Nuer’s Ruin Is Gordon Buay’s Hobby

By Gatluak Pal Chuol,

September 25, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— If you are a Nuer and attempt to favourably bring up Gordon Buay’s name in any conversations in Nuer social gatherings, you will be badly beaten by “unknown men” armed any sharp object that can easily make you expire unsympathetically. Gordon Buay’s name in Nuerland is synonymous with Nuer Genocide that took place in Juba in December 2013. He denied the Genocide because he indirectly partook in the act. One would wonder

Amb. Gordon Buay

why did he talk about Nuer Genocide if he didn’t know what would unfolded before the actors carried their devilish acts on that fateful December? Buay circulated a human skull on his Facebook page, which triggered the attack of civilians in PoCs in April 2014 in Bor town by Bor youth and led to the death of 61 people and 273 others were wounded. While applauded by Bor community on circulating the skull, Buay alleged that the skull was one of the bones retrieved in the unpunished mass murder carried out by Lou Nuer against the people of Bor in 1991. This could make him a potential person of interest in the hybrid court that is yet to be established to put on trial those who committed atrocities during the war.

Before his ambassadorial appointment in September 2014 by Presidential Decree, Gordon Buay was an ordinary street guy. But of all of sudden started to say anything nasty against the Nuer in order to get attention from President Salva Kiir that he used to trash. Knowing his way of pleasingness wasn’t an easy sell for him, he picked up a fight with then Vice President Dr. Riek Machar; flooded all networks and social media sites with hate speeches, just to assassinate the character of Machar. Because Riek didn’t know him, he couldn’t bother to respond to his punch lines. Riek’s name has been a pathway to employment in Juba since 2005; people who trash his character get the president’s node. Buay was tarnishing Machar’s name to get President’s attention. He went full throttle when Machar was relieved in July 2013 to sell himself to JCE’s camp.

Buay’s character is offensive to decency, he’s country’s ambassador but still behaves like street boy…may be because old habits die hard as they say. I lost track of counting how many heads of the Nuer prominent figures he had wanted dead, probably thousand heads. Machar, Gen Peter Gatdet, Gen James Koang Chuol Ranley, Gen Simon Gatwech Dual, Gen and Gabriel Tanginye are among those he called for their heads. Interestingly, he pronounced all of them dead at one point; then he talked about them again that he wanted to kill them. Buay one time wrote that Gen James Koang was killed in action in Bentiu in 2014; Gen Gatwech Dual and Gen Tanginye were killed along the way when they fled Juba in 2014. He repeated the same concocted story again that Gen Koang Chuol and Gen Simon Gatwech Dual were killed a day after Presidential Palace (J1) shootout in Juba in July 2016 and claimed their bodies were left behind by their forces.

Though he talked this unfounded story for weeks, he didn’t stop there; he later said Dr. Machar died of exhaustion in the forest of Western Equatoria and so did his wife Angelina Teny, then backtracked by saying Machar’s leg was amputated in Khartoum. This is insanity! Any death that hits any Nuer is good news to him, and such good news to him would earn him cash and respect from JCE base. No one knows why Gordon is so glued to kill his fellow nuer that bad, but some of his relatives have been honest to say his thoughts and behavior have deviated from Gordon Buay they used to know. Whether he was under influence of something or not, the characters of his type are fired under normal government. But Juba government is made up rogues and gangs.

Buay’s  indecency has been continues; he has been tarnishing the Nuer communities all sort of names in the book in attempt to place them against one another, that’s when he got the president’s eye, he was noticed.

Ambassador Gordon Buay, in most of his writings, referred to himself as “I am the Nuer community, I am the government, I am the law, I am the constitution, and there is no difference between me and Gen. Paul Malong Awan”. He usually says them purposely to intimidate his opponents. A million dollar one would beg to ask: is the community, government or anything he wants to be known be one little person? Truthfully, he is not what he says he is, neither does he hold any power to intimidate anyone.

As much as he likes to go after the personal life of Dr. Riek Machar, he describes the Nuer as the “lost community” when he should be acting as a “prodigal son” to the Nuer community he so much hates. He can call any Nuer Political figure any name he wants, but describing Nuer as Terrorists, Janjaweed, Ansars, Al Qaeda and warmongers, that wouldn’t go down well with any Nuer son or daughter who is Nuer at heart. Ambassador Gordon Buay must be tamed; he must be brought to his proper size in any means necessary by the Nuer community to which he turns his sharp knives. He’s a lost member of the Nuer community but at this point, the Naath community has no obligation to leave its ninety-nine sheep in order to go after the lost one. He has made the Naath liable, his increasing naughtiness sickens the conscious minds. In Juba, he calls himself the Nuer community when he has never visited the Nuer IDPs in PoCs for three years he has been frequenting Juba; I guess he pretty well knows what would befall him should he set his foot in any one of those camps.

Ambassador Gordon Buay capitalizes on chaotic environment, or he creates one in peaceful environment so to thrive. He cannot survive in peaceful environment, that’s why any Nuer’s ruin is his hobby. He takes pride of anything that puts Nuer to ruin. The Nuer community in the United States declared him “persona non grata” in 2013 when tried to divide the community because his favourite candidate for the community chair didn’t win the election that was held. He wanted to run a parallel community election in Omaha, Nebraska, but Dr. Isaac K. Gang, member of the community supervisory board at the time, served him with the “persona non grata” notice.

On December 04, 2013, Dr. Isaac Gang’s notified Gordon Buay, who was determined to create confusion in Nuer community.

“….For someone who has lived in Canada for a while and claimed to have a law background, it is mind-boggling to hear you say that an election should be annulled due to voters turnout. Why are you playing with peoples’ intelligence? …For your information, Nuer Community Development Services (NCDS) is a membership-based organization that only allow [sic] registered members/voters to the voting booth, not just Nuer (I am surprised that someone who claims to be the Nuer community doesn’t know that). And what community elders are you talking about? All Nuer sections are represented by chairmen/women, and not by community elders.  You said you and your new group will call a new election that you will monitor. Who will be the candidates of these elections since all of the candidates have already accepted the election results and pledged to support the declared winner? I would like to warn those you are advising to destroy the community to be careful because they are playing with fire by taking advice from you. You came to the US in order to attend the convention/elections, but you were identified by the convention security personnel as security risk to yourself and as such was declared as ‘Persona non Greta.’  Now you are mad running around using any and everything you can find to create confusion and discredit the process.

Gordon Buay wants anything that erases the Naath society on the face of this planet. To prove his assertion, he called on Uganda on 3rd February 2014 to use gunships, MIG-29, B-2 and long-range missiles to bomb Akobo, Nasir, Ayod and Bentiu. Statements like that made him a hero among the members of JCE. To them they could say, the stone that was rejected by the Nuer builders has become the cornerstone of JCE’s house.  He wants the extermination of the brave youth in the entire Naathland but that wish will surely backfire against him.

When Buay wants attention, he cooks up stories. On 1st June 2014, he said SPLM/A-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar was has no GHQs in South Sudan because the leader of the freedom fighters was flashed out by Eastern Jikany Nuer and Gatwech Dual refused him entry into Akobo or Waat. These lies turned out to be not true but such lies fall on the ears of Jieng Council of Elders (JCE) the Jack of all trades struggles to appease. All they want is more of his lies to keep the base lively!

In most of his recent interviews, especially his July interview by Vincent Makori of Africa 54, Amb. Buay dismissed the whole Nuer community as the people who know nothing but Ngundeng prophecies. But not many people know their outlawed son was once pro-Ngundeng Bong before he jumped to JCE bandwagon. During the hated debate about Miles 14 in 2012, Buay, who was not with President Salva Kiir at the time, angrily had written to Aweil community in October 2012 saying Prophet  once Ngungdeng hinted to bring down the leadership of Dinka people, which could be the  beginning of the Dinka demise as Ngundeng.

“…Aweil community should forget Miles 14; otherwise, let them prepare for more wars in the dry season. This is exactly what prophet Ngundeng predicted that the bearded idiot will have no options of survival. Ngundeng said that ‘I will destroy Dinka unity and leadership’. This is exactly what is happening. Salva Kiir has no options. If he doesn’t give up Miles 14, he is going to hell. If agreed as he did, he is also going to hell. ,” reads part of Buay’s post in Juba Smart Forum on 12th October 2012 while he was government’s critic in Canada.

The Ambassador flip-flopped on Ngundeng’s prophecies; one time he is pro-prophet, the other time he turns against him when the prophecy doesn’t reflect on his views. He posted on his Facebook timeline on July 5, 2016 that Taban Deng Gai is predicted by Ngundeng to be Machar’s replacement in SPLM/A-IO leadership. The same Ngundeng he doesn’t want Nuer to believe.

“…Prophet Ngundeng said in one of his prophecies that Taban Deng would take over as the FVP and peace will reign in South Sudan afterwards. Prophet Ngundeng said that a fire that Riek Machar started would be extinguished by another Nuer man. Taban is now the one predicted by Ngundeng to extinguish the fire Riek Machar started in 2013 and July, 8, 2016,” he stated.

I always laugh at my little son’s behavior on cartoons. The funny part is that he usually cries in the middle of the show when the cartoons he watches on TV don’t behave the way he wants them to behave. He wants them to play the way he wants, he wants to control the way the cartoons play. I don’t want him to think like Buay, but that is how Amb. Gordon Buay behaves. Buay wants Ngundeng on his views, not the views of anyone else. Anyone in his or her conscience mind would ask Amb. Gordon Buay this valid question, why is Nuer community be dismissed for following Ngundeng’s prophecies when the same prophecies are fine for him? Not every Nuer is Ngundeng’s follower but he believes in Ngundeng more than any Nuer alive.

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Buay’s father, Reath Chuol, a soldier who fought the war of liberation alongside SPLM/A under the leadership of late Dr. John Garang de Mabior was murdered by Commander Kuol Manyang Juuk in 1991 in Eastern Equatoria soon after the announcement of 1991 Nasir Declaration. Although he was not with Riek, Reath was killed in cold blood because he was identified as a “Nuer”. Since has joined government and comes close to his father’s killers, he should be engaging them by finding facts as to where, why and how his father was killed, instead of threatening to kill the innocent Nuer who suffered the same way his father did.

On September 25, 2016, Gordon Buay put out a post alleging that the SPLM/A-IO leadership “will run mad soon” because Taban Deng Gai, whom Nuer communities denounced as “Arab Boy” a few weeks ago is gaining many supporters through mass defections. This is another lie by the ambassador; Taban has never set foot in his home town Bentiu since he formed his crown Hotel [IO] in Juba. Taban stabbed the Nuer in the back, causing a deep wound in the Movement that will take long time to heal. I don’t think he will get away with his greedy action. Buay and Taban have one thing in common, they both capitalize on Nuer’s ruin.

My argument is not to deny Taban is not holding hotel supporters but the illegal FVP was not a combative commander before his dismissal from SPLM/A-IO camp, how can he have soldiers?  Buay should be ashamed of his Taban after the United States foreign relations committee chair described him as “corrupt, unpopular, illegal and incompetent First Vice President” before he poorly read his loosely written speech at UNGA this month.

One point that puts in agreement Buay is when he warned Dr. Riek Machar not to appoint both Taban Deng Gai and Amb. Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth to his cabinet because the two friends are very corrupt individuals who could bring down the TGoNU. Streets have not run out of jobless people including “Crown Hotel unarmed troops”, Taban has rght to employ these job hunters but calling them as “SPLM-IO defectors” who have joined him is something irrelevant.

When Buay was the Secretary General of South Sudan Democratic Front (SSDF), a little known Movement based in Khartoum, he was opposed to Salva Kiir’s regime so bad. He was so irritated by Kiir’s corrupt practices and dubbed his cabinet as “Gokrial Kitchen Cabinet”. In November 2012 during the debate of 75 corrupted unnamed government officials that the public wanted their names to be revealed, Buay threatened to kill Salva Kiir with his “atomic bomb” stating he has no mercy with thieves. On 28th November 2012, Amb. Gordon Buay took on Isaac Dongrin Malith, a JCE’s mouthpiece in Rochester, Minnesota in the United States who was protecting Kiir’s from naming the 75 corrupt officials. Buay went viral and launched a lethal assault on Malith and Dinka Bahr el Ghazal through Juba Smart South Sudan Forum, Nuer Intellectuals Forum and SPLM-DC Yahoogroups

“Isaac, I don’t have a personal problem with you. My problem is with Bhar-el-Ghazal thieves in Juba who had stolen $4 billion dollars. I don’t even have a problem with poor Dinka Bhar-el-Ghazal people in the villages My revolutionary fight is to liberate the poor from the thieves in Juba. The problem is that you want to defend the thieves in Juba. If you want to die defending a thief like Salva Kiir, rest assure that I will not hesitate to kill you, brother. But if you leave me alone to kill Salva Kiir and his fellow thieves who had stolen $4 billion dollars…Let me tell you Isaac, if I have atomic bomb, I can use it to eliminate Salva Kiir because South Sudan cannot be led by somebody who admitted that 75 officials had stolen $4 billion dollars. God can never be on the side of a thief. Nhialic is always on the side of somebody who is telling the truth,” Buay responded, on 11/28/12 at 7:41 AM, to Malith who was in defense of Salva Kiir.



“When people support incompetent leadership because of tribalism and overlook the weaknesses for long, they end up being the victims. I am here talking about Dinka Bhar-el-Ghazal in general and Aweil community in particular. Since the formation of the Government of South Sudan in Oct, 2005, most Dinka Bhar-el-Ghazal never thought that they would one day become the victims of Kiir’s incompetence and stupidity,” Buay wrote again 12th October 2012 expressing his dissatisfaction with Kiir’s leadership.

Buay was adamant that Kiir withdrew from Miles 14 and Heglig October 2012 because he would be denied loans by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and other banks that grant loans to countries in need. He charged Kiir loves the money more than he loves his wife, and went on to say Kiir would let his wife sleep with President Omar al Bashir so that Khartoum shouldn’t stop the production of oil, the huge part of his income.

“…Kiir decided to give up Miles 14, Heglig and all disputed territories because he wouldn’t risk seeing his regime collapsing. When one is a thief, the consequence is very grave. No country can give loan to Kiir’s regime because they are thieves. The only option for Kiir is to return to Bashir. Believe me, if Bashir demands to sleep with Ayian, the wife of Kiir, as a condition to allow the resumption of oil production, Salva Kiir would agree because his regime is collapsing,” Buay wrote in 12th October 2012 in Nuer Intellectual Forum.

Ambassador Gordon Buay doesn’t care in badmouthing Salva Kiir in the past but one thing that is going to bite him in the future is the simple fact that the “bearded idiot”, as he put it, has not forgotten that Buay once ran his big mouth in his little world saying Kiir would allow Bashir to sleep with his wife Ayian Mayardit for the sake of money. The woman he now praises as the ‘best South Sudan first lady’ is the same woman he said her husband would give up for oil money four years ago. The chicken dances before the knife lands on its throat!

Given the attitude of two sides of Gordon Buay in 2011/12 and Ambassador Gordon Buay of 13, 14 and one would draw a conclusion that he is after material gains. Buay fits well in Kuir ë Garang when he described him in September 2015 as “a sniffer of Jieeng’s elites’ dirty laundry” in his article titled, “Ambassador’ Gordon Buay Malek: An Agent of Discord, an Unscrupulous Opportunist, and a Decomposition Bacterium to South Sudan’s Diplomacy”  Buay couldn’t be made Ambassador today had it not the war caused by Nuer Genocide in Juba, he capitalized on Genocide while denying it. Any Nuer’s catastrophe is to his benefit, plain and simple.

Buay released his famous video from his kitchen in Canada declaring himself as the President of South Sudan. According to him, he said South Sudan national Parliament impeached First Lt. Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit and the same Parliament tasked him to be the interim President of South Sudan with effect from 14th July 2011 until general elections are carried out in August 2013. And unashamedly laid out how his government would function. This is mockery to humanity!

Ambassador Buay seeks attention through make-up lies. He once said Vice President James Wani Igga was beaten by the youth of Bahr el Ghazal in Calgary because he didn’t want South Sudan to withdraw from Miles 14, He also manufactured another lie that Igga used local public transport system for the whole time he was in Calgary. These statements turned out to be not true. He was critical on Salva Kiir at the time because he wanted to join SPLM-DC, but it was rumoured later that his application to join SPLM-DC political party was turned down by the leadership on unknown grounds. He would be a heavy baggage had the SPLM-DC leadership added him to its ranks and file.

Conclusively, Buay could do anything to get what he wants. He would not go up the ladder if no catastrophe hits the Nuer as the community that bad. December 15, 2013 was a windfall for him, and it’s this tragic event that sells him as an Ambassador of Nuer killers, but Nuer are watching him. He picked a fight with former Vice President Riek Machar and trashed the whole Nuer community so that the Dinka community could look at him as a good guy. Trashing Machar’s name in Juba is the path to employment, as long Ambassador Gordon Buay is still spiting on Machar’s face, he will still keep his Ambassadorial job in the government run by a man he used to describe as “bearded idiot”.

Before he was with Kiir, Buay said Dinka are not the Majority in South Sudan population wise. According to him, the Dinka have been getting 42% of ministerial jobs; most of those jobs went to president’s clan,tDinka Rek clan. He wanted to kill Salva Kiir because he was tribalism and corrupt leader but now he wants the rest of us worship him the way he does. He once said Dinka domination of the government is intolerable when Kiir awarded 53% of ambassadorial positions to all Dinka, leaving only 47% to the non-Dinka. Now he gets his position in Foreign Affairs, he zips up. The Nuer will not stop fighting for the rights for the rights of the marginalized. The light weight whom Taban lured to Juba for cash will one day regret their greed for power. Gordon Buay talks about killing innocent Nuer, making it a hobby but that hobby won’t because Nuer is not a name tag, it’s in the hearts of those who were born with it!

The author is South Sudanese living in Auckland, New Zealand; he can be reached through gchuol@yahoo.com.

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simon peter September 25, 2016 at 10:10 am

You forgot one thing, He told us that he has been advised by Hoth Mai, If you want to be in upper hand you have to be betrayal, Salva come up the same way and I do too. that advice from James Hoth Mai. that is why the man become crazy and against any things.

GatNor September 25, 2016 at 9:06 pm

If Nuer takes not, they would understand that the ones that had betrayed them to a greater harm are those not quite Nuers take a look at the confusion in Bentiu and Unity atate. Those bastards combined have done a great deal of harms to Nuers. Buay is not really Nuer at heart, the Monytuils are not, Hoth himself may be is not, its obvious Taban is a Jur and that makes all the difference if that make any sense at all. Maybe its time for Nuer to not compromise key strategic positons of power and put Jur in those positions. You can’t tame a wild beast without subduing it first. Nuer have to reconsider their policies of assimilating Jur. Maybe those days of assimilating every garbage that floats their ways or any Jur that a wind from hell blown their ways for assimilation are days long gone never to return.

GatNor September 25, 2016 at 9:07 pm

If Nuer takes NOTES, they would understand that the ones that had betrayed them to a greater harm are those not quite Nuers take a look at the confusion in Bentiu and Unity atate. Those bastards combined have done a great deal of harms to Nuers. Buay is not really Nuer at heart, the Monytuils are not, Hoth himself may be is not, its obvious Taban is a Jur and that makes all the difference if that make any sense at all. Maybe its time for Nuer to not compromise key strategic positons of power and put Jur in those positions. You can’t tame a wild beast without subduing it first. Nuer have to reconsider their policies of assimilating Jur. Maybe those days of assimilating every garbage that floats their ways or any Jur that a wind from hell blown their ways for assimilation are days long gone never to return.

Hoiloom September 27, 2016 at 11:28 pm

Thanks for a great article Gatluak Pal. Buay is a sick man in the head but we won’t forget all his deeds in the trying times for us Nuer as a community. There will come a time when we shall get him, no mercy on traitors who are feasting on the blood of Nuer children.



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