South Sudanese President, Salva Kiir Mayardit deserves no invitation for the so-calls America-Africa Summit.

By Gai James Kai,


Salva Kiir Mayardiit(photo:file)
Salva Kiir Mayardiit(photo:file)

August 7, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Personally I got no idea why Obama`s Administration still recognizes such an illegitimate President who has offered no prudent, strong plan to protect South Sudanese lives and interests, proved his dictatorship beyond reasonable doubt and perhaps, made South Sudan the most fragile State despite our abundant resources.   What difference does Salva Kiir makes from Sudanese President, Omar-el-Bashir?

Both of them committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, thus deserves international isolation. It really make much no sense when Salva Kiir stepped his feet onto American Soil who claims to be the champions of democracy and good governance. It shows us non rather than President Obama`s double standard of championing both democracy and dictatorship.

President Kiir`s action had already rallied international opposition and isolating him are steps toward our ultimate goal: the removal of Salva Kiir and restoration of democracy.

Time is critical. International attention is a potent but perishable commodity. Delay and equivocation serve no one except “President” Kiir and his reign of terror. Failure to build on these first steps toward our goal within the next few months would cripple the international effort to contain the war of liberation against this cruel despot.

The bloody image we saw in the aftermath of December, 15 last year in Juba and the surrounding areas could have told the world that this man (Kiir) is more than a menace. He is a brutal dictator who stole 2010 elections and then unleashed pipe-wielding thugs on peaceful demonstrators and candidates who ran against his regime.

South Sudan belongs to all the 63 tribes who tirelessly fought for her independence. This nation`s importance to us all is unique in this hemisphere simply because of this caused. No single person or group solely own South Sudan, absolutely no one! Neither Salva Kiir nor the so-called National Legislative Assembly-NLA has the gut destroy it. Only the greater (God) can furnish us this way.

Equally important for our long-rage interest is that Salva Kiir`s despotism send a powerful, adverse signal to the entire content of Africa and Europe: dictator funded by the drug cartel can hold on to power via rigged 2010 elections and oppressed oppositions. No wander, this illiterate President is trying to use divided & rule policy which will never work in Africa, given the strong culture of unity.

If Kiir Mayardit can get away with stealing the proposed 2015 election from South Sudanese once again, then we shall have to set a “destructive” precedent concerning those elections scheduled. Thus, the future of South Sudan is directly linked with the future of democracy in this hemisphere.

International condemnation of Salva Kiir has been building, but it must be sustained if we are to isolate and untimely remove this dictator. Most democratic governments have called on Salva Kiir to respect the will of South Sudanese people, except that double standard administration of Obama. More need to do so! We should continue to consider all options, including the use of force. He should take nothing off table.

Diplomacy, backed by the possibility of force, triumphed in the Philippines, for instant; when international pressure helped oust entrenched dictator Ferdinand Marcos without a civil war. The action that the president announced last year in the name of the false alleged “coup” — a prudent combination of dictatorship and militarization of South Sudan`s affairs and should leads us in the same direction though we never wants it so.

Dr. Riek Machar and his foreign colleagues should continue to work closely. I commend Machar for dispatching observers to the other African countries and beyond. He appropriately recognized the importance of international focus on diplomacy and democracy.

The “President” and his failed foreign Affairs Minister, Marial Binyamin showed their inability to forge a tough foreign-policy issue by negotiating an aid package for financing the votes on federalism in the house (Parliament). Now Kiir and Marial have no chance to build on this success with their evil plans and projects. Whatever course the people of South Sudan decides to follows in the coming days, weeks or months, the administration must insist that its long-range follow-through match its rhetoric.

The previous administration (Khartoum regime) talked of hard line against South Sudanese by then, but it is now anti-terror regime of Salva Kiir Kuethping that saps our credibility.

In constructing this “short-range” of liberation policy, our primary focus should not be the 2010 elections which brought the curse (Kiir) into our lives. That is what Salva Kiir and Obama wants, because they can exploit the 2010 in the name of an “elected” President issue at home, masking his election fraud and drug dealing.

Many South Sudanese do not want to hand-over what they fought for under the current circumstances, neither do i! But the best way to safeguard our treaty interests and long-term dream of freedom from discrimination, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of movement, having modernity in all aspect of lives and having a providing government of people, by the people and for the people is to support the freedom fighters under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar.

We don’t need to be at crossroad, where one path leads toward democracy while the other to continued tyranny of the extreme left and extreme right. The is no room on the path to democracy for dictators like Salva Kiir who rigged 2010 elections and later on used the very power to kills his own citizens and traffic in drugs perhaps. Dealing with Kiir may be expensive in term of human lives but we can`t afford the price of acquiescence.

Gai James Kai, is an independent writer and a Law Student, who has written numerous articles on democracy, human rights, Law and order. He can be reached through; gaijames11@gmail.com or follow him on Facebook using the above name.

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