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Conflicting Reports On What Sparked Fighting In Juba!

The Ugandan People Defence Force trenched themselves at Juba airport, in an attempt to defense the installation from the armed opposition. The army is however fed up and now wanting to pull out(Photo: via ST)
The Ugandan People Defence Force trenched themselves at Juba airport, in an attempt to defense the installation from the armed opposition. The army is however fed up and now wanting to pull out(Photo: via ST)

June 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — A report leaked to Nyamilepedia by an insider in the national security, who did not want to be named due to fear of repercussion, blames the Ugandan People Defense Force(UPDF) for the Monday shooting in the South Sudanese capital, Juba.

“These Ugandan soldiers are threatening to withdraw or their salaries be increased to remain in the country. They said the SPLA has refused to fight the rebels. They are staging insecurity at the airport because they know how important it is to the government” The insider alleges.

“The recent shooting at the airport was a pretext by the Ugandans because to prove why the government must invest more money in UPDF” the insider continued.

Last Thursday, the United State, through the department of state, warned the American citizens of insecurity in South Sudan and urged their citizens to stay off from Juba or travel in American convoy while in South Sudan.

“The government of South Sudan has limited capacity to deter crime or provide security to travelers anywhere in the country.” The US embassy “will continue operating at reduced staff levels for the foreseeable future.” The report reads.

The insider reports a sporadic gun shots at the Juba airport on Monday, claiming that the UPDF fired bullets over a commando truck that was patrolling the area at around 4pm.

The source believes that the SPLA commandos responded, however, they remained cautious of further consequences of such surprise attack.

“The commandos do not want to fight the disgruntled UPDF, they drove away. The Ugandan soldiers did not pursue them” the insider said.

Sources believes that the shooting might be a warning to accompany Museveni’s recent remarks at the Addis Ababa peace talk. Although it is yet to be verified, sources believe that the Ugandan people’s army threatened to withdraw entirely from South Sudan or their salaries be increased.

The insider explains that such decision is believed to have been taken by the UPDF earlier this month after the government soldiers withdrew from the defense positions in Jonglei state, which has left the UPDF battalions at the strategic town of Bor vulnerable.

The source alleges that the recent long visit by the government delegations are Juba’s attempts to resolve this “disturbing development”.

The government of South Sudan sent the Minister of Deference, Kuol Manyang Juuk, to meet the Ugandan’s minister of defense and other government officials two weeks ago to address the matter.

Last week, the Ugandan president, Yoweri Museveni, denied the coup allegation at the IGAD summit in Addis Ababa, a call that frustrates Juba the most.

Juba has sent  another delegation led by the country’s vice president James Wani Igga to normalize the deteriorating bilateral relations, however, very little has been achieved. Mr. Igga was quoted calling upon the “good Samaritans” to continue helping Juba.

“You have been our good Samaritans; help us tell the world that the rebels only control ten percent of South Sudan. Their demand that President Salva Kiir steps down is unrealistic. It has never happened anywhere in the world where an elected president leaves office just because rebels have demanded so,” said South Sudan Vice President James Wani Iga

Part of this statement was denied by another government official, Mr Deng Deng Yai, the Minister of Environment.

“We noted that Sudan Tribune misrepresented the statement made by the Vice President on the interim government at the South Sudanese community meeting in Kampala on Saturday, 14th June,” Deng said.

The minister was referring to the remarks made by the vice president at an open gathering attended by the South Sudanese refugees in Kampala.

The vice president has reportedly denied the funding of the Ugandan army operations in the country, believing that Juba only funds the UPDF’s fuels but not their monthly salary. This, however, contradicts what the Minister of Defence, Hon Kuol Manyang, conveyed earlier.

Sources from Juba believe that the minister of defence has submitted a resignation letter, allegedly, due to overwhelming responsibilities on his shoulders, and reportedly due to an agreement reached by president Kiir and some of the former detainees led by Pagan Amum.

Government Response:

Although the government has acknowledged the Monday fighting at the Juba airport, officials remain on alert to speak about it in the media. The Minister of Interior has assured the public that the government will investigate the cause of fighting and release the report.

“We are investigating the cause of shooting and we will let the public know what happening,” said minister, Aleu Ayieny Aleu.

James Monday, the police spokesperson, like minister Aleu, has also promised to gather intelligence before speaking out about the incident.

“Let me first find out from our CID (Criminal Investigation Department) the information they have about this incident because I was not here. But I believe it was not a big issue. It may have just been a misunderstanding,” police spokesman Col. James Monday Enoka Colonel

A memo allegedly released by the office of Salva Kiir, although denied by some officials, urges all the government officials and sympathizers to not speak against president Yoweri Museveni or his country in the media.

“The president of Uganda acted in the IGAD meeting without consulting me. An urgent meeting needs to be held as soon as possible. I warn you not to talk against him [Museveni] or his government in the media”, Salva Kiir warning in reference to Museveni’s negative remarks on the alleged coup.

Independent Reports:

Many airlines, which most are reconsidering their further schedules, have decided not to speak about the incidents, fearing repercussion from speaking out. The residents of Juba, however, believe that the fighting could have been cause by delayed salaries, defecting soldiers or any other cause.

The way things are going you can just not be sure who was responsible. It could be rebels inflitrating, it could be disgruntled soldiers over salaries or even simply criminals who try to steal. For us, we keep our heads down and pray that nothing happens to our passengers and aircraft, because if one is hit it needs repairing and they don’t have good facilities for that here’. Juba resident said.

Others believe that the fighting was caused by the disgruntled SPLA soldiers, who abandoned their positions at the front lines from Jonglei and Upper Nile.

Disgruntled Youth Calling For Federalism Silenced By Government Forces:

Other reports believe that some disgruntled youth, who are calling for federalism in Juba, were attacked by the government forces at Munuki and Gudella last nigh, 18 June.

“The SPLA are fighting Equatorians at Munuki block 10 and Gudella because they said they want to demonstrate for federalism but Salva Kiir loyalist from Bahr el Ghazal  Dinka refused. They fired at the unarmed civilians and killed some of them” said David Lokang, a resident of Gudela who has fled to Tongping UNMISS camp.

Youth from Greater Equatoria started gathering on 13 to launch a protest in Juba on June 14 in support of federalism. The peaceful demonstration was reportedly denied by the security agents, citing insecurity in the capital.

The Greater Equatoria community have called for federalism, and expressed their willingness to lead a peaceful campaign in the country. The three governors of Western, Eastern and Central Equatoria have expressed their support for the fundamental idea, however, they remain mindful to use only peaceful means to achieve the objective.

Sources, however, fear that the disgruntled youths, who were denied their right, might gather to disturb peace in government controls units in Central Equatoria, including Juba.

“More are mobilizing for the fight, mostly Equatorians’ youth who were denied demonstrations for federalism in Juba.” the report concludes.

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