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The Legacy of the US Current President, Barack Obama, and His Historical Foreign Policy in Middle East.

By Mok Dei Gual,

Kampala, Uganda.

U.S. President Barack Obama listens to comments during a working session at a G-20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia on Friday, Sept. 6, 2013. World leaders are discussing Syria's civil war at the summit but look no closer to agreeing on international military intervention to stop it. (AP Photo/Dimitar Dilkoff, Pool)
U.S. President Barack Obama listens to comments during a working session at a G-20 summit in St. Petersburg, Russia on Friday, Sept. 6, 2013. World leaders are discussing Syria’s civil war at the summit but look no closer to agreeing on international military intervention to stop it. (AP Photo/Dimitar Dilkoff, Pool)

August 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- Before I get started to analyzing some events happening around the world, I want to remind the people about what the current US president said when he was doing his campaigns in his first term in United States of America. As I have watched him traveling to other States to mobilize citizens to vote for him, all he used to tell his supporters is the “change we believe in”. Most people have seen him as the change maker within the country and around the world. Sooner than later, the man was democratically elected by the US citizens. It’s the first time in US history for the black person to enter to white house as the US president.

The Arrival of US president Obama to Cairo on 4 June 2009.

On his implementation of the foreign policy the US president made decision to visit Cairo as his first tour in Middle East, where he had met with the country former leader Hosni Mubarak inclusive members of Islamic groups there. On his arrival to Cairo, the US president made speech as he went on saying that, we meet at the time of great tension between the United States and the Muslim around the world. Tension rooted in historical forces that go beyond any current policy debate. He had continued saying that; I have come here to Cairo to seek a new beginning between United States and Muslims around the world. One based upon the truth that America and Islam are not exclusive and need not to be in competition.

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Beginning of uprisings and the vanished of the Arab governments in Middle East.

One year later, after the US President met with Arab world leaders in Cairo then uprisings happened in the Arab World. Protesters went out on streets and the government was overthrown in the country like Tunisia when the former President Ben Ali went into exile. Ben Ali went to Saudi Arabia to discuss regional politics with King Abdullah but he had feared of returning back to his country. One of University student by name Ahmed burned himself near by the parliament .He did not able to pay his school fees as an unemployment arise in the country. Sooner than later, election held for constituents Assemble on Oct 23, 2011 and the situation returns to normal.

Commotion happened in Cairo as Muslim brotherhood started to protests.

The former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak had been in the power for 30 years. He had arrested and jailed most people and those he believed as Muslims brotherhood who had tried to destabilize the country for a long time. Islamic Jihad was formed in Cairo by Ayman Zawahari and worked together with Hamas in Gaza as terrorist organizations running their activities in Gaza and Cairo . Ayman Zawahari had joined Al-Qaida after he traveled to Saudi Arabia. Back to story of an insurgency in Cairo, after all members of Muslims brotherhood went on streets to protests, therefore the President Hosni Mubarak made decision to step aside. His government was overthrown on Feb 11; 2011.He was also charges of killing unarming protesters. Election held after four months while protesters still continue on Tarir Square. All members of Muslims brotherhood had nominated Ahmed Morsi for the presidency in the country.Morsi was democratically elected by the citizens of the country.Ahmed Morsi is the one year term president and he was overthrown by military coup on July 2013 by the current president Abdel Fatta Assisi. Ahmed Morsi is now in jail as he was accused of killing the people during his one year term as the president. All politicians who worked together with the former president Honsi Mubarak went into exile for sake of their safety. The former Secretary General of Arab league Muamar Mossad and the rest of cabinet went to exile when another President assumed the power in Cairo.

The late Maumar Gaddafi and his opponents in Tripoli City.

The late Maumar Gaddafi believed to be the brutal Dictator who had been in the power for many years till his death. Libya was put on record as the country which started what is known today as the act of terrorism around the world. The first person who started to kill passengers on plane is the citizen of Libya but one who closely to the late Maumar Gaddafi.The criminal had spent many years in jail till he was released and deported back to his country in 2006.The late Maumar Gaddafi was also condemned by the United Nations when he had thrown the booklet of United Nations into rubbish in New York. As uprisings happened in the Arab world. Protesters also went on streets in Tripoli demanding the former leader Gaddafi to step aside as what Hosni Mubarak did in Egypt. Anti government protests begin on Feb, 15 2011 leading to civil war between opposition forces and Maumar Gaddafi loyalists. After three months, Tripoli was captured, the government was overthrown on Aug 23, 2011 and the brutal Dictator Maumar Gaddafi was killed by transition forces on Oct 20, 2011.After the death of Maumar Gaddafi, the country is now destroyed by the civil war.ISIL is there fighting with the current transitional government to establish the Islamic State of Libya.US Ambassador J Christopher Steven and US foreign service information management officer Sean Smith were killed at battle of Benghazi in 2012.

An unceasing civil war in the Syria as the country deteriorated from failure to collapse State.

By following an events happened in Arab World within the same year, citizens of Syria went out on streets to demanding the political reforms in the country. On January 26, 2011 protests started with continuing of clashes between Syria arms and protesters. Most of the citizens went out on streets demanding the president Bashar Assad to step aside. The man responded by killing the protesters and the civil war erupted in the country. The country has reached the level of the state of nature where the people do not respected the moral laws. His late father had killed most people in Syria in the first when the same things happened in his regime. Syria now becomes war zone country where the Russian airstrikes continues to killing the citizens including the children in the city of Aleppo .It has been reported recently that the rebels have gathered  the residents of Aleppo into one place and they had used them as human shield. The civil war spread into the town of Gaziantep near by the Turkey border. Most of Syrians arrived into other countries for seeking of international protection. The civil war has been going on in the country since 2011.Government has vanished and the citizens had deserted the country.

An expelled of Israeli diplomat from Turkey as the two countries disagreed politically in 2010.

After Israeli had invaded Gaza in 2009, the one of Turkey flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza was attacked by Israeli especially forces and killed ten Turkey national in May 2010.In response by the Turkey president Recep Tayyip  Erdogan said to Israeli government to apologize for what happened but the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  refused to do so. Israel had been accused by the Turkey as the country which has been training Kurdish terrorists PPK to destabilize Turkey for a long time. Kurdish terrorists have been fighting with Turkey government since 1986.They have been struggling for an independent of their own country. Last month the US government had given the military hardware included vehicles to Kurdish terrorists to get involved in Syria civil war.

An Intervention of Saudi Arabia militarily in Yemeni civil war.

Fighting happened between Houthi tribe and the government forces since 2011.Most people were displaced from their homes and the rest went to seek refuge in other places. The former president Ali Abdullah Saleh was injured in an attack on June 4, on November near to Mosque. Saudi Arabia intervened in Yemen civil war and the US has signed secret agreements with Saudi Arabia to supplying the country with military hardware and tanks. Three weeks ago the US government with approval from Pentagon sold military vehicles and 130 tanks to Saudi Arabia. As human being with capacity of thinking about what going on around the world. You should understand that, the world is ready for third world war. No place on globe is any longer free from attack even the United States.

Author is the student who pursuing a bachelor of social Work and social administration at one of University. He can be reached by his phone +256788866691.    

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