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Kiir, Malong’s Militia Chop Fingers That Feed Them.

By Nicholas Osobi

chopped hand

May 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Although common sense is meant to be common, there are some category of human beings who have been eluded by it. In South Sudan, Kiir and Malong’s boys (fighters) are among them. They have brains that cannot reason, eyes that cannot see and hearts that have no sense of humanity.

In Ma’diland they have proved this again and over. They chop fingers that feed them, and have also officially added food robbery and murder to their job description.

For this fact, their mission in the whole of Equatoria is “Rob and Murder” (RaM).

As reported previously, over the weekend gunned down two innocent Ma’di young men along Mugali-Nimule road in what can be described as food robbery.

The victims were travelling to Nimule on commuter motorcycle aka boda-boda, on a fateful Sunday morning when they landed in an ambush of food robbers who forcefully took their food items and mobile phones under gun point and later spread them with bullets from behind.

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Per the reports, the assailants allegedly asked those innocent boys to surrender their food stuffs and they did without any resistance, but it’s believed that those useless born to rule fighters feared they would be investigated if they let those boys to leave and therefore decided to brutally murder them.

Two weeks ago, news websites were awash with stories of generosity of the native Ma’dis toward the undeserving born to rule fighters, dumped and abandoned in Ma’di land by Salva Kirr and Paul Malong.

If it were not for the unconditional hospitality of the native Ma’dis, most of them would have died from starvation.

On one occasion, a restaurant manager in Nimule had to let them leave his restaurant without paying for their meals because they had no money yet such favour meant nothing to their other colleagues and they are continuing to chop the fingers that feed them.

Another fighter of Kiir and Malong disgraced the whole nation when he was caught stealing raw mangoes in Uganda border town of Bibia. He was paraded to the local council’s office and later released without charges. So barbaric!!!

I, Mr. Nicholas Osobi, as a revolutionary columnist, and on behalf of all peace loving south Sudanese, condemn this kind of brutality and barbarism against the innocent citizens, and ask the Unity Government to return those useless soldiers back to the kraal. Their use if any, hasn’t been realised in Ma’di area but their havoc, very much felt.

I urge the Unity Government to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God. Violent is not our thing and we don’t need it either.

Give us peace!

The author, Nicholas Osobi, is a Revolutionary Columnist. Hit me hard at nicholas.osobi@columnist.com

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