t save an allied EU’s from its self-destruction as key member state Britain left with many others threatening to follow suit. Russia is summersaulting back to its glorious past to challenge American supremacy, rekindling a return to the former cold war era. As United Nations, like its predecessor League of Nations, is tittering on a cliff due to America’s ever increasing unilateralism under him.

Both of which Africa, home to his father, welcomes as a blessing in disguise to decimate America’s so domineering mindset he Obama personally pushed to an inelastic limit. Especially in South Sudan, both him and his father claimed to be an ancestral home.

There his administration supports President Salva Kiir Mayardit local citizens and international experts overwhelmingly faulted for wanton corruption and tribalism before plunging the new nation into two destructive bouts of civil strife. Simply to keep job on which he can’t even deliver the most basics to his people like food, shelter, clothing and medicines amidst prosperity he grabbed for himself and closest cronies ever since 2005 when liberation war had just ended.

Those who say American Presidents and top civil servants don’t financially corrupt are all, but dead wrong. They only steer clear from heavily guarded American public coffers by well-informed and ever watchful citizens there. Whereas in the third world and away from American public glare, they involve in unrestrained looting of liquid cash and mineral riches with corrupt local Presidents and their top notch clienteles.

With oil for food program in Iraq under George Bush family stewardship and siphoned cash bribes from war dilapidated South Sudan to Obama and his closest lieutenants are today living testaments of the American administrations’ heartless and mindless overseas fascist kleptocracy.

At Kogelo home in Kenya, Obama is of late confirmed a casual roadside pretender who only and previously craved for a solid social pedigree by associating with a family of his father he does so less about against being seen a vagabond not worthy of becoming an American President.

To prove this, step sister Onyango was completely kept at an arm’s length by he, the moneyed brother Obama and miserably died of cancer in America two years ago.

While shrugging a cold shoulder now that he is a world class President and a few dropped alms from his high table serve to infuriate one faction of his Kogelo warring clan. With step brother Malik, in particular, heavily throwing weight behind Trump against Obama’s favorite candidate, Hillary Clinton. And so is the closest step sister Auma conspicuously keeping a tight lip.

Deng Vanang is a political scientist, Journalist and author. He is reachable at:dvanang@gmail.com

CC: Enough project, JCE, Kenya’s Daily nation, Uganda’s Daily Monitor and South Africa’s Mail and Guardian.

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