‘Stop killing and burning people’s houses’ Fr. Gabriel ordered Community

Juba, South Sudan.

Vicar General Fr. Gabriel Asida, Juba Catholic Archdiocese(Photo: file)
Vicar General Fr. Gabriel Asida, Juba Catholic Archdiocese(Photo: file)

Sept 25, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— At least hundred Christians turned up for the Feast commemoration of Patron saint at St Mathew’s Parish in Lobonok, Catholic Archdiocese of Juba on Wednesday.

Nyamilepedia reported that the main celebrant his homily, Vicar General Fr Gabriel Asida Andrew told the congregation to emulate the faith of St Mathew Catholic church.

“The parishioners of Lobonok to utilize the strength of Jesus Christ to avert evil practices in the area,” Fr. Gabriel said.

He told the Christian community in the area to go out and tell other people to stop killing and burning people’s houses for God’s sake.

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Gabriel, Vicar General, noted that when Christians strengthen their faith in God, they would always overcome the power of Satan and the love of God for his people shall never be destroyed in any condition.

“The parish priest to take good care of the children in the parish for future development,” Father urged.

Fr. Gabriel says the authorities of the parish and Jubek State government to ensure that children get equal access to education.

In related case, in August, Nyamilepedia received reports from the Bari Lobonok community that their homes village of James Wani Igga, Second Vice President, confirmed that South Sudan forces loyal to President Salva Kiir felt into an ambush at the outskirt of Lobonok Payam.

According to Gideon Elia, who was visiting Lobonok, sustained battles were heard outside the town before it escalated into the town center.

Elia believes that an ambush, which targeted SPLA-IG soldiers were laid outside the town by SPLA-IO.

“Yes, there was heavy fighting here on Friday. Nobody expected Machar rebels here in Bari Lobonok. This area has been calmed since January clashes between Dinka Bor pastoralists and the local people here but this fighting was big and intense” Elia said.

“Now everyone has again fled Lobonok. The government soldiers have tactically withdrawn to Juba” he continued. Elia added that we, Lobonok community are yawning for peace, we are calling on Government to provide peace than causing insecurity within the population.

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From Western Bahr el Gazal with LOVE September 25, 2016 at 7:01 pm

Abuna Gabriel Luguma (Asida),
Until the immoral regime in Juba is utterly destroyed,
Everywhere is going to be WA-A-A-R!
South Sudan will not know peace. We will fight, we find it necessary.
And we know we shall win, as we are confident in the victory.


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