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David Haines Deserve Nobel Prize

By Dak Buoth Riek Gaaq,


Source: thewire.com
Source: thewire.com

18th September, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — “He’s our life. He’s a fantastic man and father, “Nobody can understand how we are feeling. My daughter keeps asking about him every day; Dragana Haines, David‘s wife.

The recent Barbaric killing of a defenseless humanitarian David Haines did not only spin or pruned the hearts of his beloved family but also those that he selflessly worked for or with in Africa, south Sudan in particular, Asia and the middle East. His untimely demised had instilled wounds among several humanist around the world.

David Haines was not supposed to die from the first place; let alone the heartless manner in which he was killed. He was innocent of all the wrongs that his killers alleged to have been perpetuated on them. Moreover, death penalty is a sanction that is hardly accorded even to those who wittingly orchestrated the evils unto others; for life is an inalienable, precious, distinct and natural right that cannot easily be taken away by any human being notwithstanding his background or other inclinations.

It is David’s honor and respect for human lives that he sacrificed his only un-recycled life to go to Syria where he eventually died unimaginably on Saturday 13th September, 2014. His humanitarian works in south Sudan and Syria placed him beyond any religious and or nationalistic affiliations. His only passion was to uplift the plights of all the impoverish persons and help them shape their lives for better by providing clean water, free health care and other necessities.

As such, his death has elicited several reactions and varied of grudges among his survivors and other life conscious men and women across political and religious divides. I personally condemned Haines’ blatant death with contempt it deserve. It is my wish that justice is expeditiously done so as to avert such acts from reoccurring. These murderers are poisonous weeds that have a potential to foment religious vendetta that could disintegrate our global society along religious lines.

What an absenteeism of objectives for ISIS to shamelessly pronounce that ‘‘they had killed the aids worker David Haines in a similar fashion as two Americans journalists; without stating the reason (s) for his death. Do they think it is pleasing? Is that an Islamism they aspire to achieve? It mean ISIS was founded on an objectives to kill any British or American indiscriminately. Merely because Haines hails from British, they think it is sensible to kill him like that? Was Haines also a Prime minister of British? Was he a President Obama and rest? Was he an agent or an officer in those governments that they claimed to have imposed stooges regimes in their respective states? Did David’s life remedied their grievances or are they still thirsty for more blood? Will they be in position to ultimately answer these questions when they are grilled to face justices?

In my interpretation, they aren’t yet over with their desire, the impression portrayed on the eventful day tells that ISIS can kill even the people that i lived to see alive and healthy. Yes I believed; because David’s death epitomized this weird philosophy. If it is, as clearly showed than ISIS movement is an enemy of the people.

I am a beneficiary of humanitarian ideals. My alleviation to where am today would not have been possible if not because of a humanistic hearted person like David Haines. How about if he go for them? What could happen to me? Can I sit back and shit tears only? No. I think this people (ISIS) have got it wrong. They will regret it. They will be in for a rude shock.

This Jihadist movement (ISIS) should rethink their concept; it is unreasonable to believe that they can fight their antagonist by hacking to death an innocent person like David Haines. It doesn’t hold any water, they will only attract more enemies if they persist with that ideology.

I have always dismissed some people who believed that all Muslim are terrorists; for there is no crime of association. I have publicly denounced the recent massive killing of Palestinian people in Gaza by those known pretentious crooks whose continued arrogance went uncondemn, it will be a remiss to talk of David’s inhumane death without mentioning the massive killing of the Gaza children and women. I know the biggest contributor to terrorism is dispossession and disempowerment of section of community or states by regimes that claims to profess military and economic power.

However, In our quest to track down David‘s killers in those hiding places, we must exercise utmost caution by making sure that we don’t kill or perpetuate injustice indiscriminately like them; for if we do; we shall be equal in David’s eye of inclusive humanitarianism that he lived his life until his last breath.

When i analyzed the statements uttered by various leaders in Davis’s defense including Hon. Obama and the decease’s Prime Minister Hon. Cameron, I detected a high sense of insobriety and row anger. Yes, I understood your feeling, but lower your tones to reflect that which desires David Haines’ life. Let us not unleash our anger for it will burn even the innocents. Let not use David’s killing as a pretext to depopulate society where those killers hides.

David Haines is gone physically but he shall always be with us in our hearts as a Martyrs. Let us carry on with his work, let not allow his blatant death to treble us in advancing the humanitarianism; instead let inspire us. I appeal to the prime minister of United Kingdom to accord David Haines’s family the respect he deserve. Support his wife Dragana and his young son.

By doing that, his family will know that their father did not died in vain but rather as martyr. The world shall forever remember him as a hero who never wavered in his quest to safe lives of his fellow human being.

Looking at the outstanding works of David Haines across all the war-torn countries and how steadfast he remains when he was at the hands of his murderers; he deserve a Nobel prize award for his bravery, humor and his unwavering quest for humanity.

Rest in peace David Haines………………………

The writer is south Sudanese student in Nairobi-Kenya, he can be reached for comments via eligodakb@yahoo.com

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