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Decrees of Confiscating Lands of Non-Dinka and Decrees of Adding Lands of Non-Dinka to Dinka Lands

By South Sudan Kyilaya

Map of the 28 states decreed by President Kiir
Map of the 28 states decreed by President Kiir

Oct 31, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Some decrees are going to be issue soon by one of personalities who is not fruitful tree for Non-Dinka in South Sudan. These decrees are going to be misfortune for Shilluk (Chollo) and Fertit, but Salva Kiir’s regime is going to say it is a popular request of South Sudanese. But it is well known that any decision hurting citizens is not a popular request and any decision facing resistance is not a popular demand.

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Hard luck and harrluck for Shilluk and Fertit (Harrluck is colloquial word).

As regional and international communities keep flattering Salva Kiir’s regime and begging the regime for some humanitarian issue, Salva Kiir keeps put on Turkey feeling; drooping his wings and erecting all body feathers not considering that his mocking will catch fire one time.

With drooping wings and erecting all body feathers and beard, Salva Kiir is going to issue decrees of confiscating some lands of Shilluk and Fertit and other decrees of adding the confiscating lands to lands of Dinka.

After the decree of Land Grabbing, lamentation will dominate non-Dinka, meanwhile Dinka leaders and some beneficiaries will start running up and down, left and right adding their weights sitting on some non-Dinka victims and force the victims to be busy singing songs of love and coexistence with Dinka and pointing fingers at the victims of their regime.

The dirty game player Jieng Council of Elders recently picked some members of Baria community and engaged in a fake agreement with those members. The open objectives of the fake agreement is to work jointly in support of peaceful co-existence of Dinka land grabbers of Baria and Baria community, and Baria should immediately stop senseless violence and retaliation. Plus a lot of cheatings. It is just a matter of days whereby Baria will realize that land grabbing is in action and JCE played cheating game with them. But among the main hidden purposes of the fake talk are getting some information from Baria elders, induce Baria to sleep and to cut off Baria Community not to consider grieves being cause by the decrees of lands grabbing that will be issue soon by Salva kiir.

If Baria communities trust Condemnation, condolences and regret for all atrocities that expressed by JCE, Baria communities should at least accept that:-

(1) Hyenas and sheep live together safely and protect one another.

(2) From 2005 up to date 2016, Salva Kiir’s regime provide the best education facilities for Baria kids and good health services for all.

(3) Salva Kiir’s Agriculture policies make no Baria child go to bed hungry

(4) Salva Kiir’s security personnel and Salva Kiir’s unidentified gunmen are working for common interest as a result Baria are enjoying safe live in Juba.

The cheating scenario is just like the one recently in Bahr el Ghazal. After Salva Kiir’s regime ensured that all Equatorians in Bahr el Ghazal in their reach get killed, Ateny Wek Ateny, South Sudan’s presidential spokesperson came out and said; the presidency rejects any activities that encourage tribalism in the country.

As all the hardships inflicted on us, let us keep being determine fighting our problems.

Victory is certain. No surrender and to the end we go.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese Citizen, reachable at south_sudan1@yahoo.com

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