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Juba Starves As the Nimule Road is Forced to Close Down

“Salvatore Kiir Mayer should know better that no one disturbs a hornet nest and lives to have a nice walk home” 

By Justin Ambago Ramba

Aid groups predict famine in South Sudan but battles between the major armed forces have created unforeseen hunger in the capital and other areas(Photo: fiile)
Aid groups predict famine in South Sudan but battles between the major armed forces have created unforeseen hunger in the capital and other areas(Photo: fiile)

August 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — In its crazy dream of crashing the freedom fighters within the two weeks period he set for himself from the time he suspended the inking of the Compromise Peace Agreement on17/08/2015, Salva Kiir now considers a military victory over Peaceful settlement to save him   the humiliation of going back to Addis Ababa and sign what he refused to sign at first.

Based on this truly mind boggling calculations,  Salva Kiir’s  rogue regime in Juba and his Ugandan mercenaries have chosen again to violate the cease fire agreements and started major offensive attacks on our forces’ positions all across South Sudan.

One consequence of such stupid policy is that as we speak the Nimule road, which is the only tarmac main lifeline road in South Sudan connecting to Uganda from the South Sudanese national capital, Juba, has remained closed following the incidence in Eastern Equatoria where Salva Kiir’s tribal militias without any provocation attached our fighters’ positions, but were taught a lesson of their life time.

Salva Kiir and his cabinet of warmongers have now set the entire nation in a state of wild panic as it declared the area a dangerous zone and moved to prevent citizens, business people,   government officials,    international organizations and all commercial and personal vehicles from  travelling along the Juba-Nimule road until further notice.

What Paul Malong and his other blood-thirsty militia Generals must understand is that, as our leadership has signed this Peace Agreement, we in the Opposition are determined to defend this achievement.

They will always find our gallant freedom fighters ready to engage them, day and night until the fifteen days are over and we see what Salva Kiir will have come up with again not to embrace the Compromise Peace Agreement?

However anytime they disturb the hornets’ nests, they wont walk away freely without tasting the trade mark stings of our gallant fighters.

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Luke Luate August 20, 2015 at 3:44 am

Crooked journalists plus illiterate minds of not knowing how to make propaganda statements.
Which part of Eastern Equatoria where you attacked in?
And which part of Nimule road have you closed?
Cowards coackroaches

JJ Okot August 20, 2015 at 9:02 am

“Red Hat” Freedom Fighter will teach you a lesson you will never forget

AGUMUT August 20, 2015 at 4:03 am

Is it defeat,slipers,feet or foods!

Chuolkhan August 20, 2015 at 5:23 am

Fore sure you guys fact must be told Agumut and Luate you have adapted the big lies from your Aguer Pannyang as usual do is not far and is not impossible it possible that Nimuli road is already closedown any one having a time to ask other humanitarians Agency and NGO THEY WILL TELL YOU FRANKLY BUDDY. It will be closedown very soon for you you thought that UNGANAD FORCES WILL NOT HELP ANY MORE AT THIS SEE NOW THEY ARE LOOKING FOR THIER EYES PLSE if your are not talk talk seriously to your KIIR


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