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No clear vision in South Sudan

By Dr. Henry Jembi,

Salva Kiir Mayardiit(photo:file)
Salva Kiir Mayardiit(photo:file)

August 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudanese are people without a clear future after the so called liberation and freedom they had archived. They have no clear future because of their leaders and politicians who are ritualistic, nepotistic, heathenish and uncivilized thought they claimed literate and educated. Been out in the foreign countries doesn’t mean that you are civilized and scholars, but the opposite.

We have seen and witnessed your deeds and actions which have nothing to do with what you have been claiming at all. You would better respect yourselves doing and not talking at the same time, because you’re doing don’t match your talking. You either do and don’t talk or talk and don’t do, by so doing, I would sound a bite human rather than inhuman. Whom do you think you’re deceiving? Don’t you tune to the artists, we cannot be deceived any more, we learnt a lot and enough of your deceptions and wickedness. You had better see and tell someone else, as for me or us is enough and enough is enough.

Researchers in south Sudan are searching for peace in the wrong places such as their offices, homes, parties, clubs, tribal gathering and bars. Image such great effort is all in vain so far peace is not archived because they always and often mix up peace issues with their personal interest which is based on tribal grouping and narrow ideologies.

This is how our researchers are doing instead of academic and scientific search. Even thought they managed to bring peace in the future such peace will not last long due to the means and ways used to realized it. Peace is not to be found and sought within the limit arena, but globe community wide and country wide, too. Peace is not a business of your tribe, community, county and state, rather it’s national call, national imitative and national duty and responsibility.

Any peace achieved without these dimensions is wasting of time, headache and cancer to the coming generation. We lived in Sudan where peace talks is not an easy task rather a historical scheme and political strategies. It cannot be searched but built by people with the people and for the people, not the ministers, governors and president. They have to be part of the builders not planners and engineers and directors. Be with the people for the people and to the people. Imposition of peace upon people is weaknesses and wicked act toward self and others.

We don’t hide ourselves because where can you run from tribulations and pain they’re everywhere you go and run, so you would better stay in one place. UNMISS is not even save death can reach there, where then will you run, you better run nowhere face the challenges and encounter them wholeheartedly. Decide for your destiny whether to run I order to be saved by or to run in order to protect your soul from soul killers. It also not a solution at all, running is shamefulness.

The author can be reached at jembijembi@hotmail.com

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1 comment

Ghol Chot August 20, 2015 at 3:27 pm

Mr Henry, your are just as bland as the South Sudanese your trying criticise. However, many South Sudanese people are just making too much noises that Salva Kiir should sign that rubbish being crafted in hotels, brothels and bars of Adis Ababa, but they do not know the greatest sinister game and scheme being played here on our country and our people by the most evilest of all evil people in the world and our own region.

Before the Sudan independence from Britain in 1955, Southern Sudan were given a chance to remain autonomous, but the Southern Sudan chiefs including my own uncle opted that Southern Sudan would be better off with the so-called arabs of the North Sudan, see what happened even before Sudan independence in 1956? We all know it. The war broke out in Nzara and Torit in 1947 that lasted until 1972 for Southern Sudan autonomy, which was abrogated by Jaffer Neimeri ten years later and another war broke out in 1983.

Fellows, open your damn eyes and see. Riek Machar and Pagan Amuom are the new South Sudan chiefs who signed out our hard won independence to the NEW WORLD ORDER experiment that is being experimented in our country by some evil people with some SINISTER PROJECT on our country and our people.

Be warned fellows, follow the Nuers at your own risk. Riek Machar and Pagan Amuom do not viscerally understand what they just signed and are asking Salva Kiir to do the same, but that is not going to happen under the sun as long as we are still here. Salva Kiir must not even go back to that damn ethiopia again.

Our country is being slyly re-united with the people with hate to death, the so-called cloned arabs of North Sudan by the likes of Pagan Amuom, Riek Machar and the so-called troika countries of the US, the UK and Norway, but this is not going to happen even in million years fellows.Let the greatest charlatan called Barrack Obama barks his damn sanctions, travel bans, asset freezes to even Salva Kiir, but his evil project in our country is long since been spotted and it is not going to fly in our country as far as we are concerned.

His Riek Machar puppet/stooge is not even welcomed back to South Sudan let alone being allowed to have anything closer to power in our country.


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