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Fragmentation Of Unity State Obliterates The Amity Of Its People

By Gatmai Buom Ruot,


Feb 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- On 20th February 2016, the citizens of Unity State Community in Kenya turned out in big numbers to witness the inauguration of new leaders at the International Leadership University Nairobi, Kenya.

Congratulations to the people and the new chairperson of Unity Community in Kenya Mr. Kuol Ruai Kuol and his team for the trust the community has vested in them.

I want to acknowledge the electoral committee for doing everything they could in order to conduct free and fair elections and without forgetting the efforts of great men and women after serious deliberations, by all the stakeholders, drafted the constitution for Unity State community in Kenya.

Before I get to the essence of this article allow me to express my sincere gratitude to Honorable Nyalok Tiong Gatluak for accepting to be the chief guest.

Honorable Nyalok’s message to the community majorly focused on four key things; one education, and life in foreign nations and to be specific Kenya, Unity of the people of Bentiu and by implication the unity of South Sudanese people.

The fourth and very paramount is the need to attain lasting peace and stability in all parts of South Sudan.

I want to laud and commend SPLM Youth League chairperson Mr.Puot Kang Chol and Mr. Tor Tungwar Kueigong for not only honoring our invitations but also for the message they shared with the people of Unity State.

The people of Unity State are indeed historical people, in the context of Nuer all the Nuer were created in Bentiu especially Tharjiath Liech but of course we are all aware about the story of creation (evolution and the biblical perspective) but later other Nuer clans crossed the River Nile, some went as far as South Sudan-Ethiopia border and the rest of the history is available in other sources. I bring out that small part of history to demonstrate the hospitality of our people in terms of welcoming different people to their land like they did to the minority Dinka currently occupying parts of Northern Unity State. It is the harmony of the diverse parts, symmetry; in a word it is all that introduces, all that gives unity that permits us to see clearly and to comprehend at once both the ensemble and the details.

The youths in Unity State must work together and rebuild broken social fabric. The level of disunity and disorganization shown by our leaders in Bentiu especially during this war has indeed exterminated more lives and property more than the independence struggle war. Inhumane skirmishes which the Arabs did not commit are being perpetrated by Nuer against fellow Nuer in Bentiu and most especially people from Southern Unity State become the victims of these barbaric operations while those in the North become the stooge of the main perpetrator of this ethnic cleansing.

The recent fragmentation of Unity State into three states obliterates the amity of its people and this is true because the counties of Panrieng and Abiemnom have withdrawn their memberships from the main Association and formed Ruweng State Association as a new tribal state for the Dinka Pananuur only.

The two counties don’t have common border and for them to become one state, land from other communities have been annexed and this, in my view has far reaching implications, one of which is permanent conflicts over land among the communities affected.

Unity State is one and must remain as such until such a time when the communities feel that they need to have more administrative areas but not through a decision from the Dinka Council of Elders in their unknown location. In summary therefore I call upon my brothers and sisters from the above mentioned counties to come back to the association and work with the new team.

As I bring this to conclusion I want to send a message of condolences to families whose loved ones were killed by forces of South Sudan Government in Malakal UNMISS camp.

We denunciate such actions and urge the UNMISS to protect civilians in their camps and elsewhere from aggressions by the South Sudan forces.

God bless South Sudan God bless Unity State!

Gatmai Buom Ruot is immediate former chairperson of Unity State Community in Kenya, For information contact the him via this email nelsongbuom@gmail.com

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Bol Gatjang February 21, 2016 at 7:23 pm

Yes you have done a tremendous jobs brothers and sisters of Unity State. Unity is strength in this time of animosity and dehumanizing by Kiir in South Sudan. I would like to extend my grateful gratitude toward the author for his appreciation to Jikany community in general and Gajaak community in particular for their hospitality toward those Nuer who lost residents after Kiir tried exterminate them.They have done marvellous works by welcoming all different Nuer clans to their lands.


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