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BNFA blasts international community for not doing enough to stop bloodshed in South Sudan.

By John Gatloath Madeng Kiir,

Former Botswana President, Festus Mogae, currently stranded in Nairobi Kenya due to unrest at Juba International airport, South Sudan, is the chairman of Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission overseeing South Sudan Peace agreement(Photo: file)
Former Botswana President, Festus Mogae, the JMEC chairman that is trusted by the region, AU and the international community to implement South Sudan Peace agreement(Photo: file)

Sept 25, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– We the (BNFA) Community under the umbrella of Bentui, Nasir, Fangak and Akoba learn with dismay the duplicity of International circle by not elevated the suffering of our people in south Sudan. This not only so sad, but it questions the ability of United Nation whether it really meant to deliver universal ideas of justice for all.

It was not later than, 15 December 2013 when Government of south Sudan initiating the state polices by committed massacre to Nuer tribe in Juba under the watch of United nation. Not only that series of massacre has been committed by the same government notably to Murle of Jonglei, Chollo, of Uppernile, Pertit of Baragazel, and the mass onslaught of civilian in great Equatoria, We in (BNFA) believe that, this tragic events has great impacts that need urgent attention from world body whom are institutionalized for peace.

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Therefore as the warring parties were committed for peace early this year , the regime in Juba was instate prepare for war by allied with government of Uganda to supplied him with heavy weapon and different sophisticate guns to devastated the international sponsored peace (CPA2) yet the word body did not thing about that, but rather utters bias comment. by generalizing the whole problems to all parties.

However the events of J1 are the clear example of failure of United Nation Security Councils to uphold to their obligation. The use of M.iG Helicopter Gunship, Tanks and Unknown gunmen by President Salva Kir to hurts is partner in peace is demonstration of overthrowing of Compromise peace agreement which is created to stabilizing south Sudan and the regions.

We the organization of BNFA call for urgent attention of United nation Security council to intervene promptly to held President Salva Kiir and his regime in Juba responsible for all crime he committed ranging from rape, murdering innocent civilians in thousands and hindering path for humanitarian assistants to the war victim especially those who are in UNIMISS across the country. However we believe popular uprising is possible to quell dictatorship should the UNSC fail to act, accordingly.

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