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In Response To Gordon Buay’s Preposterous Article “Riak Machar’s discrimination of the Nuer in SPLAM_IO”.

By David Lony Majak Makuei:

Buay Malek, a member of SSLA and a South Sudan government supporter(Photo: Buay's profiles)
Buay Malek, a member of SSLA and a South Sudan government supporter(Photo: Buay’s profiles)

24th June, 2016(Nyamilepedia) — who is Gordon Buay; a traitor trading on human epidermis, opportunist, deserter, former rebel, self-imposed mouthpiece of Salva Kiir. Dinka-Nuer born or adapted child during the longest wars and conflicts, educated but lack intellectuality of sensing the truth and realities yet claiming slim step ladder to reach the national recognition in two years’ time simply because of war.

There is no veracity in it, but rather a wider mawkishness full of uneven fastness. Subsequently having read Buay’s unfounded article with dishonorable and unethical terms, I got dazed on how he could be recital in this regard. I just want to first make few corrections on the diplomatic, military and academic titles given to decency people in the entire world.

No disgrace; being the ambassador without portfolio representing no embassy and persisting on the shedding of the blood of your own relatives or not. While carrying on with, never called PhD, Dr. Riak Machar, Riak Machar, he has the various undoubting trophies of academic, diplomatic and military one.

Mr. Buay, your equivocal arguments on nepotism, ghettoization, and the general discrimination is not pure and cannot be taken into deliberation by wise intelligentsias except shortsighted people who don’t know where they are going to for the rest of their miserable lives like you.

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In the recent formation of TGoNU which was declared on 29th April 2016, as the kicking-off of the peace implementation by the two parties to end the conflict in South Sudan. There were some national consultations on equal representation, and all stakeholders of SPLM-IO were involved in the process of consultations before the appointment of SPLM-IO, (10) ten ministers by the chairman and commander in chief of army forces.

By doing so, am quite sure that our country is capitulated by typical rich delinquents who can get their daily breads after divulging and treacherous on their own people and this is the very Gordon Buay you all know for the last two years.

Your pathetic political hostilities and dangerous critics will not promote you to another level of ambassadorial as long as you have chosen the central blood side obsessed by some indicated communal partisans. But the fact remains that, you are playing the roles of Jieng Council of Elders in absence. You are the man in the darkness of wealth, this is not war of nerves instead it is a practical part of certainty in nation building.

For you, having mentioned the mighty greater Lou-Nuer community in your undesirable thoughts of views is infamy but due to your thin understanding of national events and lack of logical fear you will continue poisoning yourself and the public at large.

Lou-Nuer, did not joined movement and stood with their son Dr. Riak Machar because of positions. They did all they can to protected Nuer Nation and their ancestral past, Nuer people have demonstrated the truth-seeking whilst they are not ready to be slaves.

IO representation in the transitional government of national Unity is very equitable at all levels and any region or state has been confirmed epitomized in the ministerial clusters or secretariat levels as far as the leadership is concerned on our democratic government.

On your believing side, Nuer were ignorantly represented by giving them one minister and Dinka-married Nuer deputy minister. Without ample justifications, you are aware of unsatisfactory ministerial unbalancing in the transitional government. Statistically; out of the 18 ministries for the government-juba, 63 tribes got only 8 ministries and 10 ministries for Dinka Kingdom, standstill barking on SPLM-IO Affairs since you were classified to be president Kiir’s front watchdog.

While cataloging your unfit criticism on Dok-Nuer community and in relation to the appointment of; Gen. Yiey Dak, he is not a politician, instead he was designated to where he has been restored before the crises and this has nothing to do with your incredible tyranny disorders in the media.

No Dok community have conquered the office of the C-n-N and at the same the chairman of the movement, those are allegations carried out by Money minded groups. SPLA-IO have early made a very streamline preliminary military deployments and it all went on well compare to your Gen. Malong Awan’s second militarized Dinka Kingdom known as bilpam-GQHs.

When the war erupted in 2013, December 15, you were not famous to be who you are today until you were used like a toilet paper to get into the position of ambassador without portfolio signifying no embassy.

In your unauthenticated evidence fitting Nuer’s discrimination and Nepotism, no Nuer clan or section left unrepresented in all levels of the government. Thus Nuer on the side of IO has 3 ministerial positions and other 7 ministries for the non-Nuer communities in IO.

Regional depiction; in the (3) three greater regions; no grievances has been communicated to SPLM-IO leadership, truth must be told this time around without tolerances irrespective of the peace deal implementation.

Fighting and wagging war of impunity is not the anticipated mission of SPLA/SPLAM_IO but somewhat it is the second nearest option because you and your Juba government are not willing to implement peace in order to rescue the country from collapse.

Your diminutive mindset would have surely focus on the national tasks, the issue of human rights atrocities, unlawful arrest, insecurity and other concerned brutalities committed by government during the crises. We will closely push for a free justice space, transitional justice and accurate accountability and you must account as per the agreement.

Sincerely speaking, I was initially expecting someone like you to be advocating for peace implementation roughly the issue of unconstitutional established 28 states but you ended up being so skeptical.

I must also remain you that; since the outburst of the conflict in December 15, 2013. Some who stood whole-heartedly with Mr. President salva kiir are now behind the bars due to their ethnic identity, others are in jails, many have left the country because of your own insecurity. Splm-io ideology is not centered in the heart of tribalism or tribal-lines; it is a government within which members’ rights are valued and incorporated in all ways.

Conclusively, instead to continue crying and to reestablish a clearer ground for you and other traitors to ask Mr. President Kiir in strip of biasness in political representation of Nuer who endured in an open space. You are there ceaselessly devoting your time writing about SPLM-IO and Nuer matters yet you and the rest on the government adjacent have been marginalized.

You have mentioned fair complementary of staff in the presidency, where you had stated Nuer presence midst the personnel in the office of Salva Kiir. We don’t know them because they are paramount to no impact traitors. No one was among the thieves who were dragged to court of law and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The writer can be reached at delonymajak@gmail.com; he is a freelance writer and human rights activist.

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