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Imatong State Authorities Observes Torit 1955 Uprising Day

By Merio M. Likudu,

Torit, South Sudan

Imatong state Governor Hon. Nartisio Loluke Manir(Photo: supplied)
Imatong state Governor Hon. Nartisio Loluke Manir(Photo: supplied)

August 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- authority in Imatong state today observed the day of 18.8.1955 uprising and commemorated it as the 61st anniversary of the historic day that set South Sudan on its cause of a liberation that led to independent on July 09, 2011.

Speaking to the press yesterday at the state palace, the Imatong state Governor, Hon. Nartisio Loluke, said that the government and people of the Imatong state are observing August 18, 2016 as an uprising day in the history of south Sudan where the first bullet was shot to set our fellow South Sudanese free from discrimination, destruction and underdevelopment,.

“Am informing the people of the state that these days that where our fathers started war against Arabs with arrows, spears and other local guns that are not present to our time and can be hardly seen. I want to inform the people of Imatong state that this is the day, we have to observe, because it is the day that made history of south Sudan, where we started with arrows, pangs, until we were able to acquire rifles like abu chakuch, abu 5, abu 10to the modern that we have today,” Loluke pronounced.

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He added that as we commemorate this day, we must remember our freedom fighters, including those who were taken as slaves to port Soudan where most of them died.

Governor Loluke asked the state people by saying “I want to ask those who are carrying arms, why are you carrying arms? You need to know, you are not on the right track, you are guided a bad Engle, because there is no reason to fight as it was already justified by our martyrs.”

He continues that the best approach, according to him, is on the table not with guns saying “I speak as governor, because am free, with my open voice, open heart,”

Loluke again asked why are youth still in the bush and saud “come and join us as we are going now in next stage to fight poverty”.

The governor said he is declaring war against poverty and diseases, citing that “we must liberate our people from poverty, diseases, ignorance, and lack of civilization and bring about easy service closer to the people, good roads, and technology and improve economy,”

The governor plead to youth, who have taken up arms and continue to fight the government, to give president Salva humble time to lead and be happy like other presidents.

“you people are not giving president rest, you who are in bush, he should be happy like other president everyday solving problem” Said the governor.

Loluke call on armed groups to seek peaceful means, not by violence incase of differences so as to avoid further suffering of the south Sudanese people.

Governor Loluke; however urged the Imatong state people to continue cultivating, to eradicate hunger from the state.

Governor Loluke, like the rest of his colleagues, were appointed by the president through a presidential decree and independent voices like Bishop Santo Laku believes that they live in fear and their words may not represent the aspirations of their people.

Former governors, who were elected by the people, are now removed. Some have gone to exile while others remain serving as presidential advisors in Salva Kiir’s government.

The historic day, August 18, though not marked nationwide, was also observed by many youths on social media as a day that deserves national recognition.

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