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South Sudan, Nigeria and Afghanistan Top Controversy in UK’s Anti-Corruption Summit

World leaders are converging in London, UK for anti-peace summit hosted by UK Prime Minister, David Cameroon(Photo: supplied)
World leaders are converging in London, UK for anti-peace summit hosted by UK Prime Minister, David Cameroon(Photo: supplied)

May 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– As world leaders converge in London for anti-corruption summit, hosted by the UK Prime Minister David Cameroon, Nigeria, Afghanistan and South Sudan are at the center of attention.

Caught on camera in Buckingham Palace on Tuesday, Prime Minister Cameroon lashed at Nigeria and Afghanistan describing them as ‘fantastically corrupt’ countries.

The two countries, which are among the most corruption nations in the world according to Transparency International in 2015, received £2.3 billions euros since David Cameroon to power in 2010.

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While Afghanistan was ranked third in 2015, Nigeria was ranked 31st.

The remarks of Prime Minister Cameroon has sparked controversy as some leaders push the host to apologize for his comments but the Nigerian President, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, who is “tough” on corruption wants UK to support him identify and punish the corrupt officials in his country.

Unlike his counterparts Gen. Salva Kiir and other African leaders, who have been soft or involved in corruption in their countries, President Buhari has arrived in London to attend the submit.

Among the top five most corrupt countries that will receive more aid this year are Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and North Korea.

While South Sudan, the 5th most corrupt nation, has received £828m from Cameroon’s leadership in the last six years, the war-torn young nation is expected top the aid list this year with £145.5 millions euro.

Somalia, which is also war-ridden, has received £583 millions in the last six years and is expected to receive another £82.7 million euro in 2016/2017.

In total, the top ten most corruption countries will receive £421 million according to the Department for International Development (DFID). This will bring the total aid assistance under David Cameroon to £2.7 billion since Cameroon came to power.

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