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Slavery Is A Choice So Dangerous, Cautioned Philosopher Plato

By Deng Vanang,

Deng Vanang
Deng Vanang

Feb 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- All animals are equal but some have parasites in them, including human beings. This is no an eco-system, neither bio-diversity nor simply life in the wild. This is the piece closer to the allegory of an animal farm novel by Great and memorable George Orwell.

Where there are predators and preys nature created to live on one another or where one strong carnivore takes the kill of another weaker one.

We are here actually talking about animals that dwell inside the other living animals for food. These parasites are not that they can’t afford on their own to live and even outsource their food from somewhere.

It is because is cheaper to live on another animal than to strike it out alone the hard way and become an independent self. Their freedom is not their own concern, but food and where they can get it, are the ones which bother them the most.

Little wonder one can see tits externally sucking on animals for food. While inside the same animals if killed, are other smaller animals that make a wonderful livelihood free from sweat. While in darkness and heat, they deny themselves the light, fresh air and free movement associated with living outside.

More conversely, this is not different from fellow human beings’ ways of life. The world of eco -system still lives and rumbles on here with us in humankind. Although one human being doesn’t enter inside another, he denies his hands and feet to carry out the noble purpose nature means for them.

This dependency syndrome sometimes comes after brainwashing that he is not worth anything. Or he is an idiot who can’t make things happen. But most of the times, dependency syndrome slips into somebody’s mind so spontaneously.

It is not one person, but an army of able bodied with all the mental faculties fully intact and operational, unfortunately choose not to be themselves due to negative social influence from those they perceive as superior.

To them lifting one’s finger up to do something edible or dignifying is the hassle they so rue to think of, as are their socially maimed mental faculties trained by lack of shamefulness and drive. They are human predators who only afford to identify some other human preys to live on and where they can spot them red handed.

Then set off with their lightning feet and mouths swung open heading to places where their preys enjoy themselves. So strategic in thinking to a foul and incredibly exacting the time they can catch their preys while hands still deep in the cookie jar.

There they rush with all their name tags of dreaded swarm of locusts that leave desolation in their wake, banquet’s gatecrashers, bottomless drains on the struggling economy and fodder to the corruption of which it is the byproduct.

They don’t disappoint, but devour with all the sweeping appetite to the fullness in the usual way the idle men and women do.

If one thinks this stops at social life, he is dead wrong. Even in politics their skills they horned from shortfall of common sense for rumors, quilt and shyness required of right thinking humans, are high on demand.

These are guys or call them political decoys, who surrender their conscience for as negligible iota as basic food and empty titles. In exchange for such, heartless politicians set them loose like wild dogs on rivals from opposite extreme. Warriors without cause they are who fight proxy wars engineered by some invisible fellows.

They are as clownish as instructed, who see black object as white and laugh out their hearts in respond to masters’ mild grinds. Get into the blazing furnace in quick and unquestionable response to their bosses’ inhumane dictate. Blood of the innocent not only profusely drips from their hands, but trials their quaky feet wherever they may set them.

During and after criminal persecutions, these human parasites form the thick criminal ring of agitators and executioners caught in the web of ranging violence.

For by any other names these are gun-trotting vanguard at the battlefield, placard carrying street demonstrators and loose – tongued sycophants on the political podia and in the news rooms. Who are later hauled into and out from the courts rooms, with feet up dangling in last kicks and engrossed in deafening screams that curse remorseless paymasters, as darkest dungeons for life or nearest and tallest gallows anxiously await their arrival.

So simple is their fault: guilty as charged after being caught in power hungry politicians’ heated arguments that went terribly wrong while in mindless, blind pursuit to maximize political and monetary gains.

Deng Vanang is author and journalist, to be reached at:dvanang@gmail.com

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Gat.darwich February 23, 2016 at 6:54 pm


Dealing with the natural born traitors, manipulators, and gluttonous–the Jenges is extremely hard, but Ngundeng will and shall imminently unleash hell on them period


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