IGAD: Insolent Group Acting on Disintegration (IGAD), Not Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) anymore

By Chuol C. Puoch,


The IGAD leaders meeting on a sideline in New York(Photo: supplied)
The IGAD leaders meeting on a sideline in New York(Photo: supplied)

Oct 6, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — First and foremost, we would better study the political background and status of the members states owning the organization and more specifically Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan who are currently leading the peace negotiations between the South Sudanese warring parties in Ethiopia. Let’s try and make some highlights on their various political status and background, which perhaps, would qualify or disqualify them to be mediators of any human conflict.

Not everyone can be a mediator and not every Country can mediate between other Countries. It depend on the political honesty and transparency of that state to be able to mediate between others, regardless of  whether the conflict is social, economical or political.

By the way, are the IGAD member states transparent and honest to mediate and bring a meaningful and lasting peace to any of their Member State at this time? This question is subjected to individual observation and analysis as we will discuss those IGAD members state in this article.

To be very clear with you, the political transparency of a given state, especially in Africa, depend entirely on the capabilities and transparency of its leaders. It has no much to do with its historical background as most of the African leaders takes the laws into their own hands and can direct the Country toward achieving their personal interest and objectives, and leave behind the Country’s historical status.

For example, If Males Zenawe (R.I.P) of Ethiopia was a man of democracy, development and nationhood; if he was capable and honest person to solve the internal and regional conflict, the Ethiopian politics and governance had to be rated with transparency and capabilities at that time.

However, the current Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailimariam Desalegn may not exactly be the same as Males. He may have his own interest, objectives and leadership vision and wisdom. If he is not transparent and capable, the Ethiopian politics and governance could change in a single day period from transparency to some horrible circumstances humiliating the political status and transparency of Ethiopia, which was put in place by the former Prime Minister.

That is exactly the case with IGAD member states; probably, and surely IGAD was founded in the hands of some capable and transparent leaders, but has unfortunately fallen into wrong hands at this time of history and has not only dwindle but has also lost its legitimacy and political character to manage any human conflict in this universe.


In relation to South Sudan, Kenya is one of the Countries that have hosted a huge number of South Sudanese refugees during the struggle for independence till now. The country is currently let by the son of its founder, Uhuru Kenyetta who ascent to power in 2013 after he massacred innocents life in 2007-2008 election which put the Country to almost a state of failure where citizens were maimed as chickens by none other than himself especially in Nakuru and Naivasha, a person who dream for leading Kenyans.

Uhuru, after taking up the leadership of the Country, has fully adopted the dictating leadership style where most of the Kenyan politicians are his enemies and he owe them nothing other than murder and death; people are living in hiding and dissatisfaction from freedom of expression and freedom of political engagement.

It’s worth mentioning that Uhuru never been an able political figure in Kenyan politics. His interest and hobbies are much more associated with his family business. After losing the election in which he contested for his constituency seat in the national parliament, Uhuru decided to quit politics and run his family’s business. It took President Moi Kibabaki some more efforts to bring Uhuru back to politics not knowing that Uhuru would be a threat to the Country’s politics.

Uhuru, as an educated person who grown up in political family and had been dedicated to be a leader in Kenya by his father (Jummo Kenyetta) who is the founder of Kenya and its first president, he sometimes comes out and speak some words and deliver some empty promises during the day hours, which usually get disappeared at night while torturing and threatening the life of Kenyan politicians and state men.

Uhuru Kenyetta is a fellow counting down his days as the ICC is just at his door. With no doubt, he will be hanged and Kenyan will probably get their freedom back and move their Country forward in peace and harmony. Can a person awaiting death, in which he doesn’t wish, be able to manage another person’s problem? US, UN, UK and other International Community know that, Uhuru is a man awaiting his death. What make them think that he can be a part of a solution to South Sudan conflict? Perhaps, he may only applied some delaying and situation-worsening techniques to get some fellow go to The Hague with him, and especially Salva Kirr who is awaiting a call from The Hague anytime soon.


A country aspiring to annex South Sudan politically and economically; Uganda succeeded in annexing South Sudan economically and still in the process to succeed in the political aspect of its plan. The Country is led by the most well-known dictator, Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who ascent to power by military means in 1986 after defeating Iddi Amin.

Museveni has been in power for 28 years. Elections have always been taking place but get rigged and Museveni always win with surprising number of voters. During the election times, he always makes sure that the UPDF is well paid, well deployed and well directed toward achieving the rigging plan.

The rebels of LRM are still in the bush as we speak. Ugandans are people who focus much on making a living rather that dedicating their efforts on shaping a bright future for the people of Ugandan. That very character has even increased the chances of Yoweri Kagutta to decide the present and future of Uganda in his house at night together with his family. Where in this world can the wife of the president serve as a national minister during the reign of her husband? Janet Museveni is the minister for Karamoja affairs appointed by her husband Yoweri Kagutta Museveni. Her son Muhoozi Kainerugaba serve as the commander of the Presidential Guard Brigade providing security for his father. That is to say, the country is being run by a family.

Museveni deployed UPDF to South Sudan early 2013 after he manage to influence the South Sudan president to get rid of his potential political rivals, which include the then Vice President of South Sudan. I don’t even see the reason to why the Ugandans government should participate in the peace process as a member of the mediating team and people expect transparency at the peace process. Uganda is the leader and masterminding Country of Insolent Group Acting on Disintegration (IGAD). Uganda cannot be an active front line partisan and claims the mediation role of the same conflict, never.


A country left in the hands of a brainless follower of Males Zenawe. Males appointed Desalegn because he knew that Desalegn is a submissive fellow who didn’t learn the word NO since he was a child. He had to act as bodyguard of Zenawe simply because he didn’t have the vision, the wisdom and the capability to lead the people of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Now, Desalegn is acting on his YES behavior toward finding peace in South Sudan based on the decisions and ideas given by Yoweri Kagutta Museveni of Uganda. Comrade Males Zenawe couldn’t act like this. He couldn’t accept the massacre of innocent Nuer civilians and reward their killer with continuity in power. God Rest his Soul in Eternal Peace.


After the independence of the South Sudan from Sudan, the two Countries’ relation has been associated with oil and other pending CPA agreement which include the issue of Abyei. The two Countries have been accusing each other of supporting each country’s rebels militarily. There are currently so many rebel moment in Sudan in which the SPLAM/A-North is one of the bigger rebel moment in the Coutry. SPLM/A-N has been a part of the rulling South Sudan party, the SPLM during the struggle and before the independance of the South Sudan. And without any reasonably doubt, the rebel moment in Sudan and the ruling party of South Sudan are comrades.

The South Sudan ruling party, The Sudan People’s Liberation Moment (SPLM) was formed to transform Sudan but the loose end outcome of the moment has favored the independence, but the moment, with its name, remain as Sudanese Liberation Moment despite the fact that the moment is a ruling party of other independence Country, The Republic of South Sudan. Something which the Sudanese government should questions and gets clarification from the Juba SPLM regime under the leadership of Gen. Salva Kirr Mayardit.

The two Countries (Sudan and South Sudan) are such conflicting countries that cannot necessary be part of each other’s solution to problem. Each of them would support the idea of disintegrating and seeing each other failing. The Arab Sudanese in the North [Sudan]  have been saying that the South could not manage to govern itself; however, in this sense, they would work on anything that make the South Sudan a failing state to prove their claim – they are almost succeeding. Can such a Country be part of the solution to South Sudan conflict?

In conclusion:-

The worlds have to understand that a person who support and favor the conflict is worse and even dangerous than the one who made it. IGAD is not the right body to bring a meaningful and lasting peace to the people of South Sudan; the moment they are given huge amount by the international community, they, instead, pursue their delaying and contradicting tactics of prolonging the peace process while the innocents South Sudanese are hopelessly and helplessly suffering, dying and crying daily. The international community must and should always try to be fair in supporting people; sometime their support may only fuel and prolong the conflict. Imagine, had it not been their support to IGAD mediators in Ethiopia, the IGAD member states would have quit the mediating role and the following would have happened:

  •  IGAD would have abandoned the mediating roles and leave the South Sudanese solve their conflict alone without fueling it
  • UPDF would have been forced to leave by other higher institution like AU or UN should they have been allowed to intervene
  • African Union would have not been blocked by IGAD to try and mediate the conflict
  • The UN would’ve not only seen the committed human right atrocities by the parties in the conflict, but also the reasons and secrets of IGAD to use this conflict as a project
  • The Peace process would have not taken 9 month to come to an agreement; and
  • The South Sudan would have been reward with accountability to those who committed some grave atrocities against them and their properties.

Chuol C. Puoch is a South Sudanese living in South Sudan; (But currently in Kampala in time of writing this piece) he can be added/followed on Facebook with his name mentioned above, on twitter @ChuolChot and via email: chuolchotson@gmail.com . You can also access and follow his words on www.chuolchotson.wordpress.com

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