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Opinion: Why reconciliation and forgiveness is a prerequisite for Unity State’s prosperity

By Gatkuoth Kutey Jah

Gatkuoth Kutey Jah (Photo courtesy of the author)
Gatkuoth Kutey Jah (Photo courtesy of the author)

August 7, 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – ‘’It’s important to know that if you attach many conditions to forgiveness, it may become almost the opposite, with characteristics akin to being vengeful or vindictive’’ as quoted by unknown.

Reconciliation and forgiveness befall in every circle of human experience, including distinct, communal, state, and trans-national echelons. In regards to the above, reconciliation refers to as restoration of fractured relationships between communities, political clusters of nations by overcoming heartache, anger and pain inflicted, through a societal process that involves mutual acknowledgement of past suffering and the changing of destructive attitudes into constructive relationships toward viable peace.

In otherward, forgiveness is the ethical decision to give up your vindicated right for revenge; it also requires the forgiver to recognize that the offender is a social being that can succumb flaws.  As a resulting hurt, pain, or atrocities, forgiveness can convey tenacity and liberty. It is a practical way of preventing the pain of the past from defining the footpath of the prospect.

However, the re-appointment of Unity State governor shouldn’t distract peace in the State since he is a peace partner like any political leader involved in signatory to peace agreements. It is my personal opinion that all-State political leaders, communities and activists should join forces of peace initiative and rebuild our State.

It was indubitable that people were killed and more specifically, Dinka killed Nuer in the pretext of a failed coup attempt against the legitimate system by SPLM leaders whose leader happened to be Nuer member, as such it prompted fighting and hastily engulfed the country. Nuer killed Nuer in the pretext of protecting the legitimate government, that was the catastrophe of humanity as such, that ought not to be stymied to reconcile and forgives as one society that shares a national vision.

It is worth mentioning that the Unity State’s natives had witness horrible crimes inflicted on us and undeniable scorch earth policy that dragged people of Unity State to maximum poverty and apathy. Although we all have grudges among us, the people of Unity State have a national duty and braveness to let go all the gruesome crimes and total deprivation of property from our hands for the sake of peace and tranquility to prevail totally in our nation as we continue to stand firm and explore further sections of life.

South Sudanese came from the background of full oppression or marginalization from the Arabs who committed horrible criminalities against us but all these were forgiven though not forgotten for the sack of our neighborhoods, as their country continues trustworthy despite history thus, we ought to forge that moreover for our State’s peace as well as our country.

Since South Sudanese people have suffered from our own made conflict for almost seven years of state catastrophes, with many peace agreements that were signed, took people to destitute, unheard injustices and many more crimes, but we still have a great hope for the nation which we can start to build now for the betterment of our state’s present and future generations.

On the same note, 2018 peace agreement which bore significant progress, though slow is the only hope for suffering population of South Sudan and particularly the people of Unity State. This peace is more advantageous to us since the conflict has devastated our state.

The people of |Unity State ought to advocate for peaceful settlements to heal the inflicted wounds that we have encountered for almost seven years’ conflict through a thorough reconciliation and forgiveness to rebuild the devastated State.  The only medicine that we can use to treat our wounds is forgiveness as conflict will never spur us peace and development because our potential post-social and a political menace to the situations of this friable states politic has impacted negatively on us.

To reconcile and forgive one another in life has personal advantages, more importantly; the following advantages should be installed to realize peaceful resettlement: Reinstalls security and repatriations of state experts and intellectuals. These groups are socially and politically well informed, they incredibly love stable political environment to live in, they are almost responsible for state development, their absent leave vacuum to social development and service delivery.

Revitalization of the state economy

The approach used by the government to allocate the scare resources to the intended population through production, distribution and efficient allocations of resources. Unity state is endowed with the natural resource; it is, therefore, the natural right for her citizen to enjoy those revenues.

Fight corruption. Corruption refers to the abuse of public power for personal uses. It includes nepotism, tribalism and misuses of public resources for personal gain. God forbid, Unity state should be first in the fight against corruption.

Attain the desired social and infrastructure development. For the country to develop, it must first develop her members to realize their potentials that are when they realize the importance of quality roads network within their territories, quality education and quality health institutions. These are achievable when experts and intellectuals are the pivots of developments planning. Unity state deserves peace to develop!

To draw to your attention, please COME HOME, home solutions are viable to his people. Let Unity State has peace and development. Peace in Unity State is the peace in South Sudan. Perturbing ceaseless dispute doesn’t mirror the actual situation on the ground, it is not bravery, and peace will never prevail overnight, nor abroad.

It has to reflect the best interest of the suffering population. The homemade solution is the responsibility of both state leaders in all political parties at all levels of governance in which loving your state take the sole leads to reconciliation and forgiveness. The appointed Unity State governor, the former military caretaker should lead societies to the anticipated purpose. The governor then ought to:

Unfasten from all kind of clannish politic. This will enhance the intellectuals and politically civilized members participate in productive politic which benefits the State, hence promote political stability, developments and social tenacity. Discourages typical clannish military generals deployment to state military division. Military force is responsible for protects the country from internal destabilization and external aggression which are a threat to country operation and sovereignty. Any attempt that seems to jeopardies state’s political health by the said members should be peacefully discouraged, violent is a fool’s approach.

Appoint socially and politically well-informed counties commissioners. A commissioner whose objective is to destabilize the state and loot the venerable properties have to be account accordingly based on the magnitude of his fault. Any appointed commissioner should positively impact in his county peace building and facilitates reconciliation, while quarterly leadership evaluation should be adapted and fully incorporated to State constitution to protect political depravities.

Promote inclusivity and other acts that promote state economy and properties securities.

Finally, the ball is still on the governor’s court to rule it out whether the above-suggested points should be considered while governing the state’s affair as the question goes ‘’How can we have a UNMISS camp for Nuer in Bentiu when the people outside are Nuer? ‘’ A question posted by Simon Marot. This question needs psychosomatic and mettle attention of state leaders and intellectuals.

The author holds Bachelor Arts in Economics from the Catholic University of South Sudan and is pursuing Master of Arts in Economic Policy & Planning at Makerere University. He can be reached via: gatkuothk2017@gmail.com

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