It should not take us long to calls ourselves people of “Apuk Giir County”

By Angelo Akech Dengdit,


Cattle in Gogrial County of South Sudan (Photo credits: author)
Cattle in Gogrial County of South Sudan (Photo credits: author)

Nov 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Varies counties in South Sudan bear the name of community that occupied that place

Some of these counties in South Sudan are Twic county of warrap state which has been named after Twic community,the section of Jieng(dinka) tribe in bahr el Ghazal region.

The 2nd is Twic East of Jonglei state which is peopled by Twic section of Jieng(Dinka) tribe in Upper nile region,they called themselves Twic East community to differentiates them with Twic community in Bahr el ghazal region.

The two Twic communities are little analogous  to each other.The other proudly named counties  are Maban county in Upper Nile which mostly occupied by Maban community,Duk county and others.

In Warrap state,Gogrial East county is similar to counties of Twic,twic East,Duk ,maban and others that are inhabited by mono community.It is inhabited by Apuk Giir Thiik community of Jieng Rek section of Jieng(Dinka) tribe.

This community is subdivided into 9th  subsections namely; Abior, Abuok, Adoor, Amuk,Apool, Biong,Buoyar, Jur-manager and Nyarmong.

As the community peace conference has been scheduled to take place this year in Pathuon East headquarters Yiik-Adoor,I would like to propose that the changing of county name from “Gogrial East county” to “Apuk Giir county” should be included in conference  agendas.

It should not take us long to calls ourselves as people of “Apuk Giir county”.Like previous counties that I have listed,Apuk Giir county(If changed) will still be one of Greater Gogrial counties.

The fact that it will drop off the word “Gogrial East” will not affect it being greater Gogrial county.Otherwise, it would have been easy for Arab world counties like Pakistan,Sudan,Chad etc which do not bear the word “Arab Republic+ the name of country to be members of Arabs world countries.They both calls themselves Arab world counties just like their fellow members countries like Arab republic of Egypt,Libya,Syria etc which bear the word Arab Republic.

The changing of this county name from “Gogrial East county” to “Apuk county” will kill two birds with one stone in its meaning.

First,it will officially bear community name in country and world map.2nd ,it will raises above sky  the name of our beloved chief late Giir Thiik.In facts,It will be surprise to others to say that the word Gogrial East is known by 30% if not 20% of sons and daughters of Apuk Giir who know how to read and write or those who might have heard it.

Many people calls it Lietnhom county which is  the name of its headquarters.

I would like to end my proposal with call upon our county  representatives in state and national parliament,commissioner,Intellectuals,Youth,students,Chiefs,cattle camps leaders,Women and all sons and daughters of Apuk Giir to tirelessly work on changing our county name from Gogrial East to Apuk Giir county.


The author is ex. Deputy Information secretary of Gogrial East Students Association Wau chapter. He is currently living in Juba.

For comments, kick him hard at Akechdengdit@gmail.com or +211920911110

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Achuil Bak Angong July 28, 2016 at 9:39 pm

It was actually right for Gogrial East County, To be called Apuk county


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