Conflict of interests among salva kiir, 11- former Detainees, and Dr.Machar Hamper peace in south Sudan

By Puot Jock,


Former SG, Pagan Amum Okiech (photo: AP/Khalil Senosi)
Former SG, Pagan Amum Okiech (photo: AP/Khalil Senosi)

June 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Before the out breaks of war in south Sudan all mentioned groups were SPLM leaders that used to run the overall activities in the government. Besides their role as country leaders they are backed by their different interests that lets salva kiir to orders the genocide of Nuer in Juba, December 15, 2013, that costs a lives of 25,000 above Nuer.

By the time when former vice president and others SPLM political Bureau were sacked out in July ,2013 from their position by Salva Kiir due to his personal interest, these sacked political bureau members called a press conference in Juba on how SPLM party should proceed ahead to create good leadership performance in the country , during that meeting in a groups   a formers Pagan Amum, Mama Rebecca Nyadeng, and Dr. Machar  declares themselves to contests for the 2015 election for presidential seats in SpLM, because all of them have different  interest they did not come to the points to selects one person that will run the presidency seats, this was up to when the December 15,2013 SPLM conference was held that included both sacked formers SPLM leaders and Salva Kiir with his groups, the final results of that meeting was the genocide of the Nuer in Juba by Salva Kirr.

The interest of these groups is stated below based on their own views of seeing their interest:

                    The Interest of Salva Kiir  

Interest of salva kiir Mayardit or Salvator is more in numbers, but the most pillars are:

  • First to kills Nuer in Orders to restore Dinka Elders plans to liberate Nuer out of south Sudan to the neighbors countries.
  • Second to prevent his seat as president by killing Nuer because they are his targets people in the government.
  • Third was even though peace started ,his personal interest  in this peace is not to lost his presidential seats of south Sudan , while he made genocide in the December,2013 in Juba.

                        Interest of Dr.Machar

Dr. Machar is fair, honest and kind person, because even though he was removed from vice president he did not applied any power, but Salva Kiir forces him to fight, which he has no plane to do so.

His interest to contest with presidential seats before the war broke out is to strengthening the SPLM party, build democratic government in south Sudan, but during this peaces making process his interest is:

  • To establish democratize federalism ,that will ensure equality ,freedom of every tribes in south Sudan
  • To builds strong democratic government that can determine equality among all nations in the country.
  • To bring any means that will let’s all people be free from any war crime made by salva kiir/Salvator on innocents’ civilian in south Sudan.

               The Interest of 11- formers detainees

           This formers 11-detainees interest is:

  • First to join with either Dr.Machar or Salva Kiir to regain their position they hold before the war broke out
  • Second to show themselves on the eyes of south Sudanese as good people for their being neutral in orders to have popularity.
  • Thirds they need to leads the interim government by their being neutral.
  • Fourth they needs  the ways to leave /remove out two warring leaders( Dr.Machar ,and Salva Kiir) to leader the country, while their private interest override the national interest.

The core issues that all warring party and those former detainees are arguing is federalism formed by Dr.Machar to serve south Sudan from this destruction made by Salva Kiir and formation of transitional government based on the power sharing. These two points and others are backed by their groups own interest. But to every south Sudanese including these two warring party, and formers detainees, bears in your mind that the life of our innocents people are better than your selves interests, lets us leave all our selves interest and sees only how to serves the life of our people in any means that we can to solve this problem that face our new nation

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Appreciate you sharing, great post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.


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